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  1. gwit

    Help Please - re new camera system

    With the old system I could use the space bar to interrupt actions - how do I do it with the new system?:scratch2:
  2. gwit


    OK - I give up; how do you get a sub 7 minute time :-)
  3. gwit

    Armatrix rifles for sale?

    Any idea where I can get some. None in auction last time I looked.
  4. gwit

    Crypto Currency - ethereum

    I have just been offered a deal out of game to sell something (not game related) for a decent sum of money provided I take ethereum. Does anyone have real experience in converting ethereum to cash. Any idea how long it will take and do the exchanges set conversion limits. Any issues in...
  5. gwit

    help wanted - for chipping down

    I managed to move up 1 health point to 161 and I now want to chip down. I have been to jedgre site but I am struggling to see what I need to do to chip down. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. gwit

    Has Entropedia been hacked

    I just seem to now land on a junk page. Is there another link I don't have?
  7. gwit

    Why is Earth Shock decreasing in price

    Is it now because it decays? I am not saying that it does, just curious for the reason for the fall from 3000 to 2000.
  8. gwit

    Price Check - Mod Evil BP

    Anyone have any ideas how much this BP is worth? Thanks
  9. gwit

    Is there a solution to MM - what would we like to see?

    I think it is too early to put up a poll, and actually wrong to do so now. Interested in what ideas the community has to sort out MM. (Yes, this predisposes that I think there is an issue with it). None of the following are solutions but could form the basis of a poll. Please add as you see...
  10. gwit

    Are you happy with existing Merry Mayhem

    Personally I think the format stinks. It is now just for ubers; the rest of us just become loot pool fillers. What do you think? This first stage poll is kept simple - not a poll for what the new format should be. Maybe that can be stage 2?
  11. gwit

    Merry Mayhem

    Having just seen the results is there really any point in us mere mortals taking part ever again. MM is now so heavily weighted to just ubers those of us in other categories just don't stand any chance whatsoever. At least when categories were set by professional levels, we could at least feel...
  12. gwit

    Buying: Buying Adjusted Maddox

    Looking to buy Adjusted Maddox. All ped deal, no items. Please pm me if you have one for sale.
  13. gwit

    Ep iv

    I preface this with the fact I have never clicked EP IV or indeed ever been tempted to click EP IV. I am curious though as to what skill is required for EP IV and indeed what is the purpose of this BP. Does it help with skilling or is it a component part for any other BP? Or, and heaven...
  14. gwit

    Interesting - no comment on hunting ATH

    So did no one see the 170,000 ped ATH on Yulebot 2 (FFA) last night - and before I get flamed; it wasn't me :-)
  15. gwit

    HoF: My first hunting HOF in 10 years I cannot believe it but finally after 10 years in game I got a hunting hof - a 1062 Spider in Level 2 of MM. That same hour I also got three globals. Maybe after all those deposits something is going to come...
  16. gwit

    Whatever happened to the president of VR?

    Has he been trumped as well? Was this a good idea gone bad. Was it just a poorly thought out PR stunt?
  17. gwit

    Annoying bug

    I like to have my storage organised, oils furs etc all together. This new bug keeps putting anything placed in storage at the top - it is really messing up my storage :)
  18. gwit

    Some old prices

    I got the usual message about my inbox being full so downloaded some messages. Some of these are quite old but should be of interest to all the investors/speculators in the game: From : gwit To : ***** Date : 2008-10-04 18:05 Title : Re: ML35...
  19. gwit

    Should the money ever be returned

    Very simple question. A serious mistake has been made on auction. The recipient can choose to return the money but has so far chosen not to do so. What would you do. Would you return the money if you "benefited" from a serious mistake?
  20. gwit

    Forum Rules

    We seem to be getting a lot of posts removed for various reasons usually cited as rule ..... There is never an opportunity to agree or disagree with the deletions. Is this the correct way to run a forum? I am also noticing a lot of threads locked, often just for the sake of it, when they are...
  21. gwit

    Reasons for ban

    Just been chatting with a banned avatar - who was banned for revealing information. This avatar does not know what information she/he was meant to have revealed about Wirlo. How can it be ok to ban another player from the forum when that player has not been shown why they were banned. This is...
  22. gwit

    Auction scumbags

    Not posting any names, but you know who you are. Take a look at orders for AUD. Some people are posting TT+1 for 62 deeds. This is just hoping someone will make a mistake. This is just despicable behaviour and should not be allowed. It is hoping that someone will make a deliberate and very...
  23. gwit

    Mobs dropping UA

    Today a Cornucada (not sure of the spelling) dropped unlimited ammo; and a lacerating attack nano chip (L). Are others dropping UA as well? Ignore - the UA, seems it was just lag :yup:
  24. gwit

    What does a timeout occurred mean

    This should probably go into the noobs section but I don't know what it means and I am getting lots at the moment. I suspect it a BT internet issue !!
  25. gwit

    Overall Damage per mob

    Just finished in MM FFA(2). Over the course of just under an hour I manage to inflict around 190,000 damage - using Caly Spirit MKIII (L) Beast plus appropriate rings. I will add the ring details later. I don't really think I can push it much higher but I notice others are getting 400,000...