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  1. Anna Chrona

    Selling: Plating sets of 7: 5B 6A 5A | Full armor(F) sets: Rascal, Kobold, Goblin, Shogun

    Selling all prices are below auction armor plating 5B: tt+23 each armor plating 6A: tt+6 each armor plating 5A: tt+3 each full Goblin(f) set tt +10 full Shogun(f) set: tt +55 full Kobold(f) set: tt +20 full Rascal (f) set: tt +30 Go for it! Cheers, Anna.
  2. Anna Chrona

    formula for skill value

    Hi there, what i am looking for is the formula that tells me how much TT a skill gain is worth. I know the table on and the great chipping optimizer at But now i'd like to calc skillgains in an excel sheet, so i need...
  3. Anna Chrona

    Skills from scanning

    What are all those skills you get from scanning good for? Like probing, scan animal..., biology, botany, zoology. It seems there is some use for it, because skill implants get good prices on auction. So whats the secret about it?
  4. Anna Chrona

    buying nemesis f parts

    I am looking for the following parts to complete my nemesis set: gloves (f) thigh guards(f) shin guards(f) Thanx for offers, Your Chrona.
  5. Anna Chrona

    Selling mining coords - NRF log

    As i am going to leave Calypso very soon I decided to sell my most precious asset: Detailed data about my mining runs. Data contains more then 3700 dropped probes&bombs on Amethera and Calypso. thereof 1100+ hits claims recorded, up to size XVI. Tools used are MF212 and OF 211. Claims include...
  6. Anna Chrona

    Double HOF

    Chrona went out mining near the rig when some molisks crossed her way. One of them was nice enough to hand over his little fortune: The little girl was happy:) But as I said, Chrona wanted to mine. So she dropped a couple of bombs, and, just half an hour after the molisk hof, she saw her...