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  1. TheMZ

    How on earth is MA / FPC running release Projects... ???

    Spot-on, JJO. It's time to face the truth - that being, some insanely bad decisions were taken in the past few years. I'm not talking about five or six of them, more like tens if not hundreds of bad ones. The quality of service is that of an absolute garbage. The care for end-users is...
  2. TheMZ

    Lets Give John Capital a break!

    I think he should give US a break and stop locking every second thread here, on the forums. (Was a bit too harsh though... :laugh:) No bad blood.
  3. TheMZ

    EU themed song help needed

    Don't really click with Eurotrance, sigh. Good luck on this, anyhow ;)
  4. TheMZ

    Perceived Loot Imbalance Explained

    The theory would make alot of sense if the system was made to work like that, a system where loot given is based on spending and decay. But fact is, MA and FPC clearly say that everyone have the same exact chances to hit the jackpot. We have a conflict here that can't be solved simply by...
  5. TheMZ

    Brain-tissue is a scarce asset nowadays. Couldn't you think for a moment that it was nothing but...

    Brain-tissue is a scarce asset nowadays. Couldn't you think for a moment that it was nothing but a typo?... I fixed it. Not ET anymore, rather EU now.
  6. TheMZ

    Where's the Sanity?

    A "What if" question is out of the equation. He offered money, people took the money. That's where the story starts, and that's also exactly where it ends. I actually liked my wording there, how could the buyer be accused of handing-in the money? Since people took his money, it shows they...
  7. TheMZ

    Where's the Sanity?

    Once again, I fail to see how Shoti is doing it wrong. He payed money, presumably quite alot of it, in-order to satisfy the needs of his potential competitors and reach to an agreement by which they will not bid on whatever items were in question. Now, you can see Shoti as the bad guy since he...
  8. TheMZ

    Where's the Sanity?

    I have always been critical of EU and EF, be it my personality, my common sense. I have no side in the discussion regarding the Proteron DNA, but the most interesting thing is how easily people shed their skin publicly, almost without noticing, exposing how truly disgusting they are from deep...
  9. TheMZ

    Strange Black Man

    Did he carry a case?.. That must be the G-Man :yay:
  10. TheMZ

    FYI: Gateway if unchanged presents possible problem with Gold Farmers!

    You sound so hysteric, it's so ridiculous. First and foremost, YOU CAN'T MAKE 200 ACCOUNTS AN HOUR. In-fact, the approval of a single account usually takes no less than aprox 20 hours. Second of all, once these 200 are done, THEY NEED 200 MORE. All of those accounts, with fake addresses and...
  11. TheMZ

    FYI: New vehicles,old scam

    I agree with everything you say there. Does anyone care to elaborate why did this guy get banned? On what account did he get this? Cause he has only six posts? Cause his REP bar is red? Cause 90% people here bashed him for saying the actual truth? Is this really somebody's second account?...
  12. TheMZ

    EU on Linux (WINE)

    Famous for their moto, "what you don't know can't hurt you", I can only conclude that the last thing I want from these guys is an operation-system.
  13. TheMZ

    EU on Linux (WINE)

    It's pretty damn important. It's a big argument whenever it comes to Linux versus Windows discussions. You get to pay hundreds of dollars for software (Windows, Office, Some flavors of Visual Studio, ASP) that's literally bad and is easily exploitable. Businesses around the globe simply...
  14. TheMZ

    EU on Linux (WINE)

    I have zero problem with the fact that you're using Windows, the risk-management is left yours. I do have a problem though, with the fact that you screen Linux as some form of unusable, not-user-friendly, retarded operation system whilst citing Windows's so-called "superiority" in areas such as...
  15. TheMZ

    EU on Linux (WINE)

    I held myself for long enough. Feel free to rid yourself of a computer, you don't really know how those work anyway. You lack every bit of basic understanding on how both Windows and Linux work (read about things such as 'the windows registry' for instance). I would've retaliated to your false...
  16. TheMZ

    Thanks for the +Rep (:

    Thanks for the +Rep (:
  17. TheMZ

    Annual report MA

    The point is, when you have no money, you cut down on expenses. This was not the case with MA here. They engaged themselves in projects they started and have NOT finished, or ones that simply failed (New Oxford for instance). Money was an issue, so they added the L items, the TIER system...
  18. TheMZ

    Annual report MA

    The whole business-model of this game is messed up from the beginning. Money doesn't circulate the way it should, as people are withdrawing, quitting the game, or just don't spend as much as they used to. The economy is on a constant, steady drop for over a year now. People are less motivated to...
  19. TheMZ

    Annual report MA

    People are going to start selling out. Five years, give or take (take actually, if we take the current numbers into account).
  20. TheMZ

    Should NEVERDIE be banned?

    Neverdie is given the tools to develop his new planet graphically - he is given with a map-editor, where he can design the landscape, and a whole other bunch of tools where he gets to model items/creatures/buildings, etc. By no means does he get a glance at the internals of Entropia-Universe...
  21. TheMZ

    Looking for an owner of Fire Forge ARR 8000M

    Whatever. You forgot one measly thing.. he's the guy who actually RECEIVES THE ITEM rather than gives it away :silly2:, so if somebody is to come out scammed out of all of this, it's definitely not going to be him.
  22. TheMZ

    Rocktropia discussed on

    So, I guess anyone that does not support MA/FPC/ND is automatically labeled as a 'troll'? Mind your language.
  23. TheMZ

    How does Rocktropia earn income?

    The problem with these so-called 'planets' is that they have zero connection to the storyline of Planet-Calypso whilst retaining the internal systems, i.e. the user-interface, the physics, the mechanics, the items and the game-play. What is the purpose of RockTropia? What is new, and completely...
  24. TheMZ

    The loss of animal body parts when filth like this is ingame....

    For heck's sake, is there a single person here WITHOUT a Penis/Vagina/Both between their legs?... this whole kindergarten crap should stop at once. They removed the Boorum's reproductive organs because: A) There are too many Boorums, so they decided to castrate them. Or, the more plausible...
  25. TheMZ

    WTH ? entropia tracker ?

    It seems as if some people here feel like Trackers are here to cause nothing but damage. For a starter, anybody can use the already available Trackers offering anonymous, personal and accurate tracking (eg. EP-Tracker). People must understand that it's essentially Mindark that's giving away your...