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    Buying: Buying black coat

    Hey guys trying to buy a black coat anyone selling let me know....
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    Selling: Angel Full Set

    Selling Full Male Angel Set most pieces are tier 4 and 5 send me a pm if you are interested....
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    Need The Help My Fellow Entropians.

    Freind mine has just bought this place and needs some likes on Face Book so if u guys Can Help that would be GREAT.
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    New uber soc

    The New Uber Soc "" Da OUTLAWS"" from what i can see and got a scan of some there members they have high HP and all the TOYS.....keep ya eyes peeled.... O.O
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    Star vs Chuck Norris

    Out of these 2 ppl who would close the the rig.....
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    Rocktropia NO Spawn in LA's

    Can sombody fix the no spawn issues in the LA nothing to HUNT.....
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    Posthistory Top Pker killed by a Noob

    Posthistroy one of EU best pker is killed by W2S soc Member Jenna..... Jenna killed PostHistory using a Isis CB5 (L).
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    10.4 Loading Failed ANY BODY KNOW A FIX

    10.4 Loading Failed ANY BODY KNOW A FIX ........
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    FPC Planet calypso Staff online please?????

    If there are any fpc or planet calypso staff online can they please contact me........need some help......
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    [Inappropriate thread title edited]

    Who Wants to slap Marco in the Face with a Ripper Snapper.......I would.....Plus i would really like to know what they tested and who the Beta testers where so i can slap them also............
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    Tech Question and Anwers!!!!

    Have just installed NVIDIA NX8800GT 512MB graph card need some anwsers as to what setting i should run entropia on now full screen resolution,refresh rate,antialiasing<<<<what ever that means,aspect ration color depth and visual quality any help would be great.....
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    Graffiti in Hadeshim!!!!!

    Well while walking around HADESHIM for the last 2 days have found a lot of cryptic graffiti there has anyone else noticed this stuff since the VU9.3 any response would be cool.....
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    Can any one log in yet!!!!

    or is it just poor old me.....
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    Conag Coat Bp Any Body Have One For Rent

    Looking to rent a conag coat bp if any has one please pm me......
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    They Stole My Peds !!!!!

    There i was sitting in PA with my peds on the floor polishing them with some eye oil and my first wave cap somebody walked up and stole them only had 2 now i am totally screwed what am i spose to do spoke to INTERPOL the are looking into the matter any help would be great thanks.....