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  1. whiteknut

    Selling: Uber Tier rates Full TT Isis Zero-Five (L)

    Sold to buyer below
  2. whiteknut

    FYI: Secrets of Crafting

    I have thought about making this thread for years but always found a reason or two why not to share it with public. But now after being back ingame for few days i see it is only way i can continue doing what i love. Limited blueprints are profit machines and clicking them can be one of the few...
  3. whiteknut

    PHantom M low tier

    Hi after a rather long break from this game i am back and planning to get lower midlevel armor. I have always loved phantom armor (first set i bought was bit over tt+11k) but the price has come down since then. I see there are few sets being sold on this forum and asking price is around...
  4. whiteknut

    Selling: Isis Project Zero-Three Unlimited UL Tier 8.3

    nvm, thread can be closed.
  5. whiteknut

    Selling: Necromancer (L) Foot, Arm, Gloves Blueprint (L) 100 clicks each

    NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE, moved ingame
  6. whiteknut

    Anyone knows jorqadian jordie unknown?

    Heya, havent seen this guy for over a month now, but found something he was looking for and would like to get in contact with him if possible. So if any of you knows him could you please tell him that Snable found him those blueprints he was looking for.
  7. whiteknut

    Selling: Liakon (M) T1-2

    Thread can be closed
  8. whiteknut

    Selling: 1110 ped TT ESI CHEAP fast sale

    as no offers received, this thread can be closed, looking for alternative methods of selling (probably auction)
  9. whiteknut

    Selling: 16250ped tt worth of Level 6 (L) finder amp (L)´s

    Sold sold sold sold
  10. whiteknut

    Selling: Uber TIER RATE VIVO UR150 (L)

    Hiya have two very nice tier rate ur150 (L) s available. First one: 1444 2500 1320 2250 1661 1114 1717 708 2132 407 Second one: 3020 3500 1364 739 3065 2517 592 2768 3245 1415 SB: 150% each BO:170% each Also have bunch of UR150 (L) full tt available with regular tiers, all 5 ped below...
  11. whiteknut

    Selling: T6.7 Adjusted AS-97; T8.3DOA LOUDMOUTH; T3.7ARSONISTIC III TEN

    all moved to ingame auction to test out how realistic is the markup really
  12. whiteknut

    Buying: 100QR Explosive projectiles blueprint IV and/or III

    Hiya, because i am receiving many pms about my previous rental service i am hoping to buy one of each of these bps. Please pm me with offer, btw i can only be online from 14.30 MA time to 22.00 MA time every day (so unless you can be online at these times please do not make offer). UPDATE: Only...
  13. whiteknut

    Selling: Bulk Full tt Achilles II amps

    Sold sold sold sold
  14. whiteknut

    Selling: Shadow Helmet (M)

    SOLOLOLOLSOLD thread can be closed
  15. whiteknut

    Selling: Liakon M Tier 3;2;1

    Close the thread, i am not gonna be online much, so cant set up meetings.
  16. whiteknut

    Help: Boar, Phantom or Liakon

    Wanting to do some hunting thinking about getting one of these armors. Each armor has its ups and downs. Which one would you get? Boar and Phantom are both cheap to get, but i am sure Liakon has something good also (despite the price).
  17. whiteknut

    Suggestion: Auction order = amount paid

    To avoid auction order abuse i would love to see, that seller gets the amount set in Order. Example: "Mr Infinity Natalja" sets order for 1700ped each CLD (total amount 50) "Joe Average Noob" wants to sell one of his CLDs for 1800 ped (regular markup) but fucks up and drags 50 CLDs to window...
  18. whiteknut

    Selling: Sand Stormer Gloves M Tier 2

    Sorry, thread can be closed. Moved to ingame.
  19. whiteknut

    Sand Stormer Gloves Tier 2

    Got myself pair today and wondering what price tag to put on it. Any kind of help is appreciated. Protection: Penetration 35 Impact 35 Burn 35 Cut 35 Stab 30 Total= 170 Tier 2 will give some nice extra protection also. How much would you think it is worth?
  20. whiteknut

    Renting out 100qr Explosive Projectiles blueprint IV

    Service OPEN AGAIN! Rent 100qr EXP bp IV for 100ped a day. Why rent this bp? Because higher success rate means better return. you only spend 5 clicks worth of peds on rental service and if you do longer run it surely pays off (turn few of these fails into success trumpets) Other terms: 1day =...
  21. whiteknut

    Do we have chronic whiner problem in here?

    This is more like rhetorical question. Which i was thinking while reading explosive projectiles blueprint thread, i went through the whiners (not all, but nice amount anyways) clear pattern drawed out. Biggest whiners are those who do not play themselves. I see ppl with no globals since 2013...
  22. whiteknut

    Selling: Vivo ur150 (L) and some adapted vivo t20 (L)

    Hiya have bunch of ur150s and adapted vivo20 available Selling -10% of markup if you buy more than 2. (markups are 131% and 120%, so you can get 121% and 110%) ALL SOLD, ty for all the buyers, will pm those of you who said they will be interested in future also if i happen to craft some more.
  23. whiteknut

    Selling: Nemesis F set

    Sold for bo
  24. whiteknut

    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace Mk.I Tier 4.9

    THREAD CAN BE CLOSED; ITEM MOVED TO INGAME Has some very nice dps and eco. Castorian Combat Mace Mk. I(with 4dmg enhas) + Melee Trauma amplifier VI - 59.26dmg/sec; 2,944dmg/pec Castorian Combat Mace Mk. I (with 4 dmg enhas+ Melee Trauma Amplifier VII - 61,2dmg/sec; 2,949dmg/pec
  25. whiteknut

    Selling: 100% Tiarak (BLACK) Jarhead (M;C)

    Selling this beautiful armor, if someone wants to see how it looks, i am standing wearing it on twin peaks auction house SouthEAst door. All parts perfectly textured all three fields 100% tiarak Here is how one other set with same textures looked like...