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  1. chielsen

    Info: WARNING, Skill extraction changed

    If you have lost the use of an unlockable skill, you can't chip it out anymore. IMO it's plain stupid, as it always worked before and they changed it without notice. Now i'm screwed because i sold my anatomy already and can't chip out my RDA anymore. Nice feature!
  2. chielsen

    Selling: Selling HG, LWT, MMS skills

    Hi, I'm selling these skills: HG 18.46 ped tt MMS 21.69 ped tt LWT around 79 ped tt Selling for 150% under market value. Contact me please!
  3. chielsen

    Auto follow the road

    Since it's now much harder to run great distances with all the obstacles, taking the road is sometimes the only way to get out of a location. Wouldn't it be great to have your avatar auto follow the road? While im writing this i have had to change direction about 20 times already.
  4. chielsen

    Corpses disappear

    Today when hunting molisk i had often (seems if you don't loot it within 10 s) that the corpse disappeared (fell under the ground). It was still on radar but unlootable. Sent a support case for this.
  5. chielsen

    Question: Where are the molisks

    Anybody know a decent spawn of molisk now? I can't seem to find them on there normal location (north of limnedian)
  6. chielsen

    Math problem

    So I know there are alot of math geeks out here so i'll give it a shot. I was wondering the following. What is the chance there is no transaction on a working day in a month. All transaction on saturdays and sundays gets passed to the next monday. T = number of transactions (40) D = days in a...
  7. chielsen

    Who's taking the Dasp ATH

    So the new nr 1 ATH is gonna come from some big ass dasp this WOF finale. Who's gonna take it? My bet is USA (with jenna the dasp terminator).
  8. chielsen

    Effects of the Golden Age

    So, VU 10 is coming and will initate a second golden age. This period is a reward for all active users for making this relaunch (new planets, new engine etc) possible. The first golden age was the pre-gold period. Only very few players were active back then, there was not much knowlegde about...
  9. chielsen

    Selling: Selling anatomy chips

    I have 77.1 PED worth of anatomy for sale (in chips sizing from 4 to 15 ped). They can be yours for 1050%.
  10. chielsen

    Wanna smash your keyboard cause of the bad loots?

    Listen to Bob Ross, he's very relaxing:
  11. chielsen

    Question: Looking for leader of Exile

    I would like to come into contact with the leader of Exile. If anybody can bring me into contact with him/her please pm me.
  12. chielsen


    Hello all. I'm selling skills and I was amazed at how cheap lwt/mms/anatomy gets sold. With current esi price i think some/many people are even losing by chipping out. Here a calculation. You buy a 20 ped esi for 880% (176 ped), put skills in it, you will end up with an 18 ped chip. You have...
  13. chielsen

    FYI: Withdrawal fee not correct

    Hello ppl. I recently made a withdrawal and i got charged 1.5% while the site says 1%. So I asked MA and this is what i got. Fast response and they are gonna fix it. So everybody who made a withdawal ask your fee back i'd say.
  14. chielsen

    Selling: Anatomy, LWT, MMS, RDA

    Get some nice damageskills so you can unlock wounding/killstrike / ... I have have 77.10 ped anatomy which i will sell for 1180%. The rest is sold
  15. chielsen

    MA to hire 1 sane person

    I think MA should just hire 1 sane person who knows the game and knows about technical stuff and let him be an advisor on all matters. This would save us alot of BS communication and not comprehensible decisions. I'm hereby offering myself to be that person if nobody can be found.
  16. chielsen

    Uber: Who needs skills anyway

    So i'm selling all my skills. I log in this afternoon, and whole soc begins shouting they are 10seconds away from a beacon. So I tp there. Ammo, armor, skill and gunless. I borrow some gear of nebu and off we go. After a fun beacon we decide to do some spiders. Since i still have no gear i...
  17. chielsen

    Isis BL1800

    It's a ticket to a LA. I'm wondering if marmac will use it or it will dust in storage.
  18. chielsen

    Selling: Ghost (M) w/o Feet, 7x6b plates TT Startbid

    Selling Ghost (M) without feet, sb = tt; BO = +45 Selling 7x 6b plates sb = tt; BO = +50 (~ +7 per plate) Auction ends after 3 days no bids.
  19. chielsen

    Selling: Full Ghost (M) + 45 ped (no footsies)

    Title says all. No footsies tho.
  20. chielsen

    Selling: 89.28 ped Medical Compress 900%

    Title says all, will split up in smaller stacks.
  21. chielsen


    It might just be me, but I'm starting to see more and more people to do "firstposts". Just posting to be the first without anything to say. This often happens on blogs and I think it's plain stupid and annoying. So can we all try not to do this? On some sites they mod these posts away, might be...
  22. chielsen

    Selling: Full gremlin (M), Polaris parts(M), 6b/6a/5a plates 8a(L) plate

    Full shogun (M), Polaris parts(M), 6b/6a/5a plates 8a(L) plate, Serum(m) parts Polaris parts(M) foot 138.71 tt Offer 7x6b/ 7x6a/ 6x5a plates Offer 8a(L) plate 21.45 TT Offer Zombie foot (M) 33.42 TT Offer Full shogun (M) TT+10
  23. chielsen

    Selling: Selling skills

    Not chipped, tell me how much of what for which price. Remember peauction price are much lower than ingame prices.
  24. chielsen

    New dna? Furor eye

    John Silver Long looted a furor eye of the new eviscerator. I haven't seen anybody posting about it yet. He thinks it is DNA (i guess he tried putting it into a refiner). Would be cool if we had another new mob, but maybe MA should finish the others first?
  25. chielsen

    The egg according to EU's engine creators Should have been hatched long ago :scratch2: