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    Buying: Wtb easter ring 2019

    Like title says looking for Easter ring 2019 let me know if you have one forsale thank you
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    Selling: Easter ring 2022

    Wanting to sell Easter ring 2022, taking offers. Or willing to trade for a Christmas 2021 ring. Pm me, thank you!~
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    Buying: Wanting to trade ares augmented + ped for ares perfected

    Like title says, pm me
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    Wanting to trade ares augmented + ped for ares perfected.

    As the title says looking to maybe upgrade pm me
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    Buying: Wtb trauma amp 3

    Looking for a trauma amp 3 pm me
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    Uber: Been blessed~

    Finally after a long time playing off and on, I hit my first 5 digit hof. Working on access to aurli cave with my new rifle while tiering it when bam!!! I've always overhunted my level and amped mined, or crafted big... seems like always downhill, I can now enjoy a little bit of success and hope...
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    Buying: Buying cdf xtlc 400, also selling 300 amds

    Pm me maybe we can figure something out!!!!
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    Buying: Wtb ziplex p20 seeker

    Looking for one of these or link to one pm me with price
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    Buying: WTB ziplex p30 seeker

    WTB ziplex p20 seeker PM me with price, would like to look at a link aswell plz n ty
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    Bankroll and mob selection

    Been using a ewe ep adjusted 41 military for a while it is tier 8 mainly been using 6 damage enhancers, also have imp a105 and bullseye 8 and long reach 4 curious what mobs I should be blasting and what is a good bankroll for it other equip emt kit mod 2350 adj jag and 5b 6a pulsar 2s thank you...
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    Buying: Military ewe ep 41 + imp a105

    As title says looking to purchase an adjusted ewe ep military 41 looking for a tier 5+ and also a improved a105 amp to go with it. Just seeing what's out there and what kind of prices , please pm me.
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    Selling: Adjusted nemesis tier 1+ m ul set

    As title says taking offers on my armor as I'm upgrading to a different set
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    Buying: Looking for modified emt kit 2350

    As tittle says looking for modified emt kit 2350 to purchase in 11 days~ private message me if you are selling one
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    Buying: Adjusted jaguar M ul set

    Looking to purchase a male full set of unlimited adjusted jaguar armor within the next few weeks. Please private message me on here and maybe we can work a deal out thank you
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    Buying: Wtb full nemesis m set unl

    Pm me on here with wut ur asking or reply to thread then we can meet n game work a deal n trade:silly2:
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    Buying: Wtb: Male full set of unlimited boar armor~

    I am wanting to purchase a full set of male boar unlimited armor looking for someone who has plz tell me a price and ur ingame name and I'll get with you thank you:smoke: