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    Internet Security Advice Needed :)

    Hi guys, Just set up the new PC after last one died a year ago (I know how did I manage so long without a computer at home) and I wanted some advice please. Whats the best all around anti-virus softwear thats a free download? I have in the past used avast and AVG and wondered which of the two...
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    Returning to Project Entropia/Entropia Universe

    Well, started back in 2005, had to pack it up this time last year as computer couldn't handle Cry Engine and I had a wedding to save for. Well the goose now married, and I've just ordered my new pc to replace my 2003 beast of a machine so once it lands I'll be looking into what I have missed...
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    Need Help From a portuguese Player...Albufeira Stag Do

    Hi Guys, I need some help..... I'm going on a Stag do to Albufeira on the 20th. As we all know world wide, the Stag do is a very special occasion!! I need some help. I'd like to get a picture of my friend in a local paper, preferably in the celebrations section for getting married, or...
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    cake or Death? Or some more comedy Vids I found :)

    you gotta love this man :) check out some more funny Vids.......this one had me laughing. Star wars fans :) Do you have a Flag...
  5. GOOSE

    Selling: Riffle Skill

    Looking to sell alot of riffle skill. Ideally looking for buyers of 100tt and bigger chips. Make your offers below and if its enough i'll PM you and get the skills outta my head. got other skills in bulk too, so dont be affraid to ask/Make offers. Cheers Guys
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    Question: Worth the Upgrade or Keep saving?

    Hi Guys, my pc is coming to the end of its life :( I'm currently using a AMD Athlon 2600 with 1gig DDR400 ram and a ge Force 6200 graphics card. All purchased between 3 and 4 years ago and its starting to struggle with Entropia. Entropia is the only game I use the PC for, infact its the only...
  7. GOOSE

    Achievement: Commando....And a secret the ubers dont want you to know

    Click to enlarge At last I got it, 7.0HA, Commando, the Big HP boost. For all those that say you`ll never get there, keep going cos if you keep playing and enjoy EU, then you`ll get there in the end. I never thought i`d get it!! Took me 14months to get to coolness, 12 months after that, last...
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    Achievement: 10k Riffle skill

    Click to enlarge ALOT of chippin guys, Its not been all hard work ingame, alot of hard work @ work to get this. On my way to comando, and the chipping optimizer said this was a stop i should make :) As you can guess, 7.0HA is REALLY REALLY close now. will post again soon ;) PS if anyone is...
  9. GOOSE

    Selling: Taking offers on ML-35

    Hi Guys, I`m thinking of selling my ML-35 to fund something else ingame. At the moment its only a thought, but i`d like to see if there is anyone out there ATM after a ML-35 that might help me make up my mind :D Pm`s are fine, I dont want a bidding/flaming war, i`ll just sell it if someone...
  10. GOOSE

    Car Salesmen/Customer? You got to watch this lol

    I was shown this at work, and i have to say I find it sooo funny!! Thought i`d share it with those interested :) Enjoy
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    Pc Ml-35

    What do we think these are worth ATM? There were ALOT of dodgy sales last month on these, so auction history is flaud. The last one sold in auction recieved a propper bidding sesion, with Low start bid and was bought for +27K by a person I know. So I know thats what it was worth for them to buy...
  12. GOOSE

    OooOOOooO = Woot at last

    Been talking about getting this done for ages now!! HUGE thanks to Burgerman who made it all happen!! Got it on the 3rd attempt :yay: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge I chipped to get there tho guys, so there was very little effort involved........Dont know what all the...
  13. GOOSE

    cK Shadows Looking for members

    cK Shadows are looking for some new friends and team mates to join our now growing SOC. Firstly, we are a Sister SOC to the famous cK. We have many close bonds with cK and join in many activities with them. Many of our members look to join cK (and some have) when we have grown in skills...
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    I`would just like to say Sorry to Gps for whatever happened. I tp`d into pvp4 to meet a soc member, saw him and began to shoot. When in pvp4 shooting, i only look @ target/HP bar. I killed him and looked to see he called be a cheating c*nt. I 1st wondered what he ment, then realised I had...
  15. GOOSE

    Skill NEEDED to resurect?

    Hi guys, a quick one. Can a res chip even be used withought gaining the required lvl, even if success chance would be low? Been thinking about unlocking the OOOooOOooooooOOOoo`s, but i have never skilled Bio. Do i need to, or can i try many times withought the skills? I`m guessing i`ll need...
  16. GOOSE

    PC Sakura G Apartment

    Hi guys, toying with selling my pad to fund a Fap. What you recon these go for nowadays, looked in auction and didnt see a G last night so any clues (or offers)? Cheers guys
  17. GOOSE

    Buying ML-35 NOW :D

    Hi Guys, I am Looking to purchase a ML-35, and will do by this weekend. but i wanted to post here and see if i can get one at a better price. Similar to what the last couple have sold for. Bit of a reverse auction, pm or post what you will sell for, and i WILL be buying one very soon (I.e...
  18. GOOSE

    Convention LA 'Warning' Locked acc.

    ISSUE NOW RESOLVED and Marco has responded. Everything relatively happy again :) Hi guys, i thought i`d give you all a headsup. I dont read too much on the forums or on the websites, but i do from time to time so i may have missed this info, but here it is again for people that may just save...
  19. GOOSE

    Buying Isis LR53

    Pm or post if you selling one, any TT is fine so long as it aint broke, and i dont really want to pay alot for one thats about to break either, so 50ped tt and above is ideal mark but all will be considered. Will check back in 24hours to see how its going. Thanks all
  20. GOOSE

    Pc Tr8

    Hi, i`m thinking of selling My AS-98 and a few other things to upgrade my riffle, i`d love a AS-147 but they gone sky high in price again, so i`m thinking TR8 or maybe as-117, but the TR8`s seem a little thin on sales, any clues guys? or any other ideas? Cheers all
  21. GOOSE

    Allo @263 :)

    Well, I love Longu`s, sounds daft in a allo thread but here it goes..... Me and a few more have been having terrible luck recently (and i doubt this makes it better overall), but longu`s always treat me well, i can always get close to my ammo back, and loose on decay, which i can live with, i...
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    Music To Rock To (Rated 18)

    Now then people, inspired by a thread on a private forum where we were sharing our musical love! i felt i had to bring this to the masses! Its off a album i am currently obsessed with, and is a great track and video! Its for rockers, and over 18`s so if you are offended by bad language please...
  23. GOOSE

    1288ped Drone 7 in new VU

    Hi all, firstly let me say this is my first but hopefully not last post here, now i broken my 1k cherry i hope to see a few more :D Click to enlarge I was a little disapointed not to see any cool items, but i`m not too worried :D Thanks for lookin guys May we all see great loots in this new...
  24. GOOSE

    Pc As-147

    Hi guys, i`m toying with selling some stuff to get one of these, how much can they change hands for nowadays? Cheers all (p.s. if ya got one for sale let me know)
  25. GOOSE

    Svempa S60 Vs FreanD Delta BLP Pistol

    I`m using a FreanD Delta at the min as want to try and get my pistol skill cought up to my riffle. the Delta is great with beast amp, but rather than repairing the delta after the next run, i`m thinking about giving Svempa S60 a go. Worth it?? Any one any experience with them? better for Eco...