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  1. jaywalker

    Apology for absence , plus health news. See ya soon!

    Hey guys :) I do intend to start playing again very soon. But I've been very busy and also very sleepy. As most of my friends know, I 've been suffering from a mystery illness for several years, which just gets worse and worse. <removed> I've also had a lot of medical appointments to attend...
  2. jaywalker

    How about improving the auction experience for honest players?

    A little while ago , I saw six pages of mining tools appear on auction all at once. As soon as Boris ran out of slots, Natasha jumped straight in, immediately followed by Vladimir (Names have been changed to protect the guilty of course) This kind of thing is a very common occurrence. I'm not...
  3. jaywalker

    So what about this "improved " new summon window

    I love that it's now a small window that pops up in the corner of your screen. Much less chance of accidental accept! Exactly what we needed! On the other hand..I feel that putting it on a timer is a disastous mistake. Two typical scenarios that occur with crew and passengers of scheduled MS...
  4. jaywalker

    Bugged Signs (you gotta laugh)

    This is going way beyond a joke. First MA bugged most of the clothing so I withdrew most of the stock , and put up a sign in the shop apologising . (This sign is still OK! It's only newly created signs that, er...) Then came the "St Patricks day Bug" which made most of the as-yet unbugged...
  5. jaywalker


    Anybody know what's going on here? I was experiencing a few probs with my graphics , so I re-installed my graphics card driver. I also tried changing graphics mode several times , clearing shader cache each tiime and checking "detect new settings". I've yet to get my screen resolution back to...
  6. jaywalker

    Overview of Clothing/Texture Bugs

    Since the Ava Update early this year, a few of the clothing bugs have been fixed, a few have been partially fixed and some extra bugs have been introduced This thread has been created to provide an easy-to follow list of current bugs, together with status of the bug (eg fixed, partly fixed)...
  7. jaywalker

    Appeal to the Devs: FFS put the waistbands back where they were. And please, please comment on the bugs!

    Since the "Ava VU" most clothing design has changed for the worse. In most cases the garments are obviously bugged. In some cases, its hard to tell if its a bug or deliberate redesign. This is a problem, as we don't know whether to anticipate a fix, or whether to just TT the offending item right...
  8. jaywalker

    sweaters: what's the caution all about? :S

    Every now and then I need to buy a few k of sweat. I'd rather not buy from re-seller, cos I prefer to pay a little bit over current mu to help out new players a bit; so - if i have time- i generally seek out a sweat goup and join in for a while, so I can tell who the genuine sweaters are. Lately...
  9. jaywalker

    Designer Scams/ malpractice. What to do about it?

    I try to keep a lot of designers on my FL so I can refer clients to them if they want a colour or texture that is too high for for me, or if they are in a hurry and I am offplanet. Of course I want to be sure they give good, honest service, so i have been making enquitries. What I have heard...
  10. jaywalker

    Lost quad bug again

    I just lost my quad. Ir was not returned to my inventorty when I revived at Zeus SS. Have not had time to check if it's in my item list yet. Thought I'd better post this ASAP, so others can be alert to this jay :)
  11. jaywalker

    Armour Supply and Customisation by Jaywalker

    STOP PRESS: SINCE THE AVA UPDATE HAS HAD A BIG (AND SOMETIMES UGLY) EFFECT ON SOME CUSTOM JOBS, I CURRENTLY RECOMMEND WAITING FOR TWEAKS BEFORE PROCEEDING. (However, if you choose to ignore this advice I am at your service, as usual) Yes! As a level 21 armourer I could supply you with...
  12. jaywalker

    Armour Supply and Customisation by Jaywalker

    Yes! As a level 21 armourer I could supply you with Zombie(L) (I have full set of prints of that one, and some others, and do craft it for my own use) but as a colourer and texturer, the main focus of my interest is the customisable armours, particularly Hoplite and the RT sets. For the past...
  13. jaywalker

    Peititon: re-enable T in space

    As I understand it, T from vehicles was disabled within PvP to prevent people in land-based PvP from hiding in vehicles whilst they T. In space, it is altogether different: You cannot travel through space without a vehicle, so to disable T from vehicle in space is to effectively completely...
  14. jaywalker

    Shinkii Mission Spawn Bugged

    We've all been grumbling about it here but it might get more of the right sort of attention here, mightn't it? The problem seems to be that many of the Shinki olds on OLA 66 are spawning in the water to the East of the LA, They don't drown until somebody comes within range. Therefore you get an...
  15. jaywalker

    300k skills -naturally!

