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  1. gwit

    Help Please - re new camera system

    With the old system I could use the space bar to interrupt actions - how do I do it with the new system?:scratch2:
  2. gwit

    Entropia Universe 16.3.2 Release Notes

    Ludwig has been watching this for around an hour - why no comments?:ahh:
  3. gwit

    Well Done MindArk!

    I have the same issue. Why should us old dogs have to learn new tricks. I used to use the space bar to interrupt an action, now I have no idea what to do.
  4. gwit

    I did not log in today because...

    I haven't logged in to play for a while now - been too busy irl. I tried to log in recently but can't play as I used to. All my settings have changed and I now have to try and relearn a new movement system. Why? Why do improvements with this game cost me time to relearn them every time...
  5. gwit

    FYI: Targeted Pirate Blockade Planet Calypso

    I quite like pirates - some are very funny. Never carry anything with me though:)
  6. gwit

    The MindArk - Sales - Community Meeting!

    I met his wife - she is definitely worth it - lovely biscuits :yay::yay::yay:
  7. gwit

    HoF: 118 Ped Blood Moss

    That is such a cool voice - what program are you using?
  8. gwit

    Info: Enigma Stage 3

    Do we still had Ludwig? Very quiet as of late - I guess no news means they are basically F**ked:eyecrazy::eyecrazy:
  9. gwit

    Info: Enigma Stage 3

    WTF is going on here. Still loads of us who just cant get in.
  10. gwit

    Info: Enigma Stage 3

    Yes the disco is over - "Access Denied" :)
  11. gwit

    Info: Enigma Stage 3

    They had eaten it all:yay:
  12. gwit

    Easter Mayhem 2018 Results

    If they got disqualified why not accept it; you were looking for an angle and it blew up in your face. These things happen.
  13. gwit

    Achievement: batsim time below 6 mintes!!!!

    Would definitely love to see this and the one by some avatar called "The", and I suspect a number of other one word avatars.
  14. gwit

    Enigma riddle

    I spawned a vehicle to drive through the fire - it didn't work; only got a vehicle stuck:):):)
  15. gwit

    Back on the Batsim and cheating again

    There must be other cheats going on because that is not going to get you a 6 minute time; but the most obvious thing is that the avatar doesn't even try to hide it through alts. He wins every week; maybe he is just stunningly good at batsim :-)
  16. gwit

    Mayhem tokens

    I know it is a necro bump but in light of the current conversations I just love the quote :-)
  17. gwit

    My book - Killing the Piano

    I loved the piano poem - we have all been there. Thank you for saying it as I am sure I would have thought it for years:)
  18. gwit


    That was incredible. Thank for posting it.
  19. gwit


    OK - I give up; how do you get a sub 7 minute time :-)
  20. gwit

    Armatrix rifles for sale?

    Thank you - much appreciated
  21. gwit

    Armatrix rifles for sale?

    Any idea where I can get some. None in auction last time I looked.
  22. gwit

    My own personal Bitcoin Story..

    Wait till you have to think about hard forks :D:D:D
  23. gwit

    Question: Robots

    Yes - a local coffee shop has the answer:)
  24. gwit

    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    Its always a bit on the grey side :)
  25. gwit

    Cryptocurrency experience

    I'm not actually adverse to it - but lets say I sell my house and move a $1 million into BTC or ethereum or any other coin; the price goes up and I want to take my money back - how would I get it back? Does anyone have any experience of moving large sums into or out of the various currencies?