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  1. craze3

    Omegaton Power Claw, Mentor Edition

    TT+800 Super good for skilling. Tier is 0.19 PM me
  2. craze3

    Selling: DOA Strikehammer

    Tier 1.9 Open to trade offers, but PEDs or CLDs are preferred. PM me if interested!
  3. craze3

    Tier Upgrade Calculator for UL Items

    Hey everyone, I've created a Tier Upgrade Calculator for UL items in EU, which calculates the expected value of trying to upgrade an unlimited item to the next tier. In short, the expected value is the average gain or loss (in peds) received from a large sample of identical, independent trials...
  4. craze3

    Buying: Large Thoriofoid Spike Club

    Buying a large spike club. Paying TT+3100. PM me.
  5. craze3

    Buying: Swine Dlx

    Buying ASG-2 Swine Dlx, paying tt+6600. PM me.
  6. craze3

    Buying: Improved Excavator

    Looking to buy an imp exc. PM me if you have one to sell at a fair price.
  7. craze3

    HOW TO: View the entire Roster

    Looking for people you know but can't remember all of them, or remember their usernames? Maybe they used some random username (like "grenobles") when they signed up on Here's how to view the entire Network: Launch the EntropiansIM client. Login using your...
  8. craze3

    Buying: Unl. MA-101

    Looking for an unlimited Enmatter Matter Amp 101. Send me a PM if you have one.
  9. craze3

    HoF: 420 in PvP4

    duuuuuuuuude! Click to enlarge
  10. craze3

    Buying: Full Zombie (F) unl

    Buying a set of Zombie Armor female- please no (L) crap. Last male set went for TT+300 so I'm offering TT+200 if anyone is interested. Thanks
  11. craze3

    Selling: Omegaton M2930 Mentor Edition

    I'm Selling my extremely rare, laser pistol: Omegaton M2930 ME. Peds have first priority but I am also considering trades. Stats (w/ A106): Damage: 73.0 Range: 39.6 Attacks/Min: 60 Dmg/Sec: 73.0 Ammo Burn: 13 Dmg/Pec: 4.18 There are only 5 or 6 of these pistols in-game, and with the new hp...
  12. craze3

    PvP HoF - Armor loot #2! (event)

    Official Mindark Zychion PvP Event #2 - Hosted by Simon The Guide I took home first + I received a monument in Port Atlantis newbie zone. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge And yes, the armor I looted was pioneer/pixie/shogun lol :silly2: Even more odd, exactly 1 year and 2 days ago, I won a...
  13. craze3

    Buying: Pathfinder Set (F)

    Looking to purchase a female set of Pathfinder armor. PM me if you have a set.
  14. craze3

    Buying: Full Salamander (F)

    Set Purchased, please close thread.
  15. craze3

    Selling: Thorifoid Battle Mace

    I am selling a Thorifoid Battle Mace. It is not to be confused with a Large battle mace. The Thorifoid Battle Mace is more eco, powerful, rare than the common thorifoid battle club. The club last sold for 1k (see here), so the mace should be about around tt+1500 now. Also people were paying up...
  16. craze3

    Selling: Omegaton A106

    Selling my omegaton a106 energy amp. Last sold for +7,000 today on Auction, while there are people trying to get +8500 now. Starting Bid: TT+7000 Buyout Price: TT+7200 PM me if you are interested, looking for a quick deal.
  17. craze3

    Rony VS. Warants (Landgrab video) (Must watch!)

    I know this was on youtube before but I re-uploaded it before I knew. Regardless, I didn't make this but credits are in the video. Enjoy: CubRpfLSAcE
  18. craze3

    Selling ML-35

    Selling a Meckel & Loch ML-35 Last one sold for +18,770 ped, and market for this week is over +18.5k. BO: +18.6k PM me if interested.
  19. craze3

    Trading items for Adj. V1

    Trading the following items for an Adjusted Ravenger Minisweeper V1: Omegaton A106 (energy amp, +18.0 dmg, costs 1 ammo burn) Meckel and Loch ML-45 (blp rifle, 140+ dmg amped) Marber Foxtrot-type Plasma Annihilator Mentor Edition (plasma rifle, 150+ dmg amped) Perfect setup for LG! PM if you...
  20. craze3

    Trading: ML-45 for ML-35

    Trading my Meckel & Loch ML-45 for an ML-35. Bustle succesfully traded a month ago here, so I thought I'd try some lucky. Maybe someone wants to cash in their ml35 for a 45 before LG since 45 is better for pk and goes right through infiltrator and eon. Stats for ML45: Damage: 110 HP (141HP...
  21. craze3

    Roooobbooott Houuusseee!!

    Merely meters away from robot mine on TI. Been a while since I got a decent hof :) As you can see, I needed it :silly2: Also, please excuse the crude team name :rolleyes::D Click to enlarge
  22. craze3

    Looking for ML-35 ME...

    Looking for Meckel & Loch ML 35 Mentor Edition. Looking to pay ~30k like the one that sold last month. I Prefer to trade ML-35 + peds for it. :) keywords for search: ml35me, ml35, ml-35me, ml-35 me
  23. craze3

    Farmed the item I wanted in only 2 days!

    After 2 days of Farming, I finally looted it! Click to enlarge Minor TP Teleport Chip ! :yay: Time to get another :D
  24. craze3

    Selling Eon Harness (F)

    Selling Eon Harness (F) Female. BO: 21k accepting trades
  25. craze3

    selling omegaton m2875

    selling omegaton m2875 laser pistol pm me