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  1. RJ-Rob

    Please join my Chill discord server for chances to win Nitro And Peds in my giveaways!

    Hi all, As a way for me to give back to the community and to be a nice person. I have a cool discord server that I started about a month ago. I am trying to grow it, my server is aimed around EU, but it is for other games too and everyone is welcome. So if you would like to have a chance in...
  2. RJ-Rob

    Fire Dbug Fly and RJ Rob Collab - 2 Stage Event - Scavenger Hunt + Hide & Seek Game - Intro Thread!

    Hi all So this is just to let people know we are running a 2 stage event on Toulan. So please make sure you check out the proper intro thread on the VS forum...
  3. RJ-Rob

    RJ Rob James - Hide And seek game On toulan - Win 50peds! Monday 02nd May - 5PM UTC time!

    Hello all, This is the thread for my Hide and Seek Game! So basically the game consists of trying to find me while I hide somewhere on Toulan and there will be 4 clues I give, the first clue I will give at 5pm UTC time when the game starts then a new clue every 30 minutes interval. The game...
  4. RJ-Rob

    Buying: BLP Gun - Rifle OR Pistol!

    So I am looking to buy an UL BLP Rifle or Pistol....... I am level 46 in Sniper Hit and level 42 in ranged BLP dmg Ideally a rifle for better range, but I will also take a pistol, my ideal pistol would be the Emik Enigma L2 My second fall back option is the isis Project Zero Three...... Price...
  5. RJ-Rob

    Selling: RJ Rob James - Selling Thread! This thread will be ongoing!

    This will be my selling thread which I will use and update it when I will be selling stuff. CURRENTLY SELLING: Level 18 [Yau Kung Mun Pet] (Pet & Taming not yet unlocked because I have not tamed to progress the level) - (2% decrease crit chance unlocked) - Offers Welcome! Level 1 [Eudorcell...
  6. RJ-Rob

    Buying: Emik Enigma L2 - Upto Tier 3!

    I would like to buy an [Emik Enigma L2] Upto Tier 3. If you have one then please either reply to this thread/pm me or you can add me in game via the user register: RJ Rob James Thanks Rob
  7. RJ-Rob

    Help: What is wrong with this pet? Bugged?

    So yeah I have this pet, and for some reason it seems to be bugged? So as you can see, it shows level 18 but for the first Pet And Taming buff it shows Criteria in RED 20.3%?, The Decrease Critical Hit is already unlocked and activated too? So no idea why the pet and taming one is not? Can...
  8. RJ-Rob

    Buying: Calypso Apartment Or House Deed! - (ENDED! I got one!)

    I am looking to buy an apartment or house deed if the price is nice and fair etc. So if you have one for sale please reply to this thread or PM me on forum or you can try PM me in game: RJ Rob James. Thanks in advance :)
  9. RJ-Rob

    Price Check Caly Apartment Deed Prices?

    So I am interested in buying an apartment on Calypso. But I do know that obviously the price will vary greatly depending on the Location and Apartment or house sizes......... So I am wondering if anyone had any ideas the average prices for the sizes and locations etc and if you could give me...
  10. RJ-Rob

    Selling: TAKING BIDS!: Level 21 [Eudoracell Pet] - Run Speed Buffs - Mythic Pet - BID AUCTION THREAD! (SOLD)

    I am taking BIDS for my level 21 [Eudoracell Pet] It has 3 buffs. level 10 buff is 20% faster focus gain. level 21 buff is a 14% Run Speed. Level 32 buff is a 18% Run Speed. First buff unlocked at level 10 - Already unlocked. Second buff unlocked at level 21 - Already unlocked. Third Buff...
  11. RJ-Rob

    Selling: SOLD: Full Mah'ketta Armour Set - FULL TT + Offers?

    Selling a full Mah'ketta armour set - Good for bots with 6a plates on it. Not selling the plates as I need them. The MU I am listing is not what I want, it is just to show you all the current MU of each item! [Mah'ketta Helmet (M)] - TT = 26.00 ---- Yearly MU:> +81ped [Mah'ketta Harness (M)] -...
  12. RJ-Rob

    Question: Anyone know the date of the 2022 easter event yet?

