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    Halloween Mayhem 2018

    Am level 56 with 200 health (it went up cos of my play style - switched from gun to melee and doing mining). I don't plan to be competing with level 70s. I will probably be over 220 health before I even hit lvl 65 max, meaning will be competing against the 80s. Guess I will seat out all such...
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    New Mentor Rewards?!

    Nice, that can be a very nice long term revenue stream. Didn't know about that.
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    How much fuel do we burn? $$$

    Pirate hanging around in space? I rarely use vehicles on the planet, and do occasional flights on my quad(when am not on a warp ship), so figure 21 - 50 peds a year.
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    Do you think MA has Nerfed the skill gains ?

    Doubt they can without an outcry. There are probably alot of players in the 40s, 50s and even higher who cant afford a "suitable" weapon / armor / other gear which allows them to "hunt at their levels". Especially those who do a fixed amount deposit per time period. They may grow in skills, but...
  5. T is down...

    lol, they get a reminder 1 month before the expiry, so if they waited till the last day, it's abit unprofessional. Weird that the domain registrar is not open 24/7/365...... :)
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    Does time logged out affect loot?

    I been away for months, years at times. Don't recall getting a "welcome gift". :(
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    How much do you really care about graphics?

    Gameplay is what matters. In some way I still prefer the game as it was pre cry engine. And some of the most popular games ever don't / didnt have fantastic graphics. Minecraft comes to mind. So do games like Dwarf Fortress, Aurora, etc.
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    Planetcalypsoforum not secure?

    Exactly, especially since there are many people who use the same username / passwords in many sites.
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    Dev Notes #19 - Item Dropping Changes

    How about allowing items to be dropped at out of the way places, in servers that at generally not busy, There are places I can go to where I will not see a single green dot for over an hour in my radar.
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    Arsonistic II Chip Not Working Properly

    I got the Arson chip iii ten edition, and it was working fine for me when I was on some maffoids. So I guess it's just chip II or just you having that issue?
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    Is this PC good?

    Not sure how well the graphics will perform on that card, but you should be able to run, maybe at low / medium. But for $300, you can't expect everything ;)
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    Disturbance Notice, server maintenance

    They may be up but are they still disturbed? If someone keeps on disturbing them, they may fall over and go poof again :laugh:
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    New Planet Idea

    I figure you will need about 5 mil in cash to develop / market / sustain while building up player base prior to even thinking of profiting. Maybe more, if you plan to do more extensive marketing. If you have that sort of resources on hand, you may want to consider it seriously. If not, I don't...
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    Live Support Feedback/Discussion

    I only interacted with one of the official avatars recently, i think about 2,3 weeks ago when servers were crashing often. That person didnt seem to be much aware of what was going on. PS : You should have another option stating never used that support.
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    OMG I'm obsolete

    Thats interesting, if it can't automatically download updates .... lol.
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    Server Downtime for Release

    Maybe they will fix the glands being unstackable .....
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    Mêlée all the Way! 2017 - Caly Edition

    If I am in Caly around that time, will try to join ;)
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    Cheapo laptop

    You can get a one year old gaming laptop and it should be able to run EU fine. About 1.5 years ago I was on my previous laptop, Acer Predator series, and it worked fine for EU. Am currently using another laptop as my primary EU machine and that works fine as well. I suggest getting something...
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    Disturbance notice, Server maintenance 11-13/08

    They didn't say they themselves are performing the maintenance, and it seems to be something that the DC itself is doing. I assume the DC will have redundant / backup connections / power and presumably this is just a heads up in case the DC maintenance screws up something. Assuming the DC is...
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    Let's see how ComPet is doing..

    A few days ago someone was telling me that there was already profit to be shared by the compet deed holders but MA has been postponing the day when they do a payout. It did seem weird, but I didnt follow up too deeply since I dont have any compets, never had either.
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    Do you split your runs ?

    I try to complete my hunts for the pre planned length of time. Unfortunately I have to stop for a few minutes at times, usually around 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the "distraction". My normal runs are from about 1hr 30 mins to maybe 3 hrs each. Have not noticed any great differences if I...
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    Generally useful non-eu links Extremely useful for me, if I need to download stuff and I want to double check on the downloaded file.
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    Wasnt there some theories saying that there is probably a limit on how many items of an item can be ingame at any one time? As in X number of MMK2 per Y number of players? If such, with presumably 100000s of peds tied up in pills which are not very useful, is there a limit for those items?I...
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    The weirdest thing.

    You meant me??? :p
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    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    Wonder if they fixed the crashing servers yet.