    Well I think i can fairly claim this lot as natural. I did chip on a few PED of colouring skill when I was noob, TBH. (disappointingly, not even enough to max orange :laugh:) but then I chipped out a few K of repair and combat skills, which more than compensates. And i'm still nowhere near...
  16. jaywalker

    Ahh, some serious luck at last! 20k Scip Young

    Special thanks to cjawin for this one: Indeed. :D What happened was this: I had just started my Scip hunt, when cjawin PMs me asking for a texture job, full outfit, Well the guy is high as a kite, and I don;'t wanna be responsible for something he regrets in the morning :D so I insist on...
  17. jaywalker

    Selling: Angel Arms SGA (F)

    I looted these waaaaay back (guess when? :laugh:) still can't afford full set, might as well sell to help fund mission assault untiered (barely used) but rather nice tier rates :) sb TT +3k bo TT +4k auction will end one week after sb is met jay :)
  18. jaywalker

    Harmony unlocked

    It finally happened on Saturday, hunting boars on NI :yay: and I finally got around to posting it . Yeah , i messed with my settings to make it look pretty :) It wasn't easy because I was mostly confined to skilling with my electro V chip, which was the biggest UL chip I could afford. I did...
  19. jaywalker

    Jaywalker's Free Colouring and Texturing Service

    visit ZOMBIE ARMAMENTS AND SUPPLY the biggest and best shop on Calypso! to a see a large range of my customised clothing, as well as hoplite armour, rk-5 s, cyrene weapons, RT weapons etc. all at great prices Hey! I am currently level 20 in colouring (maxed up to brown) and level 21...
  20. jaywalker

    PETITION to MA #2 re. Mission Rewards Rebalancing

    NOTE to PLAYERS: this is NOT a draft, this time. Please sign, in this thread, with your full ava name. To keep this thread tidy, please confine discussion to related threads (links provided in 2nd post). Support from new players will be very welcome. This issue need not affect you directly...
  21. jaywalker

    DRAUGHT Petition to MA re. Mission Rebalancing Effective August 21st, 2012

    EDIT: IN THE LIGHT OF THE FOLLOWING RESPONSE FROM MA, it now seems unnecessary to re-post the petition and collect signatures! It is not exactly what was asked for but it does address some major concerns. Please continue to comment. EDIT 2: on reflection, it might be necessary to re-draft the...
  22. jaywalker

    Poll: Mission Rewards Rebalancing

    Please read this post before voting! IMPORTANT NOTE: you can select as many poll options as you like. In many cases, it would not make sense to select only one option. Before anybody rushes to maker more petitions to MA, I think we really should take a consensus of opinion, so we can design...
  23. jaywalker

    Patch was not executed correctly.

    latest patch hads downloaded already, but I keep getting the message: "Patch was not executed correctly" When I try to close the application , I get the following message: "Well, what else can I do?" thought I. So I closed it, intending to repair. But the Repair button is greyed out...
  24. jaywalker

    Selling: Gift wrap yourself in colourful Arkadian Textures

    EDIT: This Is a VERY OLD THREAD click here (or on my sig) to go to my current thread Hey! I'm a novice clothing designer making my very first sales pitch. I 've always thought clothing design was too pricey a game, but was inspired by the new Arkadia textures to skill up and give it a whirl...
  25. jaywalker

    Falling in love with Arkadian Textures

    (This isn't exactly a sales thread but i will be selling all of these...well, apart from my orange Caraboc sports shirt! so do feel free to make offers. This thread is basically to show off what i can do with my noobish skills :) ) I like creating things but I never took much interest in...