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  1. dropkick

    Project insta

    hi To kill some time in covid-times..ive started a ”for fun” project on insta. feel free to follow me:) My plan is to share cool pics,hofs, rares, and cool ppl i run into ingame. @dropkick_entropia
  2. dropkick

    Buying: X-mas 2016 ring

    Looking for this ring. Let me know if u are planning in selling /drop
  3. dropkick

    Selling: EWE EP-38 Night Special, Augmented T3,8. BO Added - SOLD

    Hi, Taking offers on this really rare, great and efficiant weapon. Opening / current offer +25k BO 28K, auction runs to Friday 20,00 MA-time Auction on hold SOLD ranked #4 of all laser pistols both in efficiancy and dmg/pec. Only beat by3 mayhem and FEN guns. Efficiancy with standard...
  4. dropkick

    Selling: Selling Pills

    hey, ive got 3500 Tokens, to trade for pills etc. Anyone interested to buy them all? PM me ingame or here
  5. dropkick

    Buying: Buying Ares-Imp

    PM me. i offer +750ped
  6. dropkick

    Selling: EMT 2600 MOD

    Tier rate 136 Tier 0,99 Aking price: SOLD Or trade involving Mod2350/i105/a106+peds entropiawiki: Medical Tool: EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified
  7. dropkick

    Selling: Jarhead-5B-Mod2350-TMG3

    Hi selling: Jarhead UL M SOLD 7x5B + 320 TerraMaster GoldRush3 T9,99 +6K SOLD EMT 2350 Mod T1,99 +4700 SOLD
  8. dropkick

    Selling: Full set M - Perseus (L)

    hi. next armor up for grabs :) Armor is full TT entropiawiki: Armor: Perseus (L) Asking price: +150% // Drop
  9. dropkick

    Selling: Selling Full Angel SGA UL Male - SOLD

    Hi. As topic says. Full set. Smoth and fast deal might include custom made elder coat to match, (white and blue) 3 parts Tier 3,99 3 parts Tier 4,99 1 part Tier 2,99 SO +15,5K BO +17,5K entropiawiki: Armor: Angel, SGA Edition
  10. dropkick

    Selling: Selling EMT 2350 Mod - closed

    Hi, Selling Mod 2350 T1,99 Price: +5K
  11. dropkick

    Selling: Full Ghost M - SOLD

    As topic says. Not sure of MU but give me an offer and we can probably work out a deal asap.
  12. dropkick

    Armor- update

    Hi. Stupid Q maybe but is it only possible to upgrade for ex regular Angel to adj or is that possible on SGA aswell? /drop
  13. dropkick

    Buying: WTT Mod2350 for Mod2600

    Wanna trade my 2350 t1.99+ ped for mod2600. perfect OP and no risk being w/o fap in search for a new one. dropkick
  14. dropkick

    Buying: Full Angel M (UL) or Full Lion M UL - closed

    Hi interested in a set of regulator / adj angel M ul. Tier does not matter. // drop
  15. dropkick

    Selling: 35 K iron

    i had a nice find yesterday and Will be having a lot of iron for sale. Any amount u like. Ofc some discount at large or whole stack. ///dropkick
  16. dropkick

    Buying: WTB Finder F-106 or TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush + RE-106

    Hi as topic says. Let me know if u got one for sale. // Drop
  17. dropkick

    Buying: WTT Mod 2350 -> Mod 2600

    Hi as title says. Ive got an mod2350 and would like to trade it + peds for a mod 2600. pls pm if you are interested // drop
  18. dropkick

    Buying: EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Modified

    Closed. bought one. glhf :)
  19. dropkick

    pricecheck: Mod Merc

    been away for some much is MM now a Days?
  20. dropkick

    Entropia vs 64bit Vista

    Anyone had any bad experience from using 64bit windows Vista and EU?
  21. dropkick

    Selling: mkVme

    SB 70 BO 80 Item was sold in a trade @ 75K
  22. dropkick

    PC: male EON w/o AND with feet

    title says it all:)
  23. dropkick

    full angel male

    anyone got a clue? last sold etc etc
  24. dropkick

    Selling: mkVme

    im taking offers on my mkVme. SB 60K PEDs pls or trade if u got peds+ max 2 items current offer 62K Pending BO offer for be confirmed Today
  25. dropkick

    Buying: lvl III/IV tp-chip

    as topic says im in the market for tp chips lvl 3-4