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  1. sirlobo


    Cant log on EU and EU site too. Kicked off while drilling a nice belkar and most of all, chatting with a friend:mad:
  2. sirlobo

    scared of real people?

    An intresting (at least for me) question. You would like to meet Entropians In Real Life ?
  3. sirlobo

    argos scout

    uuuuuh, the first time i post an hof :yay: Not great but fine for me :eek:
  4. sirlobo

    sig file trouble

    Hi folks, made a nice sgnature file for my pm, but unfortunately it result very very little and almost unreadable. The size is 500 x 120 pixel. Where i go wrong?:scratch2:
  5. sirlobo

    Salamander (M)

    Interested in a Salamander armor at decent price :D Post me if interested.
  6. sirlobo

    Squadra Italia

    Hi all, a useful thread for the Italians. Im Sirlobo Karlo Chaparral, usually on line from 19 to 00 almost every day Equipement : :ahh: Ghost + 2a Vigi + 6a bravo ewe ep 21 def marber bravo justy mk III A pub bowler hat
  7. sirlobo

    What focus is useful for

    Can anyone tell me what is focus useful for ? Had some chip from a gentle drone and dunno what to do with them. Thx EU ppl