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    Survive Entirely by Hacking Online Games The guy in that article is someone who made money hacking games and selling the virtual money / gear. I wonder if someone / he did the same here in EU as well. Especially since there have been...
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    ECO : On weapons / amps / other attachments.

    The description says higher the eco, the better the loot (paraphrasing) and that eco level is only attained when the requires skills are reached (either enter SIB or maxed). It seems to work by "merging" on weapons. For example ranked combat knife has 55.1 eco rating. Melee IV has 76.7 eco...
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    Constant Spamming?

    Is there something new about the almost daily spam threads am seeing? I just saw a bunch more a minute ago. I wonder if there is, as Admin implied that it seems to be human based and not fully automated in an earlier thread. Am guessing whatever safeguards are in place for this forum is being...
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    Arkadia Advisors Helping in Calypso?

    Was bring a disciple around when I noticed that the Calypso NPCs which give missions at PA are all wearing Arkadia Advisor tops? And the armor they wear looks familiar as well.... lol Looks like Arkadia Advisors have to help the calypso newbies ;)
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    Strongbox goes being during warp

    All time MA time. Following support ticket was submitted at 2016-10-23 19:29!!!(support case 330772) : I bought 50 USD worth of strong boxes in Arkadia, and a few minutes later warped to Calypso. After reaching Calypso, I find that my strong boxes are missing. I can't find the strong boxes...
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    Right way to hunt when swamped by mobs? (Read for more details)

    If you get swamped by by a bunch of mobs while hunting, what do you kill first? Kill in the order that the mobs arrived? I do this, where possible. Especially if my defence costs will be low. The weakest one attacking you first till the strongest last? This may work if you want to reduce the...
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    Is low level healing service slowly dieing off?

    Firstly, am not offering a low level healing service. This is just an observation. Last year's migration, healers were in very high demand. Even those with low level gear like the S10 or Refurb SI Heart were even being offered decay + per hour fees often. This year, I think such healers are...
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    Selling: Regen Chips III / VI / IV (all L),bulk and individual pieces.

    Hi Folks! I have been accumulating alot of Regen chips to skill up bio, and now I find that I don't need them anymore (already got the skills I need). As such am selling all the following Regen Chips as individual pieces or as bulk (cheaper). Most of them are at full tt. Regeneration Chip III...
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    Selling: Selling Adj. Hedoc Mayhem

    Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem Tier 2.6 Tier rates : 116 72 49 69 70 64 133 97 110 134 Decent Fap. Has served me well over the years. Allows me to hunt naked Ambus, Atrox, and many other mobs. SB : TT + 2k peds BO : TT +2.9k peds Sale will end 48 hours after SB has been met. Willing to consider Adj...
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    Uber: 17501 peds Erionite in Ark Underground

    First of many towers I hope. First 5 digit loot as well! And hope it gets me the daily gold rush daily mining prize as well. Terra Amp 8L used. Best loot ever in the game, lol.
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    Uber: 1432 peds uber on feffox young

    Been years since my last uber during a hunt. Nothing fancy, but still something nice. Was actually down about 200 peds in that run, till that point. At least it helped wipe the losses I had on the long tooth, which was a bonus. :yay:
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    Help: An unexpected error have occurred in the processing of the following missions :

    I send in the following about 40 hours ago : I am getting an error with the following : An unexpected error have occurred in the processing of the following missions : Unknown Code : 0 It keeps on appearing upon every logon and most activities I do. I suspect it may be due to having the nusul...
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    Underground Mining - Personal Smallest and Biggest

    I started mining in the underground just after the update. Gotten only 1 hit for about 38 peds right till I was down to 18 drops on a lvl 5 amp run. Thought I was gonna lose a bunch. Thats when I hit a 64 peds HOF, my smallest, and the very next drop, close by was my biggest mining HOF ever...
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    Uber: 1371 Peds Lyst HOF!

    Well, was a decent one. :) F106, lvl 5 amp, in Caly.
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    Selling: Large amount of fruits, nutri, sweet stuff

    I have over 720k of various fruits, over 650peds tt of nutri bars and almost 1k peds tt of sweet stuff. Looking for offers in total or in part. Welcome to msg me ingame as well, Aj the-unknown Henry Accumulated them over the years by finding, mining and buying. Figure its time I sold.
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    Another meetup with David|Arkadia (in Singapore)

    I met up with David|Arkadia together with another newbie casual player (Hey Kaypoh!) in Singapore for a few drinks and dinner yesterday. Considering how hectic it must have been earlier in the morning, was a pleasant surprise to have a few hours of his time in the evening. Was hoping to get more...
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    Halloween Event - Back Story?

    A few others and I have wondered why they don't try to fit in that halloween event into a sci fi entropia universe. I propose the following as the backstory for the event : A psychotic mad scientist who wanted to rule the planet / universe experimented on the maffoids. He managed to reanimate...
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    HoF: 1474 peds Belkar.

    Well, was not having anything much planned, so figured I will burn a few peds on a lvl 2 mining amp. Got a shock as I was not expecting this at all. Biggest mining find for me, ever. :yay: Kind of a nice bonus considering I hunt loads more then I mine.
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    I met up with David | Arkadia

    I met up with David and Chris yesterday for a few hours. Chris was around for about an hour before he had to leave, but I was hanging out with David and shooting the breeze with him for a few hours. They have just finished a busy session and shipped off the next Content Update to MA for testing...
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    Question: Suggestions for SIB BLP / LASER HG or Carbine / Rifles?

    Am looking for UNL ranged weapons as stated in the title. I already have a RAW 303 UnL (for mid range tagging) as well as an ARS for smaller mobs. Hopefully something which maxes around level 35-45. Budget of 10k-15k peds (or CLDs) I got the following amps : A101/A102/A103/A104/A105/A106 for...
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    Crafting Supplies Service

    Hi, Some of you know that I have recently started crafting. I buy lots of ores / enmatter off the streets. Since I already spend time buying, I figure I can also buy for other crafters. I expect to get you your crafting needs at prices which are very competitive (below MU). You can either pre...
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    New Mentor Skilling Idea

    There is currently no mentor system in place. Previously disciples may take anything from days to months before they graduate and the mentor gets a gift. I suggest that since we are on a "clean slate" so to speak as to the state of a mentor system now, we may want to reconsider how the mentor...
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    Mob AI (VU 10)

    Hi, Am curious if anyone has noticed any improvements on mob AI so far. I noticed that there did not seem to be much in the way as changes (was out feffoid hunting, was shooting at a feffoid and it started to run off towards a green dot at the edge of my radar). Other mobs that I have noticed...
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    What size loot makes you want to post to EF?

    Hi, After watching this thread, I thought a poll is in order. I know some of you hardly global / hof. I know some of you are so used to getting hofs that anything below 10000 peds is normal. I know some of you are only excited when you see an interesting item in loot. I want to know what you...
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    HoF: 4248 peds Argonaut Gatherer

    Was just doing a normal 200 peds ammo run on the argo around Twin Peaks. I hit a 53 peds global on a young within the first 5 or so mobs. The next 30 minutes or so was uneventful until I hit the following : This is my first hunting hof of over 1000 peds TT. About 80k of oils and a CB 19 L...