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  1. SpikeBlack

    Camera & Control System Preview and Guides

    The same thing was tried in vu10. It was hell, you couldn't walk up a slope that was waist high, it took ages to navigate around even hills because we could not go over them as we didn't have vehicles. Can we at least go up the slope at a different angle i.e. rather than straight at it but at a...
  2. SpikeBlack

    Suggestion: DEEDS that return % of your own expendatures!

    I've been inactive for a while now, forum and game only logging in to keep my account alive. The reason because it wasn't that I'd bought lots of deeds and I'm only collecting the ped. It's because I didn't find EU fun to play anymore. I've been playing another free to play looter shooter, I...
  3. SpikeBlack

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Having a boring drive home each day I've started to listen to my old albums again.
  4. SpikeBlack

    Planetcalypsoforum not secure?

    Has anyone tried visiting the site by forcing the https? There is a site but due to the scripts being linked to by http rather than https none of the formating is present and chrome insists that it isn't secure because of it and won't load the scripts. The certificate says it's valid for...
  5. SpikeBlack

    Making Space Inviting(+ lootable people?)

    May be they should get another company in to write it. Even Dice got another company - Criterion - to write the space combat side for BF2. It feels like MA just turned off the gravity and swapped player avatars for ships rather than building a space sim. If they need to use a completely...
  6. SpikeBlack

    MindArk Test Workshop

    Hmm four days later and I'm wondering if it means the camera as in the view point we have of the game world rather than an actual video camera :laugh:
  7. SpikeBlack

    MindArk Test Workshop

    Facial login system, put your face on your avatar or video chat?
  8. SpikeBlack

    Arkadia Moon launched!

    It's happened a couple of times I believe. One time they moved the planets and forgot to move the Calypso safe spawn point in space. I think that's when they finally moved the planetary spawn point to the local Space station. Anyone who's played an online fps will tell you that having only one...
  9. SpikeBlack

    Compet Payout ROI

    The Stables were sold on a possible link to the app as well? Did that ever happen?
  10. SpikeBlack

    I lost it!!

    MA taking the sand box away from the players helped lose some of it for me years ago. A lot of the fun was that MA left us alone to get on with it by ourselves with only a bar framework of a game but small things like the sweat camp and then the missions sort of dried up the enthusiasm with them...
  11. SpikeBlack

    Are you a Good Entropia Universe Customer?

    For MA I'm probably a bad customer, I use the servers (not that I play much anymore), don't and won't recommend EU to anyone else and haven't deposited in years (I can't remember the last time I did) so they've already spent any money I have deposited a long time ago.
  12. SpikeBlack

    Good general purpose laptop for gaming and traveling?

    I know someone who buys apple for the hardware but then installs windows on it. Back on topic I'd add Acer to the list of brands to never touch with a barge pole - there's a reason why they're cheap - they're crap. If you're travelling with it then get a business grade machine - generally...
  13. SpikeBlack

    The Day the Music Died

    I was there for that one, I remember we tried to get a line of synchronized dancing but ultimately failed and I spent some time in the hot tub playing a music quiz.
  14. SpikeBlack

    EU 2.0 - What would you do differently?

    What would I do? I certainly wouldn't do what MA did, introduce (L) with a massive tt price and fuck up the entire loot system to allow them to drop. I'd implement (L) by making them all crafted, keep the tt price similar to the existing items, cut the decay by half compared to the original UL...
  15. SpikeBlack

    Loot Boxes Are Now Illegal, What's This Mean For Strongboxes?

    Hunting, mining and crafting, even if it's only a small part, require some knowledge of the game but you can open strong boxes without moving and that's where the distinction lies. Although the swirlies for hofs and aths come right out of the playbook for loot boxes, we've all gotten a rush from...
  16. SpikeBlack

    Rocktropia Forum Down?

    The site is still up so the domain is still active. If you're seeing a Cloudflare error then it's because their proxy server can't talk to the host server. A cleaner unplugged the server to do some vacuuming?
  17. SpikeBlack

    Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

    Personally I'm expecting to hear they're adding a deeptoken / ethereum mining service into the game and it'll be installed in the next update :laugh:
  18. SpikeBlack

    Loot Boxes Are Now Illegal, What's This Mean For Strongboxes?

    The reason why they've gone after fifa ultimate team and fortnite is because of the skins perceived value to other players and that you can sell items from loot boxes to other players for a profit. There's no limit on how many boxes you can open other than the your wallet or your mums credit...
  19. SpikeBlack

    Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

    May be it's the payment to the advisors for a successful launch
  20. SpikeBlack

    Loot Boxes Are Now Illegal, What's This Mean For Strongboxes?

    I think what really did it was the skins gambling and the high values some of them get on the steam market place.
  21. SpikeBlack

    Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

    It's displaying 12238001 again after a short interlude of 91992 I think it was the issue we've previously seen, where the db, web server or the count doesn't work correctly and displays the wrong amount.
  22. SpikeBlack

    Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

    Either they extended it to allow a mystery buyer to get enough funds together on Saturday morning to by that many. or MA have assigned all their "assets" a token which they own.
  23. SpikeBlack

    Reviving your dead video card!

    It's reflowing the solder, I've seen a similar trick for dead xbox 360's where you remove the fan and leave it turned on for 10-15 minutes. You'll probably find it'll die again eventually, same as my xbox.
  24. SpikeBlack

    Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

    No, they'll double down on it as they'll refuse to acknowledge it as a failure.
  25. SpikeBlack

    Deeptoken Airdrop Campaign

    Well they created the tokens and you'll have to wait for them to integrate it with EU, you can't turn them into cash either. They can give as many away as they like as there's no way to spend them until they let you.