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  1. florin

    SGA for Miners = BullShit

    As title says in my opinion SGA for miners was totally BS, let me tell you why: I`m not a dedicated miner but i do mine bout 40% of my ingame time and i was expecting with this SGA to see at least a new ( UnL ) type of finder introduced or at least an old ( UnL ) finder SGA edition to drop...
  2. florin

    FYI: CND is BuggeD

    55 metters finders range and II claims...
  3. florin

    Uber: Uber mining while Hunting :D

    Ben sooo long since i post here... As pic shows Jag Harness SGA for me :) It was in trox LA nw from akmuul. Cheers all and good luck :beerchug:
  4. florin

    Help: AMI bios ROM editting..any1 can?

    Well as title says i need someone with a bigger brain than me to help me edit my bios rom file so i can undervolt my CPU...since i have good CPU on shitty MoBo and cannot afford to buy a proper one ...tied up all my funds in purchasing CPU +RAM+V-Card so no more $ for good MoBo. Here are my...
  5. florin

    Help: do i have any chance?..please read

    Ok so about 5 months ago ive spent all my savings on to this so caled computer: Proc: AMD Sempron LE-1200 (~2.1 Ghz, x64) Memory: 2048 MB RAM @ 1066 Mhz V-Card: GeForce 7300 SE (256 MB ) rest not important ill say. The question: I cannot afford upgrade all those things at this point (not now...
  6. florin

    Question: Print Screen under Windows 7....

    Well bout few days ago i instaled windows 7 RC and im preety happy with it ...lag reduced dramaticaly (vegetation and other videolag) i even can pk in west side of pvp4 now :) But as ive goten few globals yesterday and i, as usualy, tryed to screen them in old fashion style...print screen sys +...
  7. florin

    Selling: Salamander Harness M

    As title says, i decided to sell my beloved harness :( I know last two went for +1180 or so but i wont sell that cheap, considering that i bough mine for allot more. so... : SB +1250 BO +1450 Current Bid SOLD Auction will run for 3 days after SB is reached. Might consider foxtrot in trade but i...
  8. florin

    HoF: Uber + Noober in same day :D

    Well second day after this: i managed somehow to hit this... :yay: and also again i was OA104 just died 2 bombs be4 i hit this :( After diggin it up was thinkin to give mining a litle break and go...
  9. florin

    Buying: Trading for Nemesis M set.

    Well im looking to trade my Vigi set M for an Nemesis set and i would add 500 ped on top. Pm or post here if interested :)
  10. florin

    Uber: Damn good timing :))

    Yesterday was wasting my last bombs/probes in pvp4 and just when i was absolutely hopeless, droped my last bomb and pressed `T` to return to Akmuul when i saw this belowed XX on my finder :D ...also check pedcard :D well after selling i broke the 1k barier so i think its proper to post here ;)...
  11. florin

    HoF: Swamping around :D

    Ok 1st of all for the one that knows me dont laugh at me :D...but after loosing tons last month and getting to bottom of my pedcard i decided i wont depo anymore atm, but instead why shouldnt i return to my favourite noob mob ever? there we go ive started camping bery`s for more than a...
  12. florin

    HoF: First crafting HOF :)

    As title says this is my first crafting HOF, but than not a crafter :D i just click my melchi gotten from mulmuns with zinc found on mining around Akmuul also :) What made this HOF even nicer was the fact that in about 25 clicks that i had not even one succes, and with verry last one...
  13. florin

    Selling: Medical Compress

    As title says im looking to sell 40ped tt of Medical Compress. SB = 1000% BO = 1200% If SB not reached in 72 hours selling will be canceled. If SB reached auction wil run for extra 48 hours. Thanx and good luck bidding :beerchug: ~SOLD~ BO reached by PM.
  14. florin

    Question: What would you preffer?

    As the title says this is a simple question....what would you preffer as an dedicated miner?...Huge a** ATH`s and HOF`s or better return rate as average in to your regular runs?
  15. florin

    Achievement: first tailoring globie ;)

    Last night while i was mining an mob taged me so after killing it i got a small globie with 33 fine wool in it so rather than tt them with oils and rest in loot i decided to make me 11 clicks on Basic Patern Pants ;) I am not too much of a crafter, beside basic filters that i made with oil and...
  16. florin

    HoF: Nice Magerian and right in time ...

    Well after i lost my last few hundrets ped i had left from past week in bots invasion, i decided to mine a bit my last probes/bombs and got this : Right in time to survive a bit longer :D
  17. florin

    Question: Want to laught at some1?..Check this one..

    Today was mining/hunting in pvp as usual, soon after i killd an mulmuun and had left about 30 HP...a n00b GD on radar...first i sayd i shall avoid it since i had aprox 150 ped tt loot on me but couldnt run due to 180+ Kg weight on me so i decided...well what the heck...ill loose 5 ped to buy...
  18. florin

    Buying: Infiltrator Harnes and Helmet low tt

    Heya, as title says im looking to buy low tt 9-15 ped or sligtly more to do some test with it ;) so i see if it worths for me investing to purchase a full tt set witch isnt too cheap considering my financial power :D so if any of you considering to change theyr low tt parts to me or...
  19. florin

    Uber: Or allmost uber :D

    Hi all, just wanted to show you guys another nice XX find :) Oh and btw i had to slap my self again for finding such a depo unamped :duh:
  20. florin

    We need more ORB activity :D

    Just when setting up team for atrox hunt as usual evening hunt we heard that hadesim orb is spawning.. First umbranoid spawned next to me brought me and myfriend this ...
  21. florin

    Crapp HOF nice screen :D

    I really h8 situations like this....when you see you hof`ed and allmost cr*p your pants and after you see what you really get...:D
  22. florin

    HoF: Nice Osse :)

    Today while i was in lunch break from work decided to go in and check a bit the VU and see what pressend did i got, meanwhile a soc mate was online also and i had about 40 minutes left from we decided to give another try on lately most crapp loot mob ingame ....Osse :D We nailed 4 of...
  23. florin

    Selling: Genesis Bifrost(L)

    there are the stats: It is full tt (274 PED) btw and ill set up: SB = 100% BO = 250% Current Bid = 110% Auction will end in 3 days if SB reached even if no buyout. Thanks ! ~ SOLD ~
  24. florin

    Achievement: 35 ped tt beacon

    Hi all, last night it happened.Mining as usual in pvp4 and sudently strange signal...only problem was that direction of signal was from....CENTER OF MULAAK SPAWN :D right in the old safe zone ... Have to tell you that tookt me 2 whole hours to get it from there and probably would tookt me one...
  25. florin

    Un(L) Support Wapons

    Hi all . What i was thinkin....there are several unlimited versions for limited weapons, fap`s etc. ingame...why dont we get any unlimited SUPPORT WEAPONS yet? Not even ones that theyr maxed at lvl 100... so WE REALLY NEED some UL grenade launchers isnt it? Cheers all ! P.S.: escuse my poor...