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    A suggestion to some about the New VU

    As we all know with every VU there comes a host of bugs and issues that follows its release. The best way to air your concerns and be heard is to write support. Posting it here may or may not be seen by Marco and the best he could probably do is go slap the Devs with a
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    Almost a Year ago soon...

    When on Xmas day most of us here logged in to be surprised by MAs gifts. Most people got flowers,some got that and a santa statue while others got just a statue. It was MAs way of bringing the Xmas spirit to Calypso. I remember the yuletide trees appearing almost a week or so earlier,all lit up...
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    Confused about Adverts

    Ok...I have read MAs announcement a few times now about the bill boards and players ability to "view or not view" them: "Advertising in Project Entropia. The use of ads within the virtual universe will greatly enhance the experience and the flow. Anyone who wish will have the opportunity to...
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    A Quote From Neverdie

    Hi Everyone, I haven't been able to log in because Hurricane Wilma Knocked out almost the Power in miami. Also 2 huge trees in my yard. It was an auspicious Day! I was actualy standing in the middle of the hurricane recording a special message 2 u all on Video re the Space station when the...
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    Free Opera browser Giveaway

    For any that are interested, Opera is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving out free registration codes for its browser for the next 24 hours. Free Opera Browser Code I use Firefox myself..but hey,free is free right?
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    Poll about Building PCs

    I was curious as to how many peeps out there would be interested in a tutorial on PC building? One that is aimed towards gaming but also building one that would also keep you ahead of newer stuff. Do you know you could literally save yourselves thousands of dollars just by building one yourself?
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    Talk about Scammers...:)

    Elvis' Car on EBAY I have doubts that the car is the real thing,but I'm sure the seller probably has the paperwork to prove it. Thing is,if it is the real, deal why make a fuss about it? "My daughter hit the enter key by mistake...." Ok...yeah I personally use one of my cats as...
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    Scotty's been beamed up....

    So long Scotty....James Doohan
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    Some one fell off their Rocking chair

    Talk about odd.... whacked lawsuit
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    Game Addictions

    Just read this today: Game addiction Hmmmm....kind makes you wonder now doesn't it?
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    Possible fix for Graphics problem?

    I was doing some tweaking on my PC..ya know, just pokin around looking for ways to just make it run better, when I came across my AGP driver. It was woefully old (like 4 years) so decided to go looking for a newer one. My Mobos has an SIS 650 chipset so I was able to download the newest AGP...
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    A truly touching story...

    I found this so moving...Ryans Last Shot
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    Servers have gone to...

    in a bloody handbasket since the new VU. What the heck is going on thats so damn important that MA feels the need to compromise gameplay for? Soc Chats gone half the time,Server areas are hardly up and to top it off you shoot something and you can't loot it! Now..before those out there that...
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    Another Petition to MindArk about skilling changes

    As the topic states..another petition has been filed to MA about skill gain changes. Unhappy about the way things are? Then sign it!
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    Star Wars Parody

    This is a riot.... Star War Episode III Parody
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    Ma @ E3 ?

    Does anyone know if MA will be attending E3 this year?
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    Submitting Artwork to MA

    I was wondering if MA would accept artwork that could be looted. Like this: Lootius Painting I'd glady just sign all rights to MA over it just to be able to see it hanging on someones Or maybe MA could have a PE art contest? That would be cool! The winners could get a prize or...
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    Darkscorps Diary

    Tho I have been reticient to do so,I have decided to go ahead and at least give this Diary thing a shot. I have been placed into a very unusual situation at the moment. Placed doesn't mean much one gets placed anywhere unless its of their own volition..or not. Hmm ill have to think...
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    Prob with wall stuff in Apartments...

    I recently looted a Armax trophy head and decided to put it up in my Apt. Problem is it goes up upside down. Any remedy to this or is it because I'm on the other side of the planet?
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    Desecration of Island Girls Shrine

    There have been many, many people that have left items out of respect for Tina but unfortunately others seem to think that its a "free" way to make ped. One of them happens to be one [Removed] ,whom originally claimed innocence in taking any items but has managed thru his own stupidity and...
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    The Tina ´Island Girl`Leiu Memorial

    A beautiful Tribute to Island Girl How wonderful of MA to do that..... :) /Edit by MindBuster The original poster posted the same in another thread, both threads have now been merged, read further down, pics added too.
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    Interesting Study on Trust

    I found this article fascinating because alot of it pertains to what happens ingame. Warning! Kind of long... Give and Take Study I found myself trusting someone I never knew before (lent them a large amount of ped) because he had been scammed (bad trade deal with some jerk who ripped him...
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    Very Disturbing Response

    I was trolling thru EPs forum and saw this.... MA support response Needless to say I was..disturbed... by this.
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    New Email Scam!!!

    I found this in my email: This e-mail is the notification of recent innovations taken by Project-Entropia to detect inactive players and non-functioning mailboxes. The inactive players are subject to restriction and removal in the next 2 weeks. Please login to the Project-entropia using this...
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    What ever happened to....

    That one player that was trying to get people to "donate" items for his "quest"? I forgot his nic...kinda like sirgallantguy..or dude or whatever. I loved his RP style of trying to aquire stuff. Ye, I've never seen or heard about his "adventures"..... :rolleyes: