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    Question: Mining and cutting wood

    unless you are using a portable repair terminal, you don't lose anything by repairing if you mean that your returned ped is less than what you spent, then yes, that is the business model of MA
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    Why does my gun have different ranges?

    you can still have auto-move to target on and use the extra range. I do it all the time with tagger. get mob in your sights, but dont click on it, and let go of mouse so the mob isn't 'semi targeted' can gain ~10% in my experience.
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    SELLING: Ruby Canin Level 22.6 (63215XP and counting)

    100p this offer is extremely reasonable. and the first. so yeah.
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    Need help with Icons issue

    Ill add myself to this. highly fucking annoying.
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    HoF: No4 in HOF List

    grats but.. Not Found The requested URL /ga.../4/1/4/hof.jpg was not found on this server.
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    Question: Wave Hunting

    constantly crying exploit is very tiresome. 'wave hunting' or whatever you want to call it is in no way an exploit, its smart hunting based on observation.
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    162K Explosive Projectiles With Video (And Giveaways!)

    saw it while out hunting huuuuuge grats
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    No reply from support.

    This exists?
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    I Play Because...

    I play because its better than giving to charity. also, every single reason above I will play other games after I started this one, but 2 weeks later I'm bored as fuck "I cant actually get anything back? fuck this!" >back to EU
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    Help: How to stick with MU nowadays *low level player*?

    Yeah I knew about 'be in a team but do it solo' its just that finding someone who wants to / can stay in team for that long is a bitch for me Please explain. I just have key and enter and can do them solo? sweet if so.
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    Residue FAQ

    residue only gets added to success
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    Help: How to stick with MU nowadays *low level player*?

    did I read it right that there is now solo mode for ark instances? is that only UG or also for the planetside ones? TIA and sorry for thread pirate
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    Achievement: Bibo Alpha Hof

    check radar in screenshot...
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    Finder Search Range correlating with claim size?

    the key term in his post is 'more than halved'
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    What is your Skills to HP ratio?

    talk about an over-embellished pat on the back. jeez.
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    confirmed / seconded. extends west to around 70300, 84300 prov-domi for most part I would call the density 'medium'
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    What is your Skills to HP ratio?

    159787 / 158
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    Is using your sleip considered an exploit?

    they did. and these days you cant summon more than once
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    Question: Petition for boost pills

    agree on refining to UA Test Jqkill Muffin
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    Question: Petition for boost pills

    wait..we can sell adjusted loot pills now?!?
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    New Player Initiative Become a player amp (get free hunting skills)

    Cool program, but I just wanted to point out that this is only 10%
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    Lost one item during update

    part of the OJ set - they traded it out for a star trek onesie
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    Feffoid Cave -Mission completion does not trigger

    the mission 'updates' to tell you to go back. guessing that is where OP is at
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    FYI: New Tracked Mission Looks HORRIBLE

    uh, people can say what they want. people WILL be content with it in a few months. I agree.
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    Feffoid Cave -Mission completion does not trigger

    well, they updated the crystal to be easier to see, so they more likely than not broke it at the same time /giggle