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  1. Teiwaz Storm

    Time to face the demons…

    Out of professional curiosity: what's the ratio between managers and developers in MindArk?
  2. Teiwaz Storm

    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    Every time MA take servers offline for maintenance, they remove some hardware to reduce running costs... Guess it's time to visit Europe during next event ;) Last time I heard servers were somewhere in Netherlands, not sure if still the case.
  3. Teiwaz Storm

    Do you feel your overall loot returns have improved significantly?

    As most of other players who I spoke with (who I know tracked hunts before and after loot 2.0) I am doing much much worse than before... This is either bug or MA is trying to kill the game. For sure they kill fun and motivation. I do not believe anybody was 50-60% before, unless they shoot in...
  4. Teiwaz Storm

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2017.3.2

    Didn't knew you can do it on Rextelum... In past killing number of big spiders was a way to spawn Eomon (think stalker).
  5. Teiwaz Storm

    Selling: Summer 2016 ring

    b u m p
  6. Teiwaz Storm

    What are your thoughts about owning an UL -non-sib, un-maxed after the new VU

    It was not an illusion before loot 2.0...
  7. Teiwaz Storm

    What are your thoughts about owning an UL -non-sib, un-maxed after the new VU

    Hmmm seems I am doing everything wrong, all this years of eco maxed hunting......
  8. Teiwaz Storm

    Server Downtime for Patch

    My hope is at 80% only.
  9. Teiwaz Storm

    Developer-Notes #12 - Loot-2.0 Follow-Up

    I knew you were full of dung.... now you proved this by asking for PED....
  10. Teiwaz Storm

    Developer-Notes #12 - Loot-2.0 Follow-Up

    Just stop assuming anything (or at least littering forum with your replies to almost any thread...). Instead go and do some serious amount of hunting like some of us here did already in 'loot 2.0'. Sweating and killing puny mobs does not make you EU expert so don't give advises and say how...
  11. Teiwaz Storm

    Log all loot or allow one person teams

    +1 I never understood why solo hunters are 'punished' by not being able to record all loot in log file....
  12. Teiwaz Storm

    Do you feel your overall loot returns have improved significantly?

    I guess that by 98% MA meant inactives who do not play anymore... rest of us suckers is remaining 2%...
  13. Teiwaz Storm

    Selling: Summer 2016 ring

    b u m p
  14. Teiwaz Storm

    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    It is really shame that MA fucked this VU at the same time drawing loads of players who were in hiatus and came back hyped about positive changes, just to deepen their mistrust for MA and go away again... I know few on my fl that came back to play after months of break, then after two days of...
  15. Teiwaz Storm

    Loot 2.0 : Recap

    FFS just go and play those other games and stop posting your bs.... please.
  16. Teiwaz Storm

    Selling: Summer 2016 ring

    added BO...
  17. Teiwaz Storm

    Selling: Summer 2016 ring

    Hi, I am taking offers on Summer 2016 ring. Interested only in PED at this moment. Tho I might consider other really good items. Current offer: 40k SB/BO: 42k 8% Faster Reload 40% Increased Regeneration 2% Increased Critical Hit chance 20% Faster Run speed 25% Skill Bonus - Laser Weapons...
  18. Teiwaz Storm

    Info: bug with Economy display in Item Info

    There is an odd bug with displaying correct Economy in Item Info window, resulting in displaying base Economy on item that have Economy changed by attachments. You can recreate that bug in following way: - open Item Info window of some default item (from clicking link to weapon) - open info...
  19. Teiwaz Storm

    Info: Merry Mayhem Candy Canes

    Same issue with: - Halloween Candy Box - Energy Booster (from Core) - Tethys Creek Mulled Wine.....
  20. Teiwaz Storm

    The Shared Loot Dilemma

    Not sure if this was/is (or will be since tomorrow!) that simple as just pure probability based on damage dealt... Two years ago I practically lived on Old Fred spawn for several days, 98% of a time being top damage there (was getting mission points on kills). During that time several people...
  21. Teiwaz Storm

    Server downtime for release

    I bet they at least read PCF unlike some ppl here (who create threads asking ridiculous questions instead search forum or even outside and getting loads of detailed answers).
  22. Teiwaz Storm

    Achievement: Kill Strike

    Nice one, gratz! I'm slowly getting there...
  23. Teiwaz Storm

    Selling: Summer Ring 2016

    that was fast....
  24. Teiwaz Storm

    good bye guys ..

    No wonder you got lock, and more than likely it is temporary until you chill and start communicating in polite manner. Show me any other business that lets customer abuse their staff, no matter if customer have reason to be angry.