    Just wondered if anyone knew the dates of the Easter event yet? Last year it started on 31st March and ended on 13th April? So I wonder if it will start on the same dates this year too? Reason I ask is because I am trying to plan ahead and save my peds I have etc so I have enough for the...
  13. RJ-Rob

    Question: Impact Only Creatures to hunt?

    Hi all, Can I ask what mobs are Impact only please? I am looking for at least level 15+ mobs. I been doing Atrox but I am now looking for other impact only mobs too to change it up a bit lol. I have recently switched to hunting, I was a long time miner and then crafter and then part time...
  14. RJ-Rob

    Question: Best BLP UL Eco gun that has Good Dura and does at least 20+ damage?

    Hi, So I just spent a fortune on some nice Mah'Ketta Set, I wont say how much I paid but it was a lot, I also bought some 5B Plating to go with it. So now I need an UL eco gun to use with it that does 20+ damage and has good durability and is BLP as well. Thanks in advance :)
  15. RJ-Rob

    Question: Is this normal mining now on FOMA?

    So I take very long breaks from playing EU because I have lost thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds in this game over the years. But I mean I again stumped into my temptation and did some big deposits again last week, and today I decided to do a trip to FOMA for old time sake, So I...
  16. RJ-Rob

    Sent this support case!!??

    I sent this support case, because i think it is time now that we make a stand to MA to sort this scam rip off gambling game out once and for all........... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- History for support case 292729: 2014-12-05 22:46 You...
  17. RJ-Rob

    Question: Why can i never tower in mining?????

    I haven't used my forum account for a few years, but i stopped playing this game for 2 years and started again 6 weeks ago, and yet again i did many many deposits the last 6 weeks and for what to still not get any nice hits when i cycle and cycle like crazy all the time???? I have deposited...
  18. RJ-Rob

    Who Thinks Loot Mechanics Is Fair???

    Hi, After seeing another tower by a new player earlier on, it has started to get me thinking more about if people think the loot mechanics and loot distribution in this game is fair for depositing players..... I know of course it has to cater for all players, but i feel they could treak it to...
  19. RJ-Rob

    11.10.3 update ????

    My client loader keeps trying to download release 11.10.3 i know it is 11.10.3 because my firewall keeps asking for permission and it is that file name on the file no release notes either, but everytime i relog or crash it trys to download it again i dunno why it is doing this :P strange...
  20. RJ-Rob

    Who Thinks Mining is Bugged

    Who thinks Mining is bugged since this new VU with the new mining equipment with the claim sizes i mean, and who thinks that MA have just confirmed to us that if this is a bug, that MA can change the LOOT when ever they like and how ever they like without telling us, THIS is a MAJOR big thing...
  21. RJ-Rob

    Rock Mining Ninja's

    Now Recruiting New Member's Soc Rules: ---------- lvl 15 in at least 1 profession is asked of all our new members No Begging Helping where we can Exploring, Mining, Crafting, Hunting, and of course Building hehehehehe -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  22. RJ-Rob

    Support IS A JOKE

    OMG, this is sooo crazy, this is doing my damn head in, i sent 2 support cases last week and they still have not replyed to them, so i have now made 2 more today too which still no reply, they havent even had many support cases neither, so why the hell havent they replyed, seriously, this is a...
  23. RJ-Rob

    Question: I Noticed Something

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i am confused, i noticed something while browsing the forum, and i am wondering why this is happening, i saw players names getting banned, and some like the latest i saw banned has been around on forum for years and had thousands of posts, im confused to why and what...
  24. RJ-Rob

    Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan

    I dont want ths thread to end up like my other thread so i dont want anyone to reply because i will not reply to it either..... i am soo sick to death of the way MA is treating us depositing players, all MA is out to do is take all our money very fast and they dont care about us anymore other...
  25. RJ-Rob

    CryEngine 3 or 4

    Hey Guys, I thought i would make a thread on whether you think EU will get cryengine 3 or miss it and maybe wait for cryengine 4, because soon the graphics for EU will be outdated and just wondered what you thought about it.... yes i know the cryengine 3 is for consoles but i did see a film...