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    Selling: Mace Mk 4 t8.63, Melee amp 10 FEN, Zorra t7.03

    Amp 14k Mace 10k Zorra 13k sold OBO on all items message me on forums
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    Buying: Zorra’s HK mid tier +

    Looking to buy one of these let me know what you got and how much you want
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    Selling: Vain shins M UL

    Taking offers on these shins, only 2 ever sold on auction. PM me here or in game, or post on the thread
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    Selling: T2.X Bear M 1.7k obo SOLD

    Selling my T2 Bear, most parts around 2.7 +1.7k or make an offer
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    Selling: Melee Trauma Amplifier 10, FEN Edition

    Taking offers on Melee Trauma Amplifier 10, FEN Edition
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    Buying: Mace mk3/4/5

    Lookin for a mace mk3/4 maybe 5 if the price isnt insane, mid to high tier.
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    Selling: Spirit mk.1 5.4 / mod 2350 1.99

    Jag dante and 5b sold Spirit MK 1 TIR 142 Tier 5.39 +5200 OBO Mod 2350 TIR 142 Tier 1.99 +5000 OBO
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    Selling: SOLD

    Selling set of Adj Nemesis M +2.2k Harness T 3.59 Thighs T 3.53 Helmet T 3.24 Arms T 2.99 Shins T 2.93 Gloves T 2.43 Feet T 1.99
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    Looking to buy a full set of mid level armor around 5k-10k Adj. Boar, or Jag are a couple I'm looking at. Would consider more expensive sets if price is reasonable.
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    Buying: PURCHASED

    Looking to buy a mod 2350 around +4k
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    Buying: Adj Hedoc mayhem

    Looking for an Adj Hedoc mayhem
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    Buying: Liakon M

    Looking for a full set of liakon M
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    Selling: Armors, Amps, Weapons, Misc items

    Currently selling all items on my account, Highlights are Full bear M tier 2-3, 7 6a's, 7 5b's, Adjusted cause amp, adj hedoc mayhem tier 2.3, silver fang m.01 starlight. Ped ONLY! 2 Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem 1 49.99 PED CARRIED 3 Adjusted Pixie Arm Guards (M) 1 4.20 PED CARRIED 4 Adjusted...
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    Selling: Nemesis M Tier 1.X

    Selling full set of nemesis male! harness and shins are tier 1.9 ready to bump to tier 2! Thighs 1.4, Arms 1.7, Feet 1.6, Gloves 1.1, Helmet 1.2. Looking for +800 for the set but feel free to send offers in game or on the forums.
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    Buying: Silverfang

    Lookin to buy one of these rifles ;D me a pm with an offer if you have one!
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    Merry mayhem mission question

    Now that MM is over, if i completed 40 hours in teams, should my mission now be set to complete?