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    First globall woooo

    After an evening hunt with my socleader, decided to return to the spot in the morning, and after a bit of killing, this nice Combibo pops up: Click to enlarge Nothing special, s30L, but lots of moneys. :)
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    Hey all. I'm Amoeba, from the UK, 19, at university, joined the game to distract me from my studies as well as have a bit of fun for when I'm bored. I've so far been able to do nothing ingame, and am thoroughly confused with the game..! I've met two people ingame so far, and they're nice, so...
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    Help: Mentor please?

    Am new to this, have done a bit of reading about the game, and it seems that a mentor would be beneficial for me to have. So, what I'm asking, is, is there a person out there with a fair bit of knowledge and time who can help me out? I'm a willing player and may deposit should I like the game...