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  1. Butch C v.2

    Real life 460k gold nugget

    I was just reading this and i wondered if miners reading it were thinking "bloody noob" "typical ubers find it all" "what finder?" etc in real life :) then i realised i was still addicted...
  2. Butch C v.2

    pet skills?

    Well i been training Trev for a while tonight and no green skill lines what so ever, just 1 zoology line when using a brush plus cant get 5 pets out at once now and the pet bar was much easier to use before but maybe these things will come. It's a start.
  3. Butch C v.2

    This creature had no loot

    ok have i had a brain fade? i thought no loots were gone a while back? I just had 3 in a row on the Longtooth wave? I am sure i would of noticed it before now seeing I'm on 21k of the 30k mission, at first i thought it was just loot lag, anyway it was enough for me to piss off and go play...
  4. Butch C v.2

    Boss mobs shouldn't time out in event wave spawns

    We spend ages thru 6 waves of longtooth to get to old fucking Fred and it was a battle and we had him at 25% and the wave timed out. TIMES OUT!!!! un fkin believable, why does the wave time out ???? You suck money out of people like fkin vampires no shit.. this message was brought to you...
  5. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Some skills on esi

    get some Butch inside you. Manufacture Mechanical Equipment 82.68ped @ 2200% Manufacture Weapons 35.57ped @ 2400%
  6. Butch C v.2

    For Aussies - Withdrawing thru Westpac or ANZ.

    I'm just placing this here for Australian players who are with Westpac Banking Corporation, they seem to have BIC's floating all over the place and the first one i was given by Westpac was rejected by MA, so here is the info for Westpac that actually works, don't use a BIC that is for your...
  7. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Large Crafting skill chips

    Interested in bumping your crafting ability? here it is. Looking for serious offers please. 25.23 ped Manufacture Metal Equipment. 193.53 ped Blueprint Comprehension Skill Implant. 364.16 ped Engineering Skill Implant. Get some Butch in you today :)
  8. Butch C v.2

    Selling: 193.53 ped Blueprint Comprehension Skill Implant

    on ingame auction now.
  9. Butch C v.2

    Selling: 364.16 ped Engineering Skill Implant

    now on ingame auction
  10. Butch C v.2

    anyone sold a HL6 Unlim lately?

    Hi, I'm not real sure what to accept as an offer for an unlimited HL6 tier 6 if anyone has sold one recently and can let me know that would be great. repeat... anyone who has actually sold one, not guesses as i can do guesses. cheers
  11. Butch C v.2

    made a mask

    Was bored made a joker mask, now i think i shall get me some green hair.
  12. Butch C v.2

    Selling: HL6 Unlimited tier 6.0, Full Phantom Male unlimited all tier 1.9

    ISIS HL6 Unlimited tier 6.0 last 4 tiers are 55, 51, 138, 119. TT is at 2619 ped, looking for a decent offer. HL6 SOLD Goodluck to the new owner. Full Phantom Male unlimited all parts at tier 1.9 - 3000 ped flat. cheers
  13. Butch C v.2

    Lack of makeup colors on auction

    MODS changed the title basically made the point mute.. thanks Mods and just delete the post text next time if your going to fk with it.
  14. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Selling some blueprints

    Selling these blueprints, make an offer on 1 or all (sensible, 1 ped offer is just childish) as i can't figure out the price by viewing the mu seeing that includes every bp sold be it 1 or 100 qr. Level 2 finder amplifier light qr 100 Level 2 finder amplifier qr 100 level 5 finder amplifier qr...
  15. Butch C v.2

    Taming skills in limbo possibly for eternity

    Would it not be fair and a simple solution to let all taming skills be swapped for another profession or be paid out at the value they were before taming disappeared? At least then if taming never appears you don't have pissed off players but if taming eventually does come everyone starts on an...
  16. Butch C v.2

    FYI: Masks i have on auction for sale.

    Wasn't sure where to put this but i guess masks are under clothing on auction so this is as good a place as any. As they are on auction i can't put them on here under selling but i don't think many people look in the auction for already made masks i know i don't so I'm just looking for a little...
  17. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Angel armour Unlimited full set

    Angel armour Unlimited full set - MALE Helmet 2.3 - remaining tiers - 111 101 78 70 77 111 160 106 Gloves 2.6 - remaining tiers - 114 115 164 137 93 134 165 143 Feet 2.6 - remaining tiers - 90 63 58 55 86 90 75 76 Thighs 2.5 - remaining tiers - 62 105 148 144 108 87 145 154 Harness 2.9 -...
  18. Butch C v.2

    Selling: 3 Shopkeepers +1930 each

    Now Selling 2 shopkeepers +1930 ped each. ALL SOLD 1 Male & 1 Female a picture was requested :) EDIT: no trades unless they are pure Ped thanks.
  19. Butch C v.2

    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 - Tier 5.9

    Adjusted Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 - Tier 5.9 SOLD Good luck to new owner.