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  1. Noorie

    The "It's not Gambling" Paradox

    Congrats to the new Shrapnellionaire ! Be healthy and spend them with relish :)
  2. Noorie

    Should clothing unequip decay costs be removed like armor unequip decay costs was removed?

    To look more like the real world, I think the maximum TT value of the clothes should decrease with each subsequent repair. This will open up more work for tailors to make new clothes and help the economy.
  3. Noorie

    Debris In Space ( Really Cool )

    Awww... Imagine one day these things to start falling on the ground. Would be a nice light show
  4. Noorie

    Entropia Merchandise

    I would gladly order an EU theme notebook/personal organizer/diary, a pen with the game logo and some figurines, plushies and posters as well. Ahhh... and a mini crafting terminal replica of course :)
  5. Noorie

    My first discovery... in cyrene

    Grats :clap:
  6. Noorie

    Entropia Universe 17.2.2 Release Notes

    I cannot teleport from Starfinder IV to Rocktropia space station's main hangar. Clicking the button does nothing. Tried several times, relog etc, nothing happened. :(
  7. Noorie

    Taming Karmoosh Aleef?

    We can obtain the basic Nawacore from the Agent Npc near the Nahar City gates. He will ask either 10k sweat or kill 100 tabtab. Once we have the basic Nawacore, the same Npc will offer us to upgrade it to Nawcore Mk2. To do this we should collect 5 NawaCore Mk2 fragments: A, B, C, D and E...
  8. NawaCore Mk3

    NawaCore Mk3

    The upgraded NawaCore Mk3
  9. NawaCore Mk2 Part A

    NawaCore Mk2 Part A

  10. Nawa Core Mission Starter NPC Toulan

    Nawa Core Mission Starter NPC Toulan

  11. Noorie

    Entropia Universe 17.2 Release Notes

    Great update :cool: Thank you MA
  12. Noorie

    Achievement: Finally, Kill Strike :)

    Gratz :yay:
  13. Noorie

    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    I vote for Athena Spaceport. An impressively beautiful and modern space travel related place.
  14. Noorie

    Withdrawal delay more then 6 month

    14 Millions of PED? Wow bro, these are a lot of candies, did you hit the jackpot?
  15. Noorie

    Objectcollisions: This starts to get pathetic!

    Few weeks ago I accidentally fell through the ground. Below i found an endless ocean with a glistening surface. After swimming around, I decided to try how deep this ocean is and started swimming down. The light visibly began to dim, and soon an ominous darkness enveloped me. It became pitch...
  16. Noorie

    Uber: 4K Argo

    Grats :yay: Indeed a very tasty Argo :)
  17. It is sooooo tasty :)

    It is sooooo tasty :)

  18. Noorie

    Info: New Furniture Store

    Oh Dear, i am not the Owner, i'm just a simple devotee :D
  19. Noorie

    Miner for Hire for decay

    Hi, what time zone you are in
  20. Noorie

    Introducing Skrill

    Nice to see a little more variety of the payment methods :cool:
  21. Noorie

    Selling: Victos Throne

    Is the regal Corona included with the Throne :D
  22. Noorie

    Info: New Furniture Store

    Looks very beautiful :) Best of luck with the Store :cheer:
  23. Noorie

    HoF: Toulan Tower - 6418 PED Aqeeq Ingot

    Nice one ! Gratz :clap: