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  1. Jas

    Price Check EMT Ek-2600, Modified

    What's current market for these please?` Thanks, Jar
  2. Jas

    Selling: DOA Slugstorm T5.99 - SOLD

    SB TT+30K BO TT+34K. I'm in no rush. PM only and low balls will be ignored. Thanks, Jar
  3. Jas

    Selling: WTS ML-35 Adjusted T6

    TT+10K BO - peds only. Low offers will be ignored. SOLD Thanks, Jar
  4. Jas

    Selling: DOA Slugstorm T5

    T5, price reduced 30K. PM only, low offers will be ignored.
  5. Jas

    Price Check DOA Slugstorm T5

    I have one, considering to sell, but looking to understand current price, thanks.
  6. Jas

    Selling: T10 F106 finder - peds only pls

    +5K, PM only thx, Jar
  7. Jas

    Selling: Pricecheck Improved Angel Feet (M) + Supremacy Arms (M)

    Both are T0.99. Appreciate thoughts on current prices. Thanks, Jar
  8. Jas

    Selling: EP-41 Adjusted T2

    Great little skilling pistol. 57dps base. +2.7k via PM or ingame.
  9. Jas

    Help: Looking for enhanced talytic converters

    Looking for some of these or someone who can make them please? Thanks!
  10. Jas

    Selling: Omegaton A105, Improved 83.6% EFF - boost the efficiency of your non-FEN laser combo. TT+1350K SB/BO - PM only please. thanks:smoke:
  11. Jas

    Achievement: Miner learns to shoot a gun

    Took a while :laugh:
  12. Jas

    Yogs - what has actually been "fixed"?

    We saw that MA applied a server patch yesterday and removed some scores from the Summer Mayhem. But, what is actually fixed? 1. I assume (I don't own a Yog) that Yog can no longer be spawned in Mayhem instances. Can someone please confirm? 2. How about spawning of Yog in other instances...
  13. Jas

    Need some help please - PC issue?

    Since about an hour ago, when I switched on the PC, I am getting an error, not only for EU but also for other games installed on the D drive. The path on D does exist - I can navigate to it and double-click the loader - same error. Anyone have any ideas, please? Thanks a lot, Jar
  14. Jas

    Selling: 407 Ped ESI

    For sale. Please send PM only.
  15. Jas

    Buying: Mining Finder F-106

    Looking for one of these. Any tier. Please PM with price if you have one for sale. Thanks, Jar
  16. Jas

    Selling: Mod Shadow Gloves (M) - taking offers

    Not many of these in-game. Serious offers via PM only. Low-balls will be ignored. I'm in no rush to sell. SOLD Thanks, Jar
  17. Jas

    Selling: Trade Angel Harness (F) for Angel Harness (M)

    Trade Angel Harness (F) for Angel Harness (M) or straight sell Recently looted from an Osseo. Interested to trade this Angel Harness (F) for an Angel Harness (M). PM if you have an Angel Harness (M) to trade please or wish to make an offer on this Angel Harness (F). Thanks, Jar.
  18. Jas

    HoF: Old-school goodness from an Osseo

    Nice surprise from the Osseos this morning. ;) Looking to trade this for the M version - PM if you have one please.
  19. Jas

    Selling: Adjusted EP-41

    3K BO - PM please
  20. Jas

    Achievement: Entropia Master Rextelum Exterminator

    Jar "Exterminator" ;);) 3 weeks of Rex hunting, nice rewards!
  21. Jas

    Uber: A short while later ...

    ... after "worrying" a few more sabs to no avail ...
  22. Jas

    HoF: EU can still surprise

    Out shooting Rex when... No less than 5 weapons - OK TT but yay for loot ;)
  23. Jas

    Question: Jar - Question "Please revive "dead" LAs that are no longer maintained by their owners"

    There are a number of LAs and some some domes on FOMA where the owner has not maintained the fertilizer. This can happen for many reasons. The result is that mob spawns dwindle to minimum. The impact is that hunters can't hunt some mobs, LA owner loses on taxes and MA loses on decay...
  24. Jas

    Buying: Angel or Shadow Harness (M)

    Angel Harness (M) or Shadow Harness (M) PM me if you have either of these for sale please. Will pay +3K for Angel Harness (M), +5K for Shadow Harness (M)
  25. Jas

    Discovery: Kinetic Attack Nanochip XV (L)

    Only (L) but always nice to find new things :D