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  1. SuperMuis

    Selling: [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified]

    Selling my [Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Modified] :) Tier 2.99 Entropiawiki Link: Heal: 160HP Tezlapot pet with Electrotherapy: 240HP 1 pec / use Fantastic for heal work I will accept CLD / AUD / PEDS. Send a PM here or in game if interested.
  2. SuperMuis

    Finely got my Uber

    After 7 years i finely got my UBER over 1kped :)
  3. SuperMuis

    MA Webshop Visa Payment Broken

    Hi all. don't buy from shop. seems sum idiot fucked up the payment section on Visa. again i bought from the webshop 50$ boxes. went true on security on my phone. payment goes off my bank account. and then there useless website gives me fail again. Refused by acquirer.Payment declinedTry again...
  4. SuperMuis

    Info: EU webshop broken

    don't buy anything from the webshop. i bought 50 boxes from the shop. payment went off my bank account but when it was done got a "Refused by acquirer.Payment declinedTry again or choose another payment type." and i didnt get my items. When i try to do a support case the site keeps logging me...
  5. SuperMuis

    Selling: Wazir Pleat (M,C)

    Selling a cool looking yellow ark hornet yellow texture clothing set. SOLD upload pic
  6. SuperMuis

    Selling: Omegaton Gamma Complex, 2E

    Beautiful complex for only 1.2kped.
  7. SuperMuis

    Selling: sum pets

    Selling Pets Corinthian Ruby Kanin Pet -- Level 25 -- 14% Runspeed Unlocked -- 350ped L.A.R.A. -- Level 7 -- 8% Runspeed unlocked -- (fully fed) -- 70ped -- Sold
  8. SuperMuis

    Selling: Selling Sum Stuff

    Weapons Tier7 [0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF] -- tt + 12.5kped Tier5 [Eron SoulGrinder] -- tt + 7.5kped T4 [Piron PBR-25] -- tt + 500ped -- SOLD MF chips [First Gen Electric Attack Chip III] -- tt + 25 -- SOLD [Kinetic Attack Nanochip VIII] -- tt + 180 -- SOLD Armor [Viking Shin Guards (F)] parts --...
  9. SuperMuis

    Selling: S.I. HK110 for sale.

    selling my S.I. HK110 for tt + 60ped:yay: let me know ingame. -Mr Super Muis-:D SOLD