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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

    Bump! Still looking.
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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

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    Selling: Omegaton Shop, Phantom M, Embra C1 Adjusted

    Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #4 Easily accessible location on the first tower/block outside TP (less than 30 seconds of running) IP: 50 indoor + 10 display area Price: PM your offers Phantom M T0 - Set without foot guard Tier rates: Harness 175 / Shin 165 / Face 144 / Gloves 132 / Arm...
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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

    Looking to buy a low tier [CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1] or equivalent rifle. May also consider a low tier [CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 2, TEN Edition] if the price if right. PM me on the forum or in-game.
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    Entropia on Linux

    Would be more useful if you can provide relevant logs. The client loader has been pretty unstable (random freezes) for me recently as well. Fortunately I only need to use it to perform VU updates otherwise I just launch the Entropia.exe directly.
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    Selling: Closed - Ecotron v.42e Prototype Tier 8.10 - Rare Rifle

    Can you redo the fruit test? It has 57.2% base efficiency which is the same as other Ecotrons but significantly higher dpp (2.985 vs 2.882), which shouldn't happen for a pre-loot-2.0 weapon. Based on the 2.882 dpp of Ecotron v.15e, the v.42e should have a 70/36*8.68-15.7=1.178 PEC decay. This...
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    Is it time for Mining 2.0 ?

    The main issue these days is the waves, which leads to all of these people afking for 55 minutes and only dropping for 5 min when there is no lyst/oil/filler. Instead of an area being pure A 10% of the time and pure lyst/oil 90% of the time, just make it an uniform chance of 10% A and 90% B all...
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    PkmX's Shop - Omegaton City Delta Block A #4

    Bump! Restocked bulk Alferix and also some Omegaton Igni pistols below AH price!
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    pSyCHe's Mining Log

    Something is not right with run #56. :laugh: GZ to coming back to 90% TT return; I hope the markup you are getting can help you break even or even turn a small profit.
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    Finder decay is returned in claims

    It makes sense. I also think it is logical that the finder decay should be mostly returned, otherwise someone mining unamped enmatter with higher-end TerraMaster would be at a 8-10% TT disadvantage (4-5 PEC finder decay) over an ore miner using F-10x with big amps.
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    Finder decay is returned in claims

    Did you ever continue the ore test to see if there is statistically significant difference in size of claims?
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    Do you influence your finding or system has it fixed for you ?

    If you go to any of the popular mining spots these days it is mostly a bunch of green dots sitting there waiting until the next wave starts, then they slap on the big amps and start bombing like crazy for 10 minutes until the wave is off, extract claims and go watch Netflix again, rinse and...
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    Arkadia economy?

    I wonder what the exit strategy will be. The planet partner idea is mostly a flop at this point. The top 2 planets (Arkadia and Rocktropia) have devs MIA for more than a year. The other planets are releasing contents at really slow pace and plagued with balancing/communication problems. I think...
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    Should EU players be allowed to compete on Mayhem with multiple avatars?

    Or just make everyone use standardized gear and skills in Mayhem instances so winning would not be based on getting access to selected weapons, and 90% of the player base would actually have a reason to compete. This also gets rid of problem people unable to chip out for their mayhem category...
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    Reduce or Eliminate Order Fees

    Or just make it work like Entropia Exchange at least for stackable items. Free to list and change price and MA takes 0.25% transaction fee of the item sold.
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    FYI: Turret vs Weapon Efficiency Testing

    83% to 89% returned from 0% to 100% efficiency is only 6% difference. It's interesting they have different returns than turrets because I always assumed those things you can shoot in instances have same returns as turrets. Mind sharing the weapons you used and the exact amount shrapnels...
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    FYI: Turret vs Weapon Efficiency Testing

    True. There are a lot of assumptions in that theory and it is entirely possible MA uses a different algorithm when actually looting mobs. BTW I tested with Chon S1X1 on 5% taxed land and didn't see reduced shrapnel, so the turreted return is also not taking tax into account.
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    FYI: Turret vs Weapon Efficiency Testing

    So some fun with the numbers: The test suggests a linear 5.266% difference between 0% and 100% efficiency for turreted return, at a theoretical 75.236% returned at 100% efficiency. To scale 5.266% into 7% return difference as stated by MA, you need to multiply by 1.329x, and if you multiply...
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    FYI: Turret vs Weapon Efficiency Testing

    Ammo or shrapnel are 0.01 PEC each whereas sweat/fruit/fragments are 0.001 PEC, so using ammo to test decay will be less accurate unless you take 10 shots.
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    FYI: Turret vs Weapon Efficiency Testing

    So wiki is right, it is exactly 5.216 PEC decay per shot or 20.856 PEC including ammo. Interpolation from Zho's data it should return 71.49% or 14.91 PEC per shot, which is very close to your result.
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    FYI: Turret vs Weapon Efficiency Testing

    You only need at most 1k sweat, and you can use fruits or fragments which are also 0.001 PEC each. See the wiki for how to properly do a fruit test: Was your PLP-20 at max TT before the test?