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  1. florin

    What graph card?

    In ZX Spectrum era you were using ATI too? rofl
  2. florin

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    Well this one was special cause it was a hunter with a fapper ...and fapper had more loot in ores than hunter had loot :D
  3. Team


  4. florin

    SGA for Miners = BullShit

    You mean those skill mod enhc....they are totally absolutely BS too since skills value will drop and they have no use for average miner, maybe they can help a noob miner....nway told ya that we need new thread about tier system didnt I? so try avoid :offtopic: pls :)
  5. florin

    DYNAMIC epic fail

    Hell F****n TRUE !!!
  6. florin

    SGA for Miners = BullShit

    few good points but many wrong ones :laugh: ....about tiering system....we would need an entire new thread lol....tier is useless to finders after what?...allmost 1 month ? since tier system came up...
  7. florin

    SGA for Miners = BullShit

    but as i sayd...only those 30 extractors were mining related were actually hunting gear....and from those 30 only 15 persons got them since they came in package of 2 ( both enmatter and ore for same person...) ..nway you misread it...i dont complain that I didnt get one ...and i do...
  8. florin

    SGA for Miners = BullShit

    As title says in my opinion SGA for miners was totally BS, let me tell you why: I`m not a dedicated miner but i do mine bout 40% of my ingame time and i was expecting with this SGA to see at least a new ( UnL ) type of finder introduced or at least an old ( UnL ) finder SGA edition to drop...
  9. florin

    Achievement: EPIC FAILing an ML-35 TIER UPGRADE

    sooo lucky...charm :D well at least in sga they droped ... what?...3 more ml 35 sga version?....and soon al kinds of nutscases will diminish total ingame number to 1 :D
  10. florin

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    Uber hunter who forgot to unload it was :)
  11. florin

    PvP Globals Screens!! :yay:

    I thought i should post in here too: Sry for messy screen...
  12. Pk Hof Hiden

    Pk Hof Hiden

  13. florin

    Version Update 10.6.1

    Obsolete,invalid or outdated instalation, please try reinstall .... I should think of UNinstal...sooner the better.
  14. florin

    Info: MF-105 tier 1 upgrade

    And your just blind atm OF +15 but we talk about MF Hope you see better now :silly2:
  15. florin

    Info: MF-105 tier 1 upgrade

    You also need a secondary MF-105 :D Lets hook up toghetter so we both upgrade our fiders :D
  16. florin

    CND mining changed? wouldnt hurt to check out whats allready on forum next time..
  17. florin

    Windows 7 problem help plz

    There is a thread somwere around here named side-by-side compiled....bla bla bla... cant recall the name...just search side-by-side and yall find there the help you need to make win7 to run tha game.
  18. florin

    FYI: CND is BuggeD

    Dunno what this late patch did but im surelly it didnt fixed this problem..
  19. florin

    FYI: CND is BuggeD

    55 metters finders range and II claims...
  20. florin

    Uber: Uber mining while Hunting :D

    Thx guys, now i wonder how long till prize ceremony... :D
  21. florin

    More stealth options for PVP

    PvP is good as it is now, maybe you should change/upgrade ur self instead...
  22. florin

    Loot Window ART

    As an answer to yar question...yes your crazy :D, but as you can see ur not allone :D
  23. florin

    Discovery: Shadow Arm Guards, SGA (M)

    Gratz bre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. florin

    Special items in loots for depositors only

    Childish, anti society, even a bit `rasist` ideea... Someone close this thread...or delete it better.
  25. florin

    Uber: Uber mining while Hunting :D

    Ben sooo long since i post here... As pic shows Jag Harness SGA for me :) It was in trox LA nw from akmuul. Cheers all and good luck :beerchug: