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    Selling: Omegaton Shop, Phantom M, Embra C1 Adjusted

    Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #4 Easily accessible location on the first tower/block outside TP (less than 30 seconds of running) IP: 50 indoor + 10 display area Price: PM your offers Phantom M T0 - Set without foot guard Tier rates: Harness 175 / Shin 165 / Face 144 / Gloves 132 / Arm...
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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

    Looking to buy a low tier [CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1] or equivalent rifle. May also consider a low tier [CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 2, TEN Edition] if the price if right. PM me on the forum or in-game.
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    PkmX's Shop - Omegaton City Delta Block A #4

    PkmX's Shop /wp [Calypso, 25640, 37551, 120, Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #4] I'm regularly restocking hunting loot & mining resources below auction price. Have a visit before you buy from auction! Updated: 2021-04-18 08:00 MA Ore Alferix 121.20% EnMatter Angelic Flakes 120.13%...
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    Help: /pos is broken

    My "/pos" function has been broken for a few months. It only gives the coordinate in empty brackets like: I also see the same thing when I press the "P" hotkey, or when I select the "position" button in the right click menu / action library, or when others send their own positions to me. The...
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    Buying: Adjusted Chikara Refiner

    I'm looking to purchase the Adjusted Chikara Refiner. PM me with your prices. :)
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    Shelving Mining

    Just had a discussion about summon claims in-game earlier which led to me digging up this historical screenshot from 8 years ago which I thought I should share here :) What do you do about a claim on a steep cliff when you have no summon claim and vehicles? Stack wally shelving and use them...
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    Question: Is there an updated high resolution map of Calypso available?

    Did anyone make a high resolution map of Calypso since MA re-rendered the in-game map? The one on entropedia and other ones I can find on the Internet right now are all the older versions, and there has been some significant changes in some areas since then. Mods: I derped and can you change...
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    Question: Skill Increase Bonus from Scopes/Sights

    Has anyone done any experiments regarding the "skill bonus" of scopes and sights? IIUC they are supposed to increase the skills gained from hunting, but how much do they actually increase and is it worth the extra decay? AFAIK the tests I could found were either rather old or inconclusive. If...
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    Buying: Improved Ares Ring & Earth Shock Trooper (M)

    As title, looking for these toys. Payment will be made in PEDs and CLDs at weekly MU. PM me with your prices! :yay:
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    Selling: PkmX's Selling Thread

    Armor Chronicle Thigh Guards (F,L) T0.0 Tier rates: 184 - 1096 - 183 - 199 - 714 - 358 - 375 - 653 - 428 - 543 236.78 PED @ 116% Thunderbird Harness (M) T0.0 Tier rates: 55 - 106 - 82 - 113 - 64 - 98 - 102 - 75 - 95 - 143 TT+250 Thunderbird Helmet (M) T0.0 Tier rates: 158 - 132 - 156 - 80 - 69...
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    Selling: Nemesis (F) T0.0

    Tier rates: Nemesis Helmet (F) - 97 - 85 - 94 - 52 - 104 - 113 - 69 - 92- 47 - 58 Nemesis Harness (F) - 142 - 106 - 179 - 158 - 111 - 118 - 112 - 88 - 155 - 95 Nemesis Arm Guards (F) - 124 - 79 - 81 - 114 - 69 - 58 - 93 - 64 - 51 - 64 Nemesis Thigh Guards (F) - 83 - 114 - 98 - 83 - 144 - 138 -...
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    Entropia on Linux

    UPDATE 2021 March EU now works pretty much out-of-box with Wine 6.x. It's advised to install and use dxvk for better performance if your GPU is supported. You may encounter clipboard issue with 64-bit client which can be fixed as described here. The original post below is kept for historical...
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    Buying: Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator

    I'm in the market for one, please PM me in-game or on forum with your prices. Payments will be made in PED or CLD. Thanks. :yay: EDITED: Lower tier preferred.
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    Selling: PkmX's Selling Thread

    Here is a list of stuffs I am looking to sell, and I will update when more stuffs are for sale. Generally, I accept PED, CLD (at 1K PED each) and any mixture of those as payment. See bottom for a list of interested I may be willing to trade for. Please reply here, PM me on forum or add me...
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    Selling: Improved Genesis Star Excavator

    I am currently looking to sell the Improved Genesis Star Excavator, which is simply the best excavator in terms of eco and speed for all hardcore miners all around. The tier level is currently 0.0. The last few ones on auction were sold for around TT+8.5K PED; therefore I am looking for offers...
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    Project Mining

    Project MINING Background Hello everyone, I got back to EU some days ago and I am amazed at the sheer amount of mining logs, diaries, project here. Some of you here may still remember me from Project Neconu and Project Mining, Improved Isis LR32 or some other things. Instead of trying to necro...
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    Share location, yes or no?

    As I haven't seen a discussion on this one, so I guess I would start one ... (please point me out if there is any, thanks) There are always threads asking where to find a certain mineral, and this question come to my mind every time I read these, I see some people are willing to give info, and...
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    The EU Formula

    The rule is simple, you have to add one thing to the formula from your previous post. For example: First one post: Loot = Money Second one post: Loot = Money*Luck Third one: Loot = (Money*Luck)^Playing_Time 4th: Loot = ((Money*Luck)^Playing_Time)/Skills ... After 100 posts we will see what...
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    Help: Depth Info Needed

    Hi guys, I'm gathering depth data that a certain finder gets for my research on finder's depth distribution, but so far I have only gathered about 1K claims on my TK220, because I didn't mark which finder I used for each claim so the rest 10K hits are completely useless, since I can't tell...
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    The dynamic map ...

    Well I have noticed this long time ago and I don't know if it has been posted before ... Notice that there is a purple dot NW of TI on the first image (when I'm close) and it doesn't appear on the second image (when I'm somewhere else) This phenomenon happens on the thorifoid temple as...
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    Info: When is your last rare energy matter/ore claim?

    Would like to do an observation about your last rare energy matter/ore claim, you don't have to tell you where you found it, just the time. This may help us that what are being dropped a lot lately and what are hard to find now. Those ones are what I'm (and I'm sure, most people are...
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    Uber: Über Kreltin (ESI)

    Click to enlarge We've been hunting there for a few days with very bad loots, sass suggested we should switch to dome 3 and we got this ... :yay:
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    If you were given a map ...

    If you were given a map of eudoria/amethera with nothing except terrain on it and you are asked to complete it. In short, how much do you know about the whole world ... ;)
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    Research on weapon economic

    (Please do NOT read if you have trouble with math and numbers) :D H = Mob HP (HP) E = Weapon average dmg/pec (HP/PEC) C = Decay/sec (when the mob is hitting you) (PEC/SEC) D = Weapon average dmg/sec (HP/SEC) R = Weapon range (M) V = Mob speed (M/SEC) cK = Cost to kill (PEC) :D The decay/sec...
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    100K Skills

    Attributes+HP - 300 General - 20786 Combat - 35200 <- It's round :silly2: Defense - 5969 Medical - 8950 Science - 2926 Information - 196 Construction - 12247 Mining - 12495 Tailoring - 5 Beauty - 4 Mindforce - 1017 Total: 100,095 :yay: Now progress to 200K ... :(