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  1. Max Hec

    Whatever happened to Cempball-Welch 1/P-3 Ancient Plasma Pistol?

    Whatever happened to Cempball-Welch 1/P-3 Ancient Plasma Pistol? Some backstory for anyone who's curious but doesn't know: There is only 1 known to be in game. T Rex sold it to Sound at auction Dec 2005 for 380 ped. In 2006 she wrote she didn't use it enough to check decay (which back then was...
  2. Max Hec

    LBML website having security issues???

    Just a heads up that LBML website gives security errors today. Similar message is shown to me in different browsers like: Vivaldi = "The site ahead contains harmful programs" FireFox ="The site ahead may contain harmful programs" Not surprisingly Opera browser gave no warning message, but it...
  3. Max Hec

    Is virtual world gone & only Hunting the new direction for EU?

    Is MindArk removing their virtual world slowly and replacing with more hunting solo-instance and mission-based as the new design and direction for Entropia Universe?
  4. Max Hec

    Cyrene forums appear to be down??

    Cyrene forums appear to be down?? :scratch2: When I go there I keep getting the message: "An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later." Edit, maybe someone can PM Cyrene people to let them know???
  5. Max Hec

    Selling: (Male) Armor parts, some parts have high tier-rates

    - Valiant Glove, TT=5.90Ped +good tier rates +2.60 - Pixie Arm, TT=2.10Ped +good tier rates +2.90 - Pixie Thigh, TT=1.68Ped +good tier rates +2.82 - Pixie Foot, TT=1.90Ped +good tier rates +7.50 - Hunter Mentor Edition Thigh, TT=22.23Ped +3.02 - Hunter Mentor Edition Harness, TT=33.37Ped...
  6. Max Hec

    Selling: Insanely crazy high Tier Rates!!! Dominax Original Garter Adjusted (L) w/Full TT

    Has crazy high tier rates, more suitable as a wall hanging oddity. Has Full TT i'll take BO within 7 days That's on condition BO is at least TT+150%.
  7. Max Hec

    Selling: UL Armor Plates selling in full sets of 7 pieces with Full TT value

    Each below is a set of 7 pieces with full TT value, +slightly below MU. (Click plate names for Entropedia page) Armor Plating Mark.6B - TT +122.50 Peds/Set (=TT+17.50/plate) Armor Plating Mark.6A - TT +161.00 Peds/Set (=TT+23.00/plate) Armor Plating Mark.2A - TT +18.55 Peds/Set...
  8. Max Hec

    Selling: (Male) UL Armor full sets, and UL Plate full sets

    (Male) UL Armor Sets with Full TT value I used these sets to find out all damage types fast and easily. They are sufficient and inexpensive to do testing with (needed for newer planets, no wiki info). Some sets are just in storage atm and will clear them out too. Attach screenshots in my reply...
  9. Max Hec

    Thoughts on how Vehicles affect EU's economy?

    After reading the many recent posts on the games economy it got me wondering. Maybe it was vehicles that killed sweat prices. Perhaps vehicles killed MU on teleport chips and gradually less MF use in general. Possibly this even lead to less long term cycling of peds within EU by all players...
  10. Max Hec

    Buying: Valiant Foot Guards (M) or BP

    Looking to buy 1 Valiant Foot Guards (M) Offering TT+15 ped ingame name: Max Hec Walker Apparently there was 3 foot guards at auction last year. PS. MU info can be found at Bank teller or Auction orders>available tab page 572 Also interested in BP. LOL okay seems unlikely so interested...
  11. Max Hec

    Valiant Foot Guards Blueprint when's the last time they dropped?

    Curious when the last time Valiant Foot Guards Blueprint (L) was actually found, or even privately sold, in game? I looked at forum topics, old PE auction, etc. And here's a screenie in-game auction history. Also if anyone still has this BP please let us know or PM for me to add anonymous...
  12. Max Hec

    NEWS FLASH: Merry Mayhem Snarg attack TP at Port Atlantis!!!

    Reports of a Merry Mayhem Snarg attack TP at Port Atlantis! It caused carnage and mayhem! That TP is essential and many brave players rushed to wrestle back control from the Merry Snarg. Eventually the players were able to defeat the rogue snarg.
  13. Max Hec

    EU space "No Loot" flag

    Add a "No Loot" button to action library. The "No Loot" button only works for EU Space and is disabled otherwise. What it does: A ship with the NoLootFlag set to ON would make the ship untargetable/unshootable. Changes the ships title to "No Loot" and change its color. Changes targeting...
  14. Max Hec

    omg YET another test...

    omg YET another test... >:(
  15. Max Hec

    yup another test...

    yup another test... :/