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  1. SuperMuis

    Selling: [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified]

    :coffee::lolup: its still available
  2. SuperMuis

    Selling: [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified]

    :yay: :wtg::yay:
  3. SuperMuis

    Selling: [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified]

  4. SuperMuis

    Selling: [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified]

  5. SuperMuis

    Selling: [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified]

    Selling my [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified] :) Tier 2.99 Entropiawiki Link: Heal: 160HP Tezlapot pet with Electrotherapy: 240HP 1 pec / use Fantastic for heal work I will accept CLD / AUD / PEDS. Send a PM here or in game if interested.
  6. SuperMuis

    Info: Utrust cryptochain deposit option available

    a few payment gateways had it. 4 years ago i bought a watch with BTC with the paygate PAYFAST :)
  7. SuperMuis

    Price Check Improved FAP

    UL items price all went up crazy, its getting harder to find any good UL item.. so the faps also went up crazy. best u can find is aroud 40k to 43k for a imp fap. if u wait 2 more months.. price will be at 45k soon.
  8. SuperMuis

    Card Games Survey

    free bump :)
  9. SuperMuis

    Selling: Guns - Faps - Rings - Amps

    MMOWC Ring. got a price in mind?
  10. SuperMuis

    Finely got my Uber

    After 7 years i finely got my UBER over 1kped :)
  11. SuperMuis

    HEART RANK VI: no shrapnel back from heal + turret mob *VIDEO*

    No healer loot in akbal runs and dungeons as well.
  12. SuperMuis

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 5 - VU Edition!

    looks like a job for "the travelling fapper" :)
  13. SuperMuis

    MA Webshop Visa Payment Broken

    still can not buy anything from the webshop. this is MA response Hi Super, Thank you for your inquiry. We are sorry to hear you have had problems with making purchase in the webshop. Unfortunately this is beyond our control since it is the payment provider that has declined your previous...
  14. SuperMuis

    Cannot Log in..?

    nope. still cant login 8 hours and counting
  15. SuperMuis

    Cannot Log in..?

    still no ETA on the fix?
  16. SuperMuis

    Cannot Log in..?

    im also there
  17. SuperMuis

    Cannot Log in..?

    for 4 hours now i cant login
  18. SuperMuis

    Hello again from the Community Relations Manager

    * vamp pills. 10% lifesteel at night. daytime burns you 20hp / 10sec :)