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  1. Lord Daedra

    Hunting log: feffoids

    fck them all, dude! good luck with that! :tux:
  2. Lord Daedra

    Info: For Mac Users by Mac Users

    iMac 2.66 ГГц Intel Core 2 Duo 4 ГБ 800 МГц DDR2 SDRAM ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 МБ Customised settings in EU - from medium to very high (see advanced tab in options) I use Parallels Desktop with win7 ( buy here or download via torrent on...
  3. Lord Daedra

    New weapon idea!

    Topol missile complex on the road to Calypso :-)
  4. Lord Daedra

    Info: Entropia on Mac, yes, it works now..

    I use Windows 7 via Boot Camp, but today I tried run my Boot Camp partition as Parallels virtual machine. Boot Camp was in virtual machines list and i just started it. Convertation... And I started EU.. And it works! Im going make clean Windows 7 install on virtual machine on this week.. I will...
  5. Lord Daedra

    Info: Entropia on Mac, yes, it works now..

    Parallels virtualization. Screen below.. Known bugs: 1. High mouse speed in the aim mode (ok in cursor mode). Any ideas about how to fix this?
  6. Lord Daedra

    Window mode VU 10

    I selected window mode checkbox, but launcher open eu fullscreen.. Is it only my problem?.. iMac, Boot Camp Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit Memory: 4076 Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT Ingame fullscreen resolution list is active, window resolution is not active (and =...
  7. Lord Daedra

    Internal Error with this avatar

    Same problem.. IMHO their datacenter blocked some IPs.. Because firewall is off, and I tried login to new account - same problem.. VPN may fix this problem if you have one.. IMHO..
  8. Lord Daedra

    "Internal Error detected on this Avatar"

    Can't login too.. Same error.. Its my first login attempts to VU10 on home computer.. I tried two avatars.. One with gold card.. Internet: PPPoE ADSL router D-link 2500U (i tried use it as router and in bridge mode, it dont solve problem..)..
  9. Lord Daedra

    Question: 3DAnalyze with Gf4 Ti4200

    Hello! Is it possible to run Entropia via 3DAnalyze on my old computer with GeForce 4 Ti 4200 (128Mb), 1280Mb DDR333 RAMM, Windows 7? If yes, what settings I have to set? After I started Entropia.exe, I have been seen black screen for some seconds and returned to Windows without any errors...
  10. Lord Daedra

    EU on Windows 7

    Hello! Today I tested EU on new OS - Windows 7. Windows 7 was installed as second OS on my iMac (via Boot Camp). It work ok, very stable RC. So if you going to upgrade your OS but not sure about EU - dont worry, EU will work. How to install: 1. Backup Entropia Universe folder (its not small...
  11. Lord Daedra

    Buying: Phantom Male Face Mask, Gloves, Thigh-Guards

    WTB Phantom male face guard...
  12. Lord Daedra

    Guess the color

    I tried setup yellow in all 3 slots (24 yellow cans per field), IMO looks nice.. so... now i think only about textures... :-)
  13. Lord Daedra

    Buying: Phantom Male Face Mask, Gloves, Thigh-Guards

    face guards and gloves now :monkey: bump
  14. Lord Daedra


    1. How much procedures do I need for creating dystrophic appearance? 2. What lvl of body sculpting needed? Why do I ask?.. I hunt and mine in pvp4, I need it :)... Klown helped me with that, was 2 procedures.. I have become much less, but sometimes I see people smaller and more dystrophic...
  15. Lord Daedra

    Hi! Your site is very helpful, good work!

    Hi! Your site is very helpful, good work!
  16. Lord Daedra

    Guess the color

    Yes. I updated my first post, added some images..
  17. Lord Daedra

    Info: PRE Order for CryEngine Hairstyles!

    IMO MA make it possible to change the appearance for free 1 time after VU 10 but pre order is good marketing idea. :)
  18. Lord Daedra

    Guess the color

    Look at this picture please: 1. What colors (paint cans) do you see? Names of all paint cans here: (filter by type=Paint Cans) 2. What name of texture(s), which makes the coat is similar to the armor? Thanks! UPD Gray color: Dark Steel...
  19. Lord Daedra

    Buying: Phantom Male Face Mask, Gloves, Thigh-Guards

    Phantom Male - Face Mask, (+772 avg) - Gloves, (+574 avg) - Thigh-Guards (+639 avg)
  20. Lord Daedra

    Ghoul Male or Phantom Male Sets

    I would like buy one of this armor sets. Ghoul Male ~5k Phantom Male ~8k Correct my price, please..
  21. Whatcolor Isblack

    Whatcolor Isblack

  22. Lord Daedra

    HoF: Kiss before u kill ;p

    it was my idea :ahh::laugh::laugh:
  23. Lord Daedra

    Uber: Drone 8896

    Hello ! Its my second uber hof.. Drone 03 generation, 8896ped, full limited bear and full limited lr41 in loot and tt-food My previous uber hof (drone too, 8405ped) here: And yes, I can repeat, I am going to spend...
  24. Lord Daedra

    Constant profit with uneco weapon?

    I have no opinion because I'm not sure: loot is function of damage/mob hp or function of tt expenses. If first - your question is not correct. Because less eco - more expenses - less profit. Profit will only if average loot markup is very very big... What mob has the biggest average loot markup...
  25. Lord Daedra

    Minor Scope/Sight Test

    Check this page But HitModifier must be less or = 1. (you agree?) or (0.8 + HitModifier * 0.125) will more than 92,5%... If this information is actual now, you can use attachments to increase your gun eco. 1/(1+2*0,22+0,14)=0,6329 So...