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  1. BlueEyes

    I was hoping custom channels would be fixed: NOT atm still

    Made a support case pre-vu of today. I created a custom channel after last weeks VU and introduction of the new chat. Logically I was admin/moderator, invited other moderators. But moderators got mixed up. I lost them, some other kept them. Got them back by someone else, but then someone who was...
  2. BlueEyes

    Searching for new mission and their rewards

    Hi there, I've decided to focus on the missions on Caly again. There are a lot more than a year ago. I'm looking for what the reward is for the following missions: Protect the teleporters, kill 30 young punys, reward 0.48 ped weapons cells (according to entropedia) OR 0.48 ped BLP pack (chose...
  3. BlueEyes

    How can I see the costs associated with depositing?

    Hi, I deposited using paynova. How can I see the (total) amount witheld by paynova and MA? (I've searched a bit but it seems not very transparent) regards
  4. BlueEyes

    Selling: Aurora Thigh Guard (M, L) full TT

    Selling for any offer above TT Paul
  5. BlueEyes

    Is the game now totally frozen? Login time-outs!

    Hi, I had a serious lag issue about half hour ago. Now I've been running around in Camp Icarus, and veryone is frozen, mobs, avatars... everything. Only the socchat progressed very very slowly, 1 line each 5 minutes. I guess I log off, but surely won't be able to log in.... and yes I am right...
  6. BlueEyes

    Empty shops?

    Just entered a mall. This floor is entirely empty. Someone else experience that too?
  7. BlueEyes

    Nice VU... CTD!

    Just saying, just saying, 2 CTD's in two minutes. :eyecrazy:
  8. BlueEyes

    What's wrong with my arms...

    Hi, just got in after the update. When zoomed out my arms look really weird. I've grown some tentacles... aaah, the release notes: Known Issues •Avatar hands may display incorrectly in certain situations. This issue will be corrected in the next patch.
  9. BlueEyes

    Fire burning, but no fire in sight

    Anyone else hear burning fire, look around and see no fire. Happened to me couple times now since VU, in the area's of the released lands between Ama and Eu.
  10. BlueEyes

    Current location of migration mobs (Eomon, Longtooth, Exa Elites)

    Current location of migration mobs (Eomon, Longtooth, Exa Elites, Atrox, Mulmum, Feffoid) NOTE: Exa Elites are counting for the LT iron mission :D I have seen confirmation on EF that reward for LT is still 50 ped FA and on PCF that reward is still 80 ped for Athletics. All seem to be moved...
  11. BlueEyes

    Voice chat

    Proximity chat works, but what happened with the previous long distance. Does it still work? I guess it doesn't. Also proximity chat is nice and a few steps distances decreases the volume, which is as it should. However when two ava's are e.g. in the helicoptor there is also a distance and...
  12. BlueEyes

    Has the value of the TT skillreward for Cornundacauda been lowered?

    Has the value of the TT skillreward for Cornundacauda been lowered? (Phew, seems its not!) Hi, Some people have reported skillgain value to be around 30 ped. Lately two reported around 22 ped. Although some are different categories, there is one overlapping. The latest reports, indicate a...
  13. BlueEyes

    Rippersnapper(s) vanishing in thin air

    After a while (a) rippersnapper(s) seem to de-spawn. Seen it happen a couple of times while standing on the shore watching the fish, suddenly poof, gone!
  14. BlueEyes

    Finally a global... ehm, yeah! My first global is a daiki HoF!

    I had a silent global not to long ago: And I have been waiting for ever to have it happen. And now finally got my first real global which came in running as a HoF too...
  15. BlueEyes

    11.5.0: bug/improvement suggestion for waypoints

    Nice feature! However also some remarks: When e.g your friend is at a TP, you can find the waypoint indeed at that TP. However hovering over the TP with your mouse does not pop-up and show the TP name anymore! Neither can you select the TP on the map with the purpose to go there. Please...
  16. BlueEyes

    My first global (although a silent one)

    No joke, this is my first global ever, kinda, because its a silent one. I was doing the 200 mob mission in the crater (The Federal Empire Strikes Back). It turned out good :D Chip has been sold for 67 ped, including TT, making this a 75.38 ped global.
  17. BlueEyes

    Facing the enemy: objective description seems wrong

    Hi. Just want to inform you all, that when I interpret the instructions right, you have to do: 1) kill 1 harbinger 2) do an objective in the crater (of which you can any of 3 options, see:
  18. BlueEyes

    Missions 2010.6

    This post contains spoilers! 17 new missions will be released. Some will be Harbinger related, for completeness I will provide a list of all missions in this post Details about Harbinger.... I will post and advice all to post at the following thread about Harbringer...
  19. BlueEyes

    Crashing even more since VU11.4

    Just want to report the client is crashing more since this VU. I think I crashed 3 maybe 4 times, during VU 11.3.6 and 11.3.7, say about in two weeks. Client already crashed 4 times these 2 days since VU11.4.
  20. BlueEyes

    Poll: How do you feel about changed mission rewards (after you have done them)?

    All 'old' players were able to get to the Calypso Gateway, when the Gateway was first released, for one whole and only the first week. The crafting mission was bugged for female ava's, male ava's could finish them, but there was no reward. FPC decided to add a reward for that mission, which they...
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  22. BlueEyes

    Missions release 2010.5

    This post contains spoilers! There should be over 30 missions, will add as more are discovered. PS You have to rediscover the PA mall TP, which is now on floor 5(roof) of the PA mall) And there is another (new or in fact the old PA) TP at, 61418, 75217, 143 There are mining missions!!! see 2...
  23. BlueEyes

    Willard plasma weapons

    I had a a102 amp on my Willard Heatray A (L). Its gone and cant add an amp to it anymore Same goes for the B version. Can't amp it. I think the amp ability is removed of those weapons. When checking my items on my acount on, it still show the amp on my weapon: 187 Omegaton A102 1...
  24. BlueEyes

    Call for help: missions dependencies, rewards, natural order, 18th mission, etc.

    Call for help: Genesis quests, reward verifcation, mission chain dependencies, natural order, missing missions, etc. Hi, this is a call for help discovering all missions, their rewards, verification of rewards, the 'natural' order of missions, mission dependencies, missing missions, etc. I'm...
  25. BlueEyes

    Araneatrox Old Alpha-Stalker

    Hi, seems the area of the spider mission is now without spiders. Anyone know where those usual high-end spiders are now?