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  1. qamori

    Buying: [NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition]

    Buying this amp, Message me ingame or on forum
  2. qamori

    Buying: NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition

    I want to Buy this amp, Please reach out to me.
  3. qamori

    Suggestion: 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF DPS is wrong

    Someone at MA doesn't know how to do math. The DPS "if you do math like the rest of the universe" is 73.7 DPS Even Entropia Wiki got it right :laugh:
  4. qamori

    Selling: Selling 1000 Chirstmas Boxes

    Selling 1000 Christmas Boxes. 2500 ped. PM me
  5. qamori

    Selling: Adj Boar Armor (F)

    WTS/ WTT ADJ Boar Female +7k Whole Set is Tier 1.**
  6. qamori

    Selling: Female RX Optac Set (mixed) Double parts

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Title Says it. [RX OpTac x1 Harness (F)] Tier 3.59 [RX OpTac x2 Harness (F)] Tier 1.99 [RX OpTac x1 Thigh Guards (F)] Tier .99 [RX OpTac x2 Thigh Guards (F)] [RX OpTac x1 Helmet (F)] Tier 1.99 [RX OpTac x1 Shin Guards (F)] Tier 2.73 [RX OpTac x2 Arm Guards (F)] Tier 2.04 [RX...
  7. qamori

    Selling: Boar Adjusted [F] Female

    Adjusted boar (F) setd Boar Adjusted [F] Protections: Stab: 16 HP Cut: 16 HP Impact: 30 HP Penetration: 20 HP Burn: 23 HP Cold: 12 HP Acid: 4 HP Full set provides also 20% dodge boost! Trades Offers are Accepted BO: +7500 peds Contact me here or ingame
  8. qamori

    Selling: Tier 8 Ranked HK1750 - Mayhem Cat 3

    Tier 8 Ranked HK1750 - Mayhem Cat 3 ((VIDEO)) Tier 8 [Ranked HK1750] - Mayhem Cat 3 Killer Setup For Mayhem. Drop Eviceractor Before they get to you. Video Tiers left are almost 100 Price +6.7k with an Imp Ares + hyper 10 pill you are easily over...
  9. qamori

    Selling: Selling OLA 64 Snargs! Financing available :O

    Like the Title says, I am selling OLA 64 Snargs ''Your Moms House". lots of ores and enmatters on this land as well including Gold, lytarian dust, typlonic gas, everything on the mining LA above is on 64. Its and Easy Run through Shinook River (low mob level and density) I intended on owning...
  10. qamori

    Selling: Tier 8 [Ranked HK1750] - Cat 3 Killer

    Setup For Mayhem. Tiers left are almost 100 Price +6.7k
  11. qamori

    Selling: t3.9 imk II - below market value

    Like the Title Says I am selling my Tier 3.9 IMK II Please Send me all Offers. - Will consider trades.
  12. qamori

    Selling: Omeg Mod Fap Tier1

    Price 135k SOLD Trade op: Mod Hedoc + Ped Mod Resto + Ped
  13. qamori

    Selling: Omegation Mod Fap

    Price 135k Trade op: Mod Hedoc + Ped Mod Resto + Ped
  14. qamori

    Selling: Omegation Modified Fap Tier 1.3

    Omegation Modified Fap Selling Tier 1 Mod Fap - 150k ped Will take Mod Hedoc + Ped
  15. qamori

    Selling: Selling 100 Easter StrongBoxes

    buyout: 25 ped per start bid: 10 ped per. GET EASTER EGGS PM me
  16. qamori

    Selling: Omegation Modified Fap

    Selling Tier 1 Mod Fap - 150k ped Will take Mod Hedoc + Ped
  17. qamori

    Selling: King Kong Snub U80 - T6.7

    Selling my almost tier 7 u80. Tier rates 8,9,10 are awesome. This gun can definitely compete. Has great DPP and DPS. Send me Offers- All Trade Offers Welcome. Few specific things im interested in, but bring all trade offers. Mod Hedoc - Mod Restoration- Female Suprem - Female Sent -...
  18. qamori

    Selling: Pet over 330k experience

    Ancient Snable Male ( Called BrownNoser) 332,000 experience Level 49 Legendary 20% training Metabolic rate 30+54 Price = Half of whatever he is worth Level 21 legendary Fido Fido (Dod) Pet with 67,000 experience With exotic trick and reduced crit Price = Whatever he is worth - 50%
  19. qamori

    Selling: 11 Apartments in Caly

    Up for sale are 11 apartments in Caly Locations and sizes vary, so I will upload a list tomorrow. Meanwhile make your bids BO 680 ped each
  20. qamori

    Selling: Arkadia Aprtment

    Celeste North 3 level 4 2 floors inside Huge windows Make your offers
  21. qamori

    Selling: Monria Apartments

    Got a couple apartments to sell in Monria Contact me with your offers for 1 or 2 apartments Both have 2 floors Cthylla towers 4G and 5G Beautiful
  22. qamori

    Selling: 348 K hunting skills

    Looking to unlock something or just kill bigger mobs? Then you need some hunting skills I have 348 thousand skillpoints in hunting professions ( I don't craft and I don't mine) If you are interested in bulk deal super quick and extra cheap PM me for more info Sneak peak attached click Here
  23. qamori

    Selling: 8A SGA x 4 and more

    For some reason I can only find 4 plates from my 8A SGA eco set, so I will sell them Also trying to get rid of a few more things Make your offers in ped, dollars, services, chocolate bars, or Facebook CPM ads , sexual favors :inbed:, butt scratchers, Amazon FBA skills, Ronaldo's shoes, etc...
  24. qamori

    Paying peds for a Forum(er)/Moderator

    I need a forum and dont have the patience to start it myself. I dont care what script you want to use, as long as it looks cool. To be able to post here I have to pay with ingame currency (ped) Need someone to create the categories, headers, description, sections, some pictures, content, etc...
  25. qamori

    Selling: The most eco Knife ever ( Unique item)

    SOLD I told my mates "the day I sell this knife, will be the last time I ever hunt" And today it is for sale. The Knife is so eco that MA doesnt allow me to use eco enhancers on it! ( true fact) But as you can see on the picture, with pills and rings I can get to 3.5 eco and im not even close...