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  1. Noorie

    Discovery: Apocalypse Foot and Shin Guards (L) Armor - Ancient Greece

    Hi People, It was a pleasure for me to discover some parts of the new crafted (L) Armor Set from Ancient Greece: Apocalypse Foot and Shin Guards. Stats: Burn: 11 Cut: 30 Impact: 30 Penetration: 14 Shrapnel: 6 Stab: 30 Durability: 15,000 Regards, Noor
  2. Noorie

    PA Mall Shop Items moved to Planet Toulan Storage

    Greetings Everyone, I am the owner of "Monster Hunting" Shop, located in the Port Atlantis Mall, First Floor, 13s. Two days ago on October 26th, Saturday, around 13:20 game time, suddenly for no apparent reason and without any notice, I received a couple e-mail messages from the System...
  3. Noorie

    Discovery: Qataal GutOpen (L)

    Dear People, It was a great surprise and pleasure for me to discover this superb shiny and so dread sword from the planet of Toulan :yay:
  4. Noorie

    Suggestion: Item Creator Info

    Hi People, What about to display the item Creator info for crafted non stackable items in item details window. For example: Created by Avatar Name The creator should definitely be pleased with such a honor :D
  5. Noorie

    Buying: Rugaritz

    Hello People, I am looking to Buy Rugaritz Ingots. PM me here or ingame if you got any quantity for sale. Regards, Noor
  6. Noorie

    Discovery: Qataal SlayWay

    Hey guys, Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to discover this interesting blueprint and the related Item while crafting some gizmos on the planet of Toulan :) Cheers, Noor
  7. Noorie

    Info: Beacon Strongbox

    My friend recently got this as uncommon drop in beacon instance: It can be opened using the key from the Webshop. I will post details when we open it :girl:
  8. Noorie

    Buying: Adjusted A105

    Hi People, I am looking to buy Adjusted Omegaton A105 PM me here or ingame if you have one for sale. Regards, Noor
  9. Noorie

    Selling: Summer Ring 2016

    Hi Guys, As the title says I am selling this beautiful ring: SB: 35k BO: 40k SOLD
  10. Noorie

    Construction Session Summary Error ?

    Hi People, Today I had to craft out some Reinforced Sheet Metal for building on my plot. I noticed a discrepancy in the Construction Session Summary window: In the below picture it shows 1104 x Reinforced Sheet Metal were produced totaling 173.32 PED But as shown in the item window, the value...
  11. Noorie

    Buying: 170 PED Manufacture Electronic Equipment Skill Implant

    I am looking for 170 PED Manufacture Electronic Equipment Skill Implant. Please PM me or contact me in Game. Regards, Noor
  12. Noorie

    Uber: 13,283 PED Perseus Thigh Guards

    Hi People Yesterday during the Perseus Armor crafting run I got the biggest prize in the history of my gameplay: 13,283 PED Perseus Thigh Guards !!! It was composed of 87 Garnets value 13,050 PED, Infiltrator Helmet L Blueprint L, the produced item and several residue. Cheers :beerchug...
  13. Noorie

    Selling: WolperTinger Pet Level 7

    Selling this beautiful Flying Pet: SB: 100 PED BO: 200 PED SOLD for 100 PED To inspect the condition of the Beast please visit my shop "Global Hyperstore" at Twin Peaks Mall, Floor 1. Thank you. Regards, Noor
  14. Noorie

    Rare Loot Farmers

    MA should do something about the Rare Loot farmers. The below Entropia Life log for the current month is a fresh example how the same person is getting the same rare part again and again, leaving the others with tiny chance to loot the same piece. Farming and hoarding rare loot leads to...
  15. Noorie

    Buying: Kreltin Soft Plate

    I am looking to buy Kreltin Soft Plate 155% MU PM me if you have some for sale :thumbup:
  16. Noorie

    Selling: A.R.C. Inaugurates and Patrol Full Armor (L) Sets M and F

    Great protection at reasonable price. A.R.C. Patrol Set, TT 360 PED A.R.C. Inaugurate Set, TT 200 PED Male and Female versions available. Price: Retail: 109% Bulk: Contact me for super discount :money: Regards, Noorie
  17. Noorie

    Buying: Blueprints

    I am looking for the following blueprints: Cyrene Collectible Turrelion Trader Blueprint PM me with your Offer if you have one for sale. Regards, Noorie
  18. Noorie

    Selling: For Rent: Level 5 Finder Amplifier UL

    Unlimited Level 5 Finder Amplifier is available for Rent Price per Hour: 1 PED Min rent time: 6 hours Please PM me or contact me ingame for more info. Regards, Noorie
  19. Noorie

    Selling: Ranked FlameThrower Tier 4.9

    Selling or Trading Ranked FlameThrower Tier 4.9 Great weapon for fun, skilling and multiple mobs aoe damage. SB: 4.5k BO: 5.5k SOLD Offers close to SB and above are welcome. Regards, Noorie
  20. Noorie

    Can't start Forest Battle - Fierce Frank beast

    Today when I tried to fight the first beast in Forest Chapter III, the doggie called Fierce Frank, I got some error code and was unable to start the battle. Tried several times during the last couple of hours and got the same result. There were 5 remaining forest battles. I use the PC Version...
  21. Noorie

    Uber: HoF 1226 PED - Summoned Zeladoth

    Hey Guys Today i got a nice surprise from daily A.R.C. Faction Badge mission mob on planet Cyrene. Using the Summoning Totem a lvl 83 Zeladoth popped up. After a short fight he was death and the golden swirl started to rain stars on the four winds. 1226 PED HoF in several cool L weapons and...
  22. Noorie

    Selling: Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary Tier 7.9, Hypercharged Omegaton A204

    Hi Guys, After a lot of awesome hunting experience i decided to sell this wonderful high DPS/Eco Weapon due to lack of gameplay time: 1. Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary Tier 7.9 Price: 42K Sold for TT+36.5k on June 20th 2018 The above price is negotiable, I will consider any offers...
  23. Noorie

    Selling: Level 5 Finder Amplifier Unlimited

    UL Level 5 Amplifier for Sale: SB: 110K BO: 120K Or Best Offer :) Thank you for your interest.
  24. Noorie

    Selling: Land Area #30 - Mourner's Mark & Combibo Courtyard

    Hi All, The well known LA #30 "Mourner's Mark & Combibo Courtyard" is now for sale: 1 x Combibo DNA 1 x Mourner DNA Easy access just East of Shinook Jungle Teleporter. The Shed at 29025, 51217 is included in the Sale. The income log is available on demand. Currently not for Sale...
  25. Noorie

    Selling: Amethera Outback Land #30

    Hi All, The well known LA #30 "Mourner's Mark & Combibo Courtyard" is now for sale: 1 x Combibo DNA 1 x Mourner DNA Easy access just East of Shinook Jungle Teleporter. The Shed at 29025, 51217 is included in the Sale. Asking price: 160k - 180k Regards, Noorie