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  1. JLD

    Will you upgrade your shop or apartment?

    id say someone is unfeeded fucker here.sry,ban me,i dont give a fuck,this game just sucks. CP sale and these prices reason to stay
  2. JLD

    Planet Calypso Announces Online Auction To Acquire Massive Virtual Space Station

    hell noooo, taxes on cp :confused::confused::confused:
  3. JLD

    Under the hood: bigger, stronger, better!

    and will this take few years again, am i right? :scratch2:
  4. JLD

    Fake Fame

    this is punishment for 24 hours without sarcasm akoz? so now 24 yrs of sarcastic threads? :D
  5. JLD

    Second Golden Age of Calypso to Conclude

    HOORAH! finally end to this money-sucking bullshit.
  6. JLD

    Nazdar,diky za tu siggy,uz funguje :))

    Nazdar,diky za tu siggy,uz funguje :))
  7. JLD

    All trades are final, huge value items in EU and lack of contracts. Should MA change something?

    After experience with previous vu´s and almost two years of playing this game i am more than sure this would happen :)
  8. JLD

    Evil amp

    anyway how much of those are moving around?
  9. JLD

    FYI: We need a longer SGA

    Ahh the sga:broke::broke::broke::broke::censored::broke:
  10. JLD

    Omg! I´m married to an EU addict!

    stop crying here and enjoy that nice story! Anyway zap,you must be lucky man :)
  11. JLD

    Buying: Dante BLP Amp

    east from cape corinth is few shopping booths,in one of them is allways dante or two for sale,its owned by Akoz,so try check in there or Pm him directly :)
  12. JLD

    New Update issues,

    maybe try rewrite it to 10.0.3 bla bla bla ... u should be allowed to download VU again,maybe it should fix it?
  13. JLD

    New Update issues,

    [VersionInfo] CurrentVersion=
  14. JLD

    New Update issues,

    oh :( well then just wait for support, but did worked for me ,sorry i couldnt help properly
  15. JLD

    New Update issues,

    read above
  16. JLD

    New Update issues,

    Happend to me several times BEFORE this VU,allways helped me to log in from another pc and move my cheap ass to another server (next tp for example) last time this shown up i hadnt next pc aviable so i contacted support ,they moved my avatar to another teleporter,since then everything is fine...
  17. JLD

    Version Update 10.3.1

    downloading,estimated time 9 min
  18. JLD

    Selling: Mod merc sb 1 ped

    When you are poor,you are happy when you have a little,but when you have a lot, you want have a lot more. secret of human nature revealed :)
  19. JLD

    All trades are final, huge value items in EU and lack of contracts. Should MA change something?

    Sure it is,because, when you tell somebody where do you hide your wallet irl,it is your own fault not changing place after event connected to this is done. in translation if person A gives logins to person B years ago, because of (insert desired event here) ,and person B find out after many...
  20. JLD

    All trades are final, huge value items in EU and lack of contracts. Should MA change something?

    Wasn´t part of this story (Or how do i have call it ,i´m sorry) posted on one society forum somewhere in july/august of this year,so i guess part of this happend around that date? thanks for enlightning me
  21. JLD

    Version Update 10.3.1

    5 gb this time? :yay:
  22. JLD

    Account Blocked

    Subscribed :popcorn:
  23. JLD

    Uber: Do you like chiuaua??? - Kreltin Young - 25547

    My breakfast get a uberhof and i get nothing? wtf? :confused: gratz :)