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    Is it time for the community to work together on a successor to Entropedia?

    Entropedia seems to have a ever increasing stability issues. 711 has also done a database dump indicating that Entropedia's age is showing and its future is potentially in question. With all the outages there becomes a ever increasing risk of the data falling out of date. For example the map...
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    Compiled version of Calypso's Backstory & all major events leading up to VU10

    The Era of Space Curiosity and greed opened space to mankind. As he looked up in the night sky, curiosity sparked Man’s ability to dream of space. Greed gave him a reason to invest in the technology to reach the stars. The humble single-use rocket would probably never have been used for space...
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    A blast from the past – All 8 The Calypso Post editions reissued!

    EU-Forces is proud to announce that we have reissued all 8 The Calypso Post editions for historic archiving purposes! The Calypso Post was an online magazine hosted by EU-Forces as well as created by the EU forces community. The Calypso Post published between the dates of November 2006 –...
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    Question: Why are planet partners not allowed to design anything for space?

    It appears to me that planet partners are not allowed to design anything for space, not allowed to make any vehicles that can enter space, nor even influence how their planets actually appear in space. Why? Wouldnt it make more sense, for example, for arkadia to have the moons you see on the...
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    Question: Are there any tactical uses for being able to see every revive zone in Fortress Invincible event area?

    Hello, I am in the process of creating a new CRT survival map for calypso and i have a question for the pvp community. Fortress Invincible revive terminals, there are multiple within a single fort, is there any tactical use for being able to see the area each revive within a fort has, or is it...
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    Info: Calypso Rescue Team: High Resolution Map Project Early Preview

    Hello Entropians, Calypso Rescue Team is proud to present to you, the first inital early preview of our brand new High Resolution Map Project, this project involves creating map imagery through stiched together screenshots of the world, the results of this project will slowly be implimented...
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    Intercepted Message

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    CRT Survival Maps: If there was a interactive version avalible, would you still want access to a jpg?

    Hello, I am currently in the process of working on the Calypso Rescue Team website and part of this will be bringing back survival maps to I will be putting together a google maps style interactive version with layers to present information, although a question i am wondering, is...
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    Question: Do you enjoy exploring calypso? (new players only please)

    Hello, I am intrested to see what the current generation of new players think of exploration on calypso, i have added a poll above, if you could also elaborate on how you like to explore and what you like about exploring calypso that would also be a great help, Thanks
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    The Rebellion Needs YOU!

    We Need You! Following the latest declaration of war from the CDF, the rebellion has decided it is time to begin a full scale recruitment effort, it is clear that the CDF is incompetent and incapable of defending calypso, if allowed to continue to rule calypso they will only serve to put us...
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    Make night darker on calypso, and shrink the moon back to its original size....

    I think its too bright at night on calypso, in some places you forget its even night its so bright, also the moon is stupidly big, id like to see the original moon back. Thanks ^_^
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    Info: Planet Calypso World Map

    Hello everyone, Two years ago i used to run a tp run service we used to run regular TP runs throughout calypso and was on the bridge of going interplanetary, i also ended up maintaining survival maps out of personal need for the TP runs. Unfortunately in 2012, various issues IRL left me with no...
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    Creature Control, Roleplay, Event? Is there enough people in eu who care about roleplay?

    I was wondering, is there enough people in EU who care about roleplay for the following idea to be worth it? The best use for creature control i can think of, is by setting up a roleplay event. As an idea, this event would have its own storyline written. So for example, a Robot Invasion...