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  1. Butch C v.2

    Thank you Spin rep pitt

    Seeya mate, take it easy.
  2. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 Tier 5.9

    memories do de doo de dooo de dooooo :) gl with the sale
  3. Butch C v.2

    Entropia Universe 15.15.0 Release Notes

    reminds me of a story of a ship building company, who were due to launch their latest ship but they couldn't start the engine, no matter what the engineers did they couldn't figure out the problem so the ship builder wrote a letter to an old engineer they had put out to pasture 10 years previous...
  4. Butch C v.2

    Uber: Warrior Elite

    Nice one mate :)
  5. Butch C v.2

    That moment . . .

    That moment you do your first trade and the trader scams you and you jump up and down, you want to rip them a new arsehole, yelling out to the world that this so called trader is a scammer!! a stinkin scammer don't trust them!!! Only to be told to check the bottom of your inventory and yep...
  6. Butch C v.2

    What's your Internet Connection Plan?

    heheh shit i didn't even notice that, my bad :)
  7. Butch C v.2

    What's your Internet Connection Plan?

    Country - Australia Connection Type - Fiber Connection Speed - 100 Mbps down 40Mbs up, Unlimited data Cost - $99 Australian month ($74 US at this time) oh and includes all phone calls in Australia and 100 minutes to the rest of the world.
  8. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Selling Various Uber Gear

    Bump for an old cell mate, gday mate gl :)
  9. Butch C v.2

    Compet: Battle

    Entropia Universe news? Doesn't seem very Entropia Universe to me. I guess the little kids are gonna love this, my nephew loved these kinda games when he was 10 or so.. do 10 year olds have money though?
  10. Butch C v.2

    For Jim

    Very sad to hear, so sorry for your loss Serica, take care.
  11. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip XI

    I have been using the IX for quite a while.. i sure am tempted to move up :) I will sleep on it, gl
  12. Butch C v.2

    holy crap how big is this update

    and that's just the fixes :)
  13. Butch C v.2

    Price check of my account

    You need a hoarding intervention... stat :)
  14. Butch C v.2

    What is your RL profession?

    Cool thread very interesting. Very first job was on a Saturday on the market in Manchester then we moved back to Australia and got a job as a trainee Welder then left that to explore Australia, got back and became a Sign Writer, then got a job at a Print shop and was given the opportunity to...
  15. Butch C v.2

    WoF Off !!

    WOF was pretty much the best event in EU, it died a fair bit for me with the merged countries crap but overall i had most of my best times in EU in WOF. Hunting the massively over powered Hogs one year on TI with the Aussie team heheh man it doesn't get much more hilarious than that.. spawn...
  16. Butch C v.2

    HoF: 2x Ubers in a week.

    Gz :) Them gold swirls almost make me want to log in :) oh look a butterfly :eyecrazy:
  17. Butch C v.2

    Question: Is selling ice to an Eskimo wrong?

    At today's street prices that bag of Ice would be worth quite a bit of cash but the risks are just to great i think personally... what with the cops, other ice dealers and getting hooked on your own product it just isn't worth selling it to anyone let alone Eskimos. Plus i think the Eskimos are...
  18. Butch C v.2

    Question: To click or not to click....

    I would of clicked it as soon as i had the ingredients :) but mehh I'm not a yellow chicken :laugh: goodluck with it
  19. Butch C v.2

    He drowned my near-dead Eomon Stalker!

    To save your eyesight next time :) CTRL and + = zooms in CTRL and - = zooms out CTRL and 0 = 100%/normal size
  20. Butch C v.2

    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Now that is some fast service :) edit: for those less initiated in the fine art of sarcasm... this... is sarcasm.
  21. Butch C v.2

    Info: minimum taming lvl for atrox

    Team tame, easier, quicker, cheaper. I'm guessing you can still team tame? The way MA works they probably took it out.
  22. Butch C v.2


    drink came out my nose.
  23. Butch C v.2

    When are we getting the CLD features?

    Welcome to the world of the Tamer.. and the Mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed shit all the time.
  24. Butch C v.2

    Achievement: 300K skill (All Natural)

    Gz Ravenjade :) Love ya work, you have inspired me to join a soc :) Oh look i said gz without putting other players down :) edit: yawn.
  25. Butch C v.2

    Taming can be fun...

    short and sweet and yeah funny as.. thanks.