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  1. Gewitter

    HoF: 2252 PED Copper HoF, video inside!

    Hi, Another run, two HoF's, 429 + 2252 Video for 2252 PED is here - Below are the screens:
  2. Gewitter

    HoF: A little mining HoF! Video inside

    After a break, Redulite Ore HoF. Terramaster 8 (L) + Level 10 Amp (L) Video was recorded during listening radio, so it contains music with copyright, and due this fact you cannot play it on mobile phones, TV and game consoles.
  3. Gewitter

    Buying: QR100 Level 5 amp (L) BP

    Hello all! BOUGHT! Have a nice day Andy
  4. Gewitter

    Buying: Level 1 or 2 Finder Amplifier UL

    Hello all! I'm looking for Level 1 Finder Amplifier UL or Level 2 Finder Amplifier UL. Want to pay: 6000 PED for L1 amp or 11000 PED for L2 amp. PM me if you have one for sale. Have a nice day! Andrey
  5. Gewitter

    Selling: Two Aquila (L) full sets

    Hello all! I have for sale two full TT Aquila (L) armor sets One male (M) set and one female (F) set. TT of each set is 800 PED Price is 999 PED/each set (~125%) PM me if you interested Andy
  6. Gewitter

    Selling: Arkadian Tool BP's (almost full book)

    For sale almost full book with BP's of Arkadian Tools. Missed 5 BP's: - Arkadian Golden Key UL - GYRO Combat FAP-50 - GYRO Combat FAP-60 - GYRO FAP-60 - GYRO FAP-65 PS Rippers and refiners are unavailable and was never discovered. Picture of full book (with QR) -
  7. Gewitter

    They kiiled bunny!

    What happened with pink bunny? Found this suddently in the loader:
  8. Gewitter

    Selling: Trading Terramaster 8 Gold Rush T2.9 to 300 AUD

    Hello! Due to lack the time for mining (very busy IRL, possible for long period), I want to trade my Terramaster 8 Gold Rush to 300 AUD. Full TT included This tool T1 was bought for ~14K, upgraded to T2 for ~1,75K, now ready for T3 (about 3K) No PED's or CLD please, only AUD. I still want to...
  9. Gewitter

    Selling: Exchange: My Terramaster 3 Gold Rush T4 -> Your T0

    Hello! I'm interested in exchange of my Terramaster 3 Gold Rush T4 to your T0 (T1), with any tier rate. I think there should be atleast 600 PED of surcharge (or 10 AUD) from your side. Upgrade your TM3 GR to T4 fast! Have a nice day. Andy
  10. Gewitter

    Max possible multipler in mining

    Hello! I'm intersted, which maximum multiplier is possible now in mining after 2012. How to calculate your multiplier: Panetside: (price of drop) X 3,3 X multiplier = your result, where price of drop is TT value of your attempt, including TT of amp decay and probes Example, Terramaster 3...
  11. Gewitter

    Buying: Paint Cans (Dark Green) + (Green)

    Hello all! I want to buy about 2000 pcs of Paint Can (Dark Green). I can buy any amount. I'll pay 200%. Can buy only on Calypso or Arkadia. Also I can buy about 2000 pcs of Paint Can (Green) @105% Please PM me if you have these paint cans for sale. Have a nice day Andy
  12. Gewitter

    Selling: Quad-Wing Equus

    Hello all! I want to sell (again): Quad-Wing Equus (Zero karma) - 42 PED TT NanoWarp Drive I - 150 PED TT Space Thruster - 50 PED TT SOLD TT included, of course Low price offers will be fully ignored I'll accept only PED, or maybe items with PED's, but I reserve right to set price for your...
  13. Gewitter

    Buying: Urban Nomad Jade Coat (M)

    Hello all! Looking for this deep green coat (Urban Nomad Jade Coat (M)) Please send me offer if you have one for sale. I can offer 1200 PED! Have a nice day! Andy
  14. Gewitter

    Andy's mining log

    Hello all! Let me show you how should look a true mining log :laugh: I'm not sure that I will fill this log indefinitely. Various events such as my illness, my death, and my laziness can create holes in it or stop it. Possible terms: MU - markup (paid or recieved) Relative MU - MU, based on...
  15. Gewitter

    Selling: .Point Shop (Planet Arkadia)

    Hello all! I want to sell my last Shop, located on Planet Arkadia (.Point). Celeste North 8 This is upgraded (3 times, about 30K PED paid for upgrades) and customized Shop, and one of the biggest Shops on the planet. Shop is located in the...
  16. Gewitter

    CDF Vehicles

    Hello all! Now we all see that Combat Tokens (which can be exchanged to CDF Vehicles) are rising in price from 300% to 500%. What you think about price for all CDF Vehicles (as example 25000 tokens = 250 PED TT or 1250-1500 PED with MU), which each worth about 1200-1500 PED now. You mean...
  17. Gewitter

    Buying: Aquila Helmet (L) and Gloves (L) Blueprints

    Hello! BOUGHT! Please PM me here if you have one or both for sale. Have a nice day Andy
  18. Gewitter

    PC: Terramaster 8 Gold Rush

    Hello all! I found this thread, but not found there info for what price was sold first Terramaster 8 UL? We waiting for second (as a prize in this Golden Rush), so I'm interested, how much it worth. Thanks for any info. Andy
  19. Gewitter

    Selling: Emerald Lakes Mall Large Shop

    Hello all! I want to sell my second Shop from .Point Shopping Network - Calypso Shop. Shop is located in Emerald Lakes Shopping Mall, Floor 1, near Televator. 300 item points indoors 10 item points display area. Price is 16800 PED Price is not negotiable SOLD First come - first served. No...
  20. Gewitter

    Just another whining thread

    Hey, as I see, others can. Why I can't? Dear MA! I am not happy. I've been playing this game since Jan-2007, with a lunch break in 2009-2010. And up to this day I have never received ATH. I was sad that several assholes who came into the game, was received ATH (and then ofcourse loose all)...
  21. Gewitter

    Selling: .Point Shopping Network

    Hello all! One Shop sold, for all others - sale cancelled! Andy
  22. Gewitter

    Selling: 150 Space Thrusters (L)

    Hello all! I'll sell 150 pcs of Space Thruster (L) Only as one lot. 1020 PED for all 150 pcs (6.8 PED each) PM me if interested. Andy
  23. Gewitter

    Buying: Hermetic Adjusted Ring

    Due to 'ring rain', I think about buying Hermetic Adjusted Ring. I can offer only TT+100 PED. PM me if interested. I'm not interested in price higher than I offered, I think in one-two month price will be TT+50 :laugh: Thank you Andy PS Keep thread clean, this is not a price check thread!
  24. Gewitter

    Buying: Generic Transformers

    Hello all! Looking for Generic Transformers. My offer is 200% (10 PED/each) Please offers only in PM, and keep thread clean! Andy
  25. Gewitter

    Some BP's are marked as 'rare' now!

    I found some Blueprints in 'Rare Items' Now we can see how many of 'rare' Blueprints exist ingame since this VU and who looted them :yay: