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  1. ntelinatsos

    Info: Looking for a new leader (Guess Who)

    jo pedhunter smith will be our new leader soon (it takes 1-2 days) Congratulations to Jo!! :yay:
  2. ntelinatsos

    Info: Looking for a new leader (Guess Who)

    This thread is not to discuss if it's right or not, so i'm not gonna discuss this any further. I seek for a new leader either from inside or outside the soc and i'll talk with our soc members before i decide who will succeed me
  3. ntelinatsos

    Info: Looking for a new leader (Guess Who)

    the message is for everyone (outside and inside soc players) but i'll be more positive if i know and trust the new potential leader
  4. ntelinatsos

    Info: Looking for a new leader (Guess Who)

    Hi guys, cause i don't play as i used in the past, i decided to step back and give the reins to another, more active than me, player that will help our soc to keep prospering. I made this thread to inform you that i'm looking to step back from the leadership of our soc and to accept any...
  5. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    Master Guard Spiked Club Sold (even i didn't have it for sell) for tt+5k
  6. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    Melee Trauma Amp 1 and Grenade Launcer NGL-1 SOLD!!
  7. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    Dominax Original Boiga, Adjusted sold!!!
  8. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    Songra Corrosive Dagger sold!!
  9. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    all viking armor parts SOLD
  10. ntelinatsos

    Arkadia moon deeds payout

    if it was MA's income they'll had to fix it in an hour. now that it's player's income, 42 days passed and nothing yet.. they are just a bunch of scammers and idiots..
  11. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    mod evil sold..
  12. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    Bump... added 10 weapons for sale (image D)
  13. UL Weapons.jpg

    UL Weapons.jpg

  14. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    viking shins sold....
  15. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    7A SGA plates sold, also i added more items..
  16. Vikings + Pixie + Goblin + Shogun + 6A plates.jpg

    Vikings + Pixie + Goblin + Shogun + 6A plates.jpg

  17. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

  18. Vigi Set.jpg

    Vigi Set.jpg

  19. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    Hi, i want to sell the following items: Rule for making offers: you can make any offer you like. If i don't like it, i'm not gonna answer. If i ever want to sell in the offer you made, i'll contact you to ask if your offer is still active. So, feel free to make any offer but don't except to get...
  20. Rx Op parts + 7A sga plates.jpg

    Rx Op parts + 7A sga plates.jpg

  21. ntelinatsos

    Question: why? just why??

    can someone tell me why i'm not able (again) to start a thread on Dev's corner?? it's the second time that you disable this option from my profil
  22. ntelinatsos

    Buying: Arso Chip Ten Edition

    Hi, as the title say, i want to buy an arson chip Ten Edition here's the prices i offer: tier 3 - +4k tier 4 - +4.5k tier 5 - +5k tier 6 - +5.5k tier 7 - +6k pm me in game (Stelios AKALYPTOS ntelinatsos)
  23. ntelinatsos

    Help: Looking for society

    i don't know if you found already a soc (since i saw this thread too late) but i'm pretty sure that, with your skills, you'll be somewhere in the middle in our soc, since our average skills are about 310k send me a pm if you are interested
  24. ntelinatsos

    Looking for a new home

    damn, too bad i missed this thread..
  25. ntelinatsos

    FYI: Guess Who recruiting

    welcome to soc Ostrander Ostrander Popp!! :yay: he is our 100th member (for second time)