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  1. Goosfraba

    Price Check Knight (M) set

    Since I am in the market for a Knight (M) set and I know they are quite uncommon, I'd like to know what they go for. Hard to find info on what they've recently sold for. /Uther
  2. Goosfraba

    FYI: Looking for a (somewhat social) hunting soc

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Back in Entropia and would be nice with a like minded society of hunters. My first ava is long gone and the current one isn't anything to write home about around 75k total skills, pretty much all of it in "hunting" skills. I am mainly...
  3. Goosfraba

    Selling: Pills

    PM me here or ingame if you are interested in buying any of the pills listed. Will update as I get more or they get sold. If you find the pricing to be unfair, feel free to make a sensible offer Item Quantity Price (ped/item) [NutriStim 5mg] 10 1 [NutriStim 10mg] 11 3 [NutriStim...
  4. Goosfraba

    Buying: Knight (M) /set

    Looking to buy a Knight (M) set PM me here or ingame if you have anything to offer. /Uther
  5. Goosfraba

    Selling: Pills

    Selling a bunch of different pills. Will open boxes on a monthly basis and will update this thread when I get more pills or some of my current stock are sold. My prices will be based on current market so will always try to provide a fair price. Current pills in stock (Google sheets document)...
  6. Goosfraba

    Buying: IMP Ares Ring and IMP A105 amp

    IMP Ares Ring As the title says, buying: Ares ring Improved If you are looking to sell feel free to pm me here or ingame. /Uther
  7. Goosfraba

    Buying: Looking for ArMatrix BLP pistol and amp crafter

    Looking for a crafter that regularly crafts ArMatrix BLP pistol and amps of the same type. I want someone that can provide guns and amps in bulk for a fair price (if it is cheaper on auction your price isn't good enough). I currently got plenty of stock, but as soon as I am running low I'd...
  8. Goosfraba

    Selling: Adjusted Pixie (M) Set

    Selling my Adjusted Pixie Male Set. Armor info here: TT+50ped Pm here or ingame
  9. Goosfraba

    Question: Do you skill evade and dodge only when you get hit?

    Quick question. Do you only gain skill in evade and dodge when the mobs hit you or do you get skills even if they miss or you evade/dodge the attack? Basically trying to figure out if it might be counterproductive to use a ring that increases evade/dodge until I actually got some levels in it...
  10. Goosfraba

    Selling: Legendary pet cat Sasha

    Legendary pet cat Sasha (Sold thread can be closed) Selling a level 1 Sasha, Legendary Pet. Send me offers here or through PM More info on Sasha: Sold, thread can be closed!
  11. Goosfraba

    Question: What armour would you suggest?

    While I am a long way from needing a upgrade in armour I always like to plan ahead. So I need your help to figure out what armour to aim for. I don't like locking up my peds so if possible I'd like to stick to one or two. I like using balanced armours and adjust the stats with plates if needed...
  12. Goosfraba

    Buying: Knight armor set (M)

    Hello, if anyone has the full Knight Armor Set (M) I'd love to buy it (as long as the price is fair). Please pm me here or ingame if you have it. FYI Tier levels and such are irrelevant for me at this stage of the game so if lower tiers = lower price that would be preferred. /Lord Uther...
  13. Goosfraba

    Question: Is all decay included when hunting?

    As I understand it the decay of armors and such are included in your "calculated return" and I recall reading somewhere that the same goes for the decay on your fap as long as you have attacked a mob first. So my question is, does this apply to any type of decay then such as armor plates...
  14. Goosfraba

    Selling: Sasha Legendary Pet

    Got this from one of my lootboxes, honestly not sure if it is worth anything. Please make offers in this thread or through pm.
  15. Goosfraba

    Suggestion: Where's the beef?

    So as I am standing here out in the field slaughtering a bunch of cows, I can't help but wonder where's the beef? The basic premise of hunting is to gather food and other resources that can benefit you (such as hides and furs for clothing). So how come there is no meat from hunting mobs in this...
  16. Goosfraba

    Selling: Sasha (cat pet)

    Just got it from one of my boxes. Post offers or PM me.