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    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    It does mean something, extraordinary. Never have I seen a 3 something month player get to the top #1 even if its only the last 30 days. If you put this much effort outside events I cannot imagine how much more effort you'll put during events. Keep it up man! Be proud of what you've accomplished...
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    Question: Anyone from the LAN event going to write up about the Q&A they did?

    My was taking notes @My|MindArk, will you share them?
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    Buying: WTB DOA Foeripper, Augmented, Electric 15 Perf, BP-110 IMP, BP-70 Perf, LP-70 FEN, FEN Chip T7+ MM T10 or similar DPS/EFF.

    Considering my options and these weapons could be interesting for the right price. PM offer and tier. Pure ped possible or + item on my side depending on tier and weapon.
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    Selling: WTT Imp LB-40 T5 + T10FEN for iMK2 / ModMerc

    Ångrade du scanthi försäljningen?
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    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    It's astonishing how fast your progress has been, though what has me most astonished is how quickly you're evolving in your mindset. I reckon quite a few good people have been teaching you good stuff to you and you been smart enough to listen. It takes a long time otherwise to get this kind of...
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    Question: How much is a good hunting % return for you ?

    I wonder if people still sweating as much as they usually did with these energy prices :D
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    Selling: = My Skills Collection =

    This is pleb tt for todays game to call it crazy if you want crazy there are people with 40k+ skills in one skill. In jdegre's skill scanning website, the site hasn't been updated to be able to calculate past 30000 skill points. From 1 skill point to 30000 skill points in a skill that is 28460...
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    Confirm box on compact button!

    Just add something that has existed since 1968, CTRL + Z = undo button to last action you made, in this instance storage/inventory. If this is too complicated just add an option to "lock" the compact button in storage in options like right clicking compact button on storage would ask if you...
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    Suggestion: Bless the rains down in Afr... Odyssey

    If they want examples of immersive graphics/weather they should take a look at Horizon Forbidden West on PS5. Super dope gameplay and immersive.
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    Entropia Universe 17.16.0 Release Notes

    Please tell me you can actually bump those cars with each other and not pass through like with regular cars. Otherwise it's just the icecream on top with just the cone.
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    Achievement: Level 100 with BP-20

    Congratz! Big milestone, now time for that purple Golden name on discord. :cool:
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    PSA - How To: Avoid Chat Spam While Hunting

    No can do Insert = printscreen on my computer since I have a TKL keyboard, that means thousands of screenshots every day if I did as you suggest :ROFLMAO: The best interact placement imo is the mouse 2 button or mouse wheel, I use both. Mouse 2 for auto use tool and mouse wheel for interact...
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    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    BP-70 Perfected effect ;) GZ!
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    Endgame's Most Excellent Event

    Maybe someday, soon. ;)
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    Endgame's Most Excellent Event

    Make the ticket price max 500-1000 ped you'll have a lot more potential entries next time. Also personally I think an event like this needs to be a month at least. Max 2 months and set in between MA events (outside mayhem and migration) for maximum entries. Advance notice as well. Rebalance the...
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    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    BP-70 perfected effect, gratz! I recently got my first 5 digit as well.
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    Help: No respons from Support Dev.

    Sometimes old support cases gets lost in the way. If you don't get a reply in a week or two, make a new one and update with old supportcase id. Repeat the process as much as you feel like it. Ask for expected time for reply. Glad you got it sorted out though, better late than never.
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    Selling: Cheap Skills Insane Half Price

    Got source?
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    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    Damn, you had me going there I was gonna sleep but almost logged in to check if it was true and I didn't know something so basic in all these years :D Would've been awesome if it was like that tho ^^
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    Selling: Cheap Skills Insane Half Price

    If only MA would allow you to liquidate your account and get the TT value of your skills lol. Idk which of these scenarios have better odds, you selling your skills in bulk or the other, but GL with your sale mate.
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    Dynamic Mob Spawn System for Entropia UE5

    This happens in Moloch depths on Ancient Greece. Though not immediately after, maybe few seconds after. Would do the trick though. This is why you can have up to 4 players hunting there with high dps in that small cave with not that many mobs because they spawn so fast. On calypso there's a...
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    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    Wait you can create armor sets that will automatically equip your plates on said armor as well?
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    Entropia Universe Unreal - Bunker concepts and early render

    Thanks for the showcase. One things you guys gotta realize, when it comes all said and done after the engine, and the hype feeling goes away. It's more often than not, that players will stay on areas where everything is at their fingertips or well known trade cities like twin peaks. The minimal...