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  1. aztec

    Whats your funniest reason for being "locked"?

    Let's start a thread on the "funniest reasons for being locked". I got locked for trying to do the following... I was in hysterics when I got the response. :laugh: ---- Hi AztecRose, Thank you for contacting us. We have received reports against you advertising pictures of your feet for a...
  2. aztec

    Fake names

    Hello! I have an annoying topic to discuss. One of my good friends has been locked who has been playing on and off for 12 years and he recently had his account locked and has been asked to verify his identity. Back in 2004 when he started playing he was very paranoid and did not use his real...
  3. aztec

    Nudie bug! My number 1 attention whoring thread

    Was changing outfits today and this happened lmao. :laugh: NSFW:
  4. aztec

    Buying: Space Loot and Blueprints

    Space Loot: Generic Transformers Propulsion Connectors Space Blueprints: Warp Mine Mk2 (L) Blueprint (L) Warp Mine Mk3 (L) Blueprint (L) Warp Mine Mk4 (L) Blueprint (L) Warp Mine Mk5 (L) Blueprint (L) All reasonable offers considered. PM me in game to discuss.
  5. aztec

    NVE announces alliance with Kronan & Granny Rowan

    After much deliberation NVE and Kronan have decided to ally with each other due to a mutual enemy: Varyag and Yoshii Yoshii Lem. Smokeitup and Granny Rowan decided that Yoshii and Varyag do far more damage to the community than pirates ever will. I hope this alliance will be a fruitful...
  6. aztec

    Buying: NEXT ISLAND/GREECE Cacoxenite Crystal & Cyclops Heads - Paying very good prices!

    Cacoxenite Crystal (Refined ok as well) PRICE: Negotiable Cyclops Heads: PRICE: 1000% each (Negotiable) PM ME YOUR OFFERS! PAYING VERY GOOD PRICES! :girl: Check your item lists online! Its worth the look! :)
  7. aztec

    Buying: ANCIENT GREECE BLUEPRINTS Philosopher's Sword & Hoplite Armbands [L]

    I'm after these blueprints from ancient greece on next island.:girl: Philosopher's Sword taking offers Hoplite Armbands [L] Taking offers
  8. aztec

    Buying: Hoplite Armguards Blueprin

    Currently buying a hoplite armbands blueprint. A next island blueprint. I don't have a price but I am willing to consider all offers. :) Blueprint information can be found here
  9. aztec

    Next island: Rose beach lodge 2b

    Hi everyone! I recently aquired a property on next island thanks to my long time friend who agreed to rent it to me. It currently includes a single shopkeeper at this time. However I expect to expand in the following weeks and months. I plan to add at least 2 more shopkeepers to my shop...
  10. aztec

    Acceptable Behaviour

    I am definitely no saint in the game, I swear and use foul language (I'm aussie) on a regular basis and I definitely stir shit and troll. However I am still bewildered that some people consider this "acceptable behaviour" against anyone who plays PVP. This happens in space and on planet. [Space...
  11. aztec

    Post your avatar

    Post your avatar :P Pretty simple really :P
  12. aztec

    So.... Been looted twice this week.

  13. aztec

    Pirate Speed Hack Exposed

    I decided to record and test the theory behind smashing "m" key for speed boosts in space. According to many people who I have conversed with since becoming a pirate 2 weeks ago this is a "well known and working" exploit. As I have been on both sides of the fence both as a victim of pirating and...
  14. aztec

    Looking for Highly Skilled Bodysculpter: Not sure where to post this

    I am in need of the skills of a bodysculpter. In character creation I gave my avatar ridiculously large boobs without thinking about the consequences of stretched textures ect. Looking for someone who can adjust the tiddie problem without changing weight or the rest of the body.:eyecrazy:
  15. aztec

    Mothership owners: Pirate Passengers

    Out of personal interest I am wondering how many warp capable ship owners have a no pirate policy when it comes to your flight services. I am quite interested to know what policies ships have to current known pirates or ex-pirates or ships that have a neutral policy. If you want to privately...
  16. aztec

    A very serious discussion about big boobs.

    Is it just me that is frustrated by stretched textures with clothes on avatars with big boobs. I found that tank tops in game get eaten by my avatars boobs as well which is less than appealing. Does anyone know of tops in game that dont do this? Its been a thorn in my side for years.
  17. aztec

    Vehicle repairer available to any mothership.

    Title pretty much says it all. Primarily based on calypso. Can be contacted in game under aztec aztecrose redrose
  18. aztec

    Finally a tamable atrox? My 7 year long dream is a reality

    What the title says. I have been waiting too long.