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  1. ntelinatsos

    Info: Looking for a new leader (Guess Who)

    Hi guys, cause i don't play as i used in the past, i decided to step back and give the reins to another, more active than me, player that will help our soc to keep prospering. I made this thread to inform you that i'm looking to step back from the leadership of our soc and to accept any...
  2. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Some UL Items

    Hi, i want to sell the following items: Rule for making offers: you can make any offer you like. If i don't like it, i'm not gonna answer. If i ever want to sell in the offer you made, i'll contact you to ask if your offer is still active. So, feel free to make any offer but don't except to get...
  3. ntelinatsos

    Question: why? just why??

    can someone tell me why i'm not able (again) to start a thread on Dev's corner?? it's the second time that you disable this option from my profil
  4. ntelinatsos

    Buying: Arso Chip Ten Edition

    Hi, as the title say, i want to buy an arson chip Ten Edition here's the prices i offer: tier 3 - +4k tier 4 - +4.5k tier 5 - +5k tier 6 - +5.5k tier 7 - +6k pm me in game (Stelios AKALYPTOS ntelinatsos)
  5. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 10k Droka & 10k Warriors - Iron Challenge (in both missions) - done

    Hi, i just finished two more (and the last one for calypso planet) missions: 10k Warriors: and... 10k Droka: (you can see all my finished missions here:
  6. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 10k Daikiba/Shinkiba - Bronze challenge - done

    Another one mission done. This one took me too much time cause i couldn't find a good spot for daikiba/shinkiba old-provider maturity.. i had this mission's progress on around 5k for years, then i found this good spot with daikiba domi-OA and i decided that i had to finish my mission there...
  7. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 30k points Plongu - Mission Done

    Hi, i just finished my Plonu mission (Primordial Longu) (you can see all my finished missions here:
  8. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 10k Feffoids - Bronze Challenge Done

    hi, 10k bronze challenge on feffoids done didn't get any good loot, so i only have these two screenhots: 675ped 263ped (you can see all my finished missions here:
  9. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 60k points Harbinger - Mission Done

    Just finished my 60k kill points mission on Harbingers (you can see all my finished missions here:
  10. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 60k points Drones - Mission Done

    Hi, i just finished my 60k kill points mission on drones (you can see all my finished missions here:
  11. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 60k points Caudatergus - mission done

    Hi, i just finished one more final mission, this time for Caudatergus best loot i had so far (523ped): also i finished stage iv Eomon mission, but since it's not a final stage and it's impossible to get the final stage now, i post this screen here and not in a separate thread (you can...
  12. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: Leviathan Loony and Longtooth Silver Challenge Missions Done

    Hi, i just finished both Leviathan and Longtooth Silver missions!! :yay: Leviathan Loony: longtooth Silver Challenge: reward from both missions: some Leviathan and one Longtooth hofs: 357ped Levi Old: 396ped Levi Mature: 448ped Levi Mature: 820ped: 1699ped Levi Mature: 630ped...
  13. ntelinatsos

    Info: New forum sucks

    sry about that but the new forum sucks... edit: cause some ppl asked me to clarify the reasons why i believe that the new forum sucks.. i'll mention some: -The new forum is more complicated. -Things i were doing in the old forum in just few seconds, now it takes minutes and some of the old...
  14. ntelinatsos

    Help: Crafting machine doesn't work for me

    Hi, can someone in MA tell me why the crafting machine doesn't work for me while for everyone else works fine?? also, why did you give me a copy-paste answer and you dropped my support case in the junkyard?? i want a clear answer from someone from MA if it's possible.. thanks, stelios..
  15. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 60k Snarksnot - iron challenge

    60k points Snarksnot - iron challenge done Another one finished mission for my collection Two of my best globs so far: 269ped 287ped (i had a daily mission and got this glob in my first kill :laugh:) (you can see all my finished missions here...
  16. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 60k Mulmun - Iron Challenge

    60k Mulmun Iron Challenge Done :yay: Two of my highest solo Hofs below: 1058ped Mulmun Looter Elite 1389ped Mulmun Looter Elite (you can see all my finished missions here:
  17. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 60k Atrox - Gold Challenge

    Hi, i just finished my 60k Gold Challenge on Atrox Some hofs i got during Gold Challenge in the screenshots below: 1) 703ped Old Alpha 2) 1971ped Dominant Also some events i won in Zip's land while doing my mission: 1) 1st place 334ped 2) 2nd place 350ped 3)1st place 500ped (you...
  18. ntelinatsos

    Suggestion: Suggestions by Stelios..

    Hello, for long time i wanted to make this thread but i had no time neither the will to start it. so, now it's the time. I'll split this thread in two parts: Suggestions and Demands, demands are a little stricter suggestion for features that must change and not just "would be good" to change...
  19. ntelinatsos

    how can i start a thread in Dev's Corner?

    Hi, i'm wondering why i can't start a thread in Dev's corner any more, i would like to know the reason and if there is a possibility to start one thread there thanks, stelios..
  20. ntelinatsos

    Selling: Rk-5, Eudoracell, fanoos faps, kin amp 1,2,3,4, WW bps, warp drives, etc..

    A bulk amount of all the items below: Rk-5 - 8.5ped Rk-20 - 17.5ped Available again Fanoos healing tool - 0.5ped Eudoracell - 250ped Rabbiger - 200ped (have only one) SOLD L.A.R.A. - 10ped Kin amp 1 - 5.5ped Kin amp 2,3,4 (little cheaper than auction's best price) Tech Gizmo Recycle 1 Blueprint...
  21. ntelinatsos

    Achievement: 500k skills & 300hp

    Hello, today i've managed to complete both of my big goals in just one halloween instance :yay: here's the pics: (also i want to mention that i didn't get any reward from all the codex missions that i completed cause i didn't want to "ruin" my long time goals using a new feature that...
  22. ntelinatsos

    Selling: * Eudoracell pet * RK-5 tools * Fanoos healing tools *

    hi, i'm selling the following items: Eudoracell (pet with the best move speed buff): 250ped Rk-5 (repairing tools): 9.5ped Fanoos fap (healing tool with extremly good eco): 0.5ped except the Eudoracell, for the other two items, i accept only bulk offers.. thanks, stelios...
  23. ntelinatsos

    i can't play

    Hi, i was out for two months cause of something that MA did and pissed me off.. i logged in yesterday for first time (after two months) and i noticed that the game is multiple times worst than what it was already i went to hunt and i couldn't use my scope, the auto-use tool was stopping every...
  24. ntelinatsos

    Suggestion: new skill pills

    hi, i want to suggest you to add some new skills pills (actually profession pills) here's the suggestions: 1) add pills that increases a certain profession for +5 lvls (evader pill, BLP Sniper (Hit) pill, etc..) for one hour 2) add a new terminal that you could buy these pills for 1k sweat...
  25. ntelinatsos

    Support isn't giving me items I lent to now inactive players

    Hi, first of all i want to say that i wanted to start this thread in dev's corner but for some strange reason, it seems i can't. i asked in live support if i can get back my items i lent to other players since they are inactive for years and they told me to fill a support case, i asked "do i'm...