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  1. Pelleman

    Selling: Excavator: Genesis Star Excavator Improved

    Selling this badboy... Freshly looted from Eomon, 4th ingame according to EL. Very seldom sold but roughly TT+19999 peds. Can be interested in armors (M), modified shadow or angel improved parts, or any other item plus peds. TIR 153/200 PM Offers here on ingame...
  2. Pelleman

    Info: Nice little weapon (not fore sale)

    Cannot complain about that lootwindow
  3. Pelleman

    Help: Major Severe bug in Mayhem Defence

    Wow this is so bad and frustrating I cant beleive why MINDARK doesnt fix this major bug which has been around for years (?). In Mayhem Defence 10 I got alot better times several times and was happy every time, but this window showed up every time. So there is no way to improve the time because...
  4. Pelleman


    Post deleted
  5. Pelleman

    To mindark about cheaters

    To Mindark: You guys must really start overwatch your product that we are investing dollars and dollars into. Start watch the realtime-data produced by your product. (Specially during mayhem events.) Why dont hire a guy that do this 100% of the time? If some guys are cheating you will see...
  6. Pelleman

    Info: Streamtool: NowPlaying

    Hi there, I stream alot and plays youtube alot while doing streams. So I coded a little tool that extracts songinfo from youtube and does some magic with the output-file so it later can be used in example OBS studio. The stuff are here; Direct links; Exe -...
  7. Pelleman

    Buying: Jaguar Gloves, Adjusted (M) (UL)

    Any tiers, contact me here or ingame.
  8. Pelleman

    Uber: Corrosive Attack Nanochip 1 UL

    Corrosive Attack Nanochip 1 UL dropped from Frescoquda Stalker According to Entropialife this chip never dropped from an Fresco. Nice one :) :laugh:
  9. Pelleman

    Selling: Easter Ring 2019

    WTS / WTT Easter Ring 2019 Interested in Ares Perf + peds, Adj resto + peds, or tiered mod 2600 + peds Or pure peds
  10. Pelleman

    Achievement: All Falxangius missions done...

    Yesterday I finished the last stage of the Falxangius mission, the looong 50K killpoints stage. I chose the dodge+int token reward. Didnt think the level of Dodge will increase that much, but I got from lvl 57.5 to 58.6. On one image you can see me hoovering the dodge points increase on the...
  11. Pelleman


    Hello, Since vu16 the hoflist at entropialife site hasnt work, it works for hunting but not crafting and mining. Dont know who develops the code but its rather simple to fix this issues. I´ve done it myself with my own coded client. Howtofix: The logfile for entropia has changed the "keywords"...
  12. Pelleman

    Deux question 2: Streamer get percentage of recruited players

    There are rumors going around about some players get percentage of the loot from players they have "recruited". Some streaming players put a "special" url up on their stream for new users to join, and when people click on that link they come to entropiauniverse account creation, but in some way...
  13. Pelleman

    Deux question 1:

    Deux question 1: Dead landareas No names given but some landareas in the universe are not taken care of by the LA owner. I think there should be some obligations when a person owns a LA that it is taken care of. I like doing the daily hunting missions on Calypso, and quite often I get mobs...
  14. Pelleman

    HoF: Cyclops Depths - Nice hof

    Started with big Marcimexes and on the way over to the cave where the big Mind Reavers are suddelny I hit something nice :) -- Watch live at Take Care!
  15. Pelleman

    HoF: Hof while ending stage IV on the Osseocollum mission.

    Hof while ending stage IV on the Osseocollum mission. ;)
  16. Pelleman

    Selling: Ares Ring and BLP Gun

    Selling: Ares Ring Modified Omegaton ASG-3 Warthog Adjusted - Tier 5.7 PM me offers, or mail me Also willing to trade Ares Ring Modified and Ares...
  17. Pelleman

    Uber: Huon stage 4 grinding @ Planet Arkadia.

    Hours of grinding the Huons on the planet Arkadia pays off ... goooood. Its an "autouse-tool and press next target" mission with some nice rewards in the end! Stats per round: 1000ped ammo used, 200 huons/hour, 5 ped each And Im not having an monolog, am talking to socmates :)...
  18. Pelleman

    Uber: A nice swirl after a long run in Dome 4 (Crystal Palace).

    A nice swirl after a long run in Dome 4 (Crystal Palace). And again, I took off my headset and turned mic off because I was talking to my wife. This looks a pattern lol Have a great day everybody! :D
  19. Pelleman

    Uber: Falxangius Prowler

    Great hof on Falxangius the other day. And not just shrapnel in the loot, limited items :)
  20. Pelleman

    Selling: Omegaton ASG-3 Warthog Adjusted

    Selling this badboy just because I dont need it atm. Its ranked #255 just 5 places after M83 predator, ranked in DPP. And u can use BIIG amps with it, used it alot in Mayhem this year. Tier is 5.7 and the tierrates are great. :yay:
  21. Pelleman

    Selling: Ultra rare Pet (Yau Kung Mun)

    Ive got an extra Yau Kung Mun pet (freshly looted from xmas strongbox). And Ive already got a lvl 21 same pet, and I dont need two. Specs of this pet: Pet: Metabolic rate: Training: Rarity: Yau Kung Mun 18.30 Hard Epic Buffs...
  22. Pelleman

    site down again?

    Whats happening to the wiki host?
  23. Pelleman

    Selling: Yau Kung Mun (Lvl 18) - +2% Trauma Mitigation unlocked

    Yau Kung Mun (Lvl 18) - +2% Trauma Mitigation unlocked Very rare pet! 10k ped or offer
  24. Pelleman

    Speadsheet of all weapons

    Hello, I did a little personal spreadsheat, copied all data from entropiawiki regarding weapons and put it on my googledrive so it was easy to get information (with two locked lines on the top so you always know what the columns are). Its updated 2017-11-15. Feel free to use it, copy it, sort...
  25. Pelleman

    Buying: Adjusted Jaguar

    Need (M) gloves and (M) shinguards. //Deux Pelleman Ex