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    Selling TI Plat apt

    Hey Guys, Im selling an apt in Treasure Island Platinum Building (3F). Please make sensible bids and I reserve the right not to sell if my reserve price (unspecified) is not met. If I get a good offer I may sell and end the auction early. Auction will end 1 week from now. thanks, Shaun muttley
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    National Talk Like a Pirate Day (UK)

    Ahoy me hearties, 19 September is national, Talk Like A Pirate Day in the UK. Here's a song for ya me lads Drunken Sailor Chorus Way, hay up she rises, Way, hay, up she rises, Way, hay, up she rises, Earlye in the morning! What will we do with the drunken sailor? What will we do with the...
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    Selling materials

    A 1 day auction, all public bids please no PMs, will end at 7pm MA time Thursday 23rd. You will be contacted after this time to arrange an exchange. All prices are in PEDS and are a starting bid. Thanks 69 Allo Skin - 20.7 15 Ambu Skin - 60 994 Animal Hide - 9.94 6 Argo Skin - 5.4 4 Armax...
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    From vanvouver to moscow hmm,-24.960937&sspn=64.852123,192.65625&ie=UTF8&z=3&ll=48.57479,-42.714844&spn=64.852123,192.65625&om=1 Notice anything interesting :)
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    multi sale

    Just a quick and simple auction for you guys. It will end at 12:00 MA Time Sat 9th December. Trades will be made at 17:30 - 18:30 MA Time Sat 9th Dec at Hades Central TP next to storage. If you can't be online at that time, PM me and I may arrange a different time. If i get a good offer and you...
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    Planet Apartment

    hey all, im looking for an apartment in ti city platinum building. im willing to pay reasonable prices (reasonable to me), PM me if you have one you would like to sell.
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    Where is Ronald? After reading Donalds thread I am intrigued and excited. I would like to meet this evil twin, if indeed he is truly evil. Maybe we can participate in a team hunt. Has anybody seen him? Does he really exist? How evil is he?
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    Free Society Hosting

    Hi all, I have recently put together a website which has a number of features with more in development. The one I am here to tell you about today is the Free Society Hosting. You can access the hosting directly via this link or by clicking the link in my...
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    Underwater fun

    I propose an underwater "fun park". like cnd but underwater with different domes with new mobs, like sharks, whales n other underwater creatures, something a bit different, you have to wear special clothes or armour to hunt underwater and new guns and harpoons that work underwater to kill these...
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    buying apt

    hi im looking for an apartment in either treasure island city silver or gold building or bilton towers please pm me if you have one for sale (will pay reasonable price) shaun
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    Best day for Events

    Hi all, What I need to know is what the best day to host an event is, so people what day would you consider to be the best?
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    New Calypso Event

    Hi all, As there seems to be interest in an event on Calypso it got me thinking about trying one. This is my idea so far: Use the event area around Zychion, event rules are PVP, most PVP points wins. 1 hour. Cost 15peds entry. Prizes would be: 50% of of event money for 1st place 25% for 2nd...
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    first cnd global

    Click to enlarge my very 1st global at on for my very first hof from anywhere
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    a little bit of storage sale

    hey all, ok a nice simple auction for you guys, just little bits of everything, you can either bid for an individual item or in bulk for all of them. The items have been separated into groups so bulk bidding is easier...(auction will end one week from today 19th sept 6pm GMT)...
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    Dev Team

    Please could somebody explain what Marco means by the Dev team in his new Q & A post, i have an idea but I need to know exactly so I can make my question relevant as he has asked. -cut These questions will be directed to the Lead Programmers of the dev team, so please keep the Q's in that...
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    Funny/Silly signs

    saw this one, silly people
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    Free Society Stuff

    Hi all, Ok ive been looking through the threads and things here and lot of societies have websites that are hosted on ad filled domains and the like. There are also a lot of societies without web pages as well. So this got me thinking about creating an overall site where every society can host...
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    3rd kill globals

    Click to enlarge after not playing all weekend, come on and my 3rd kill gives me this, overall the nites was good hunt with high peds but no more globals woo woo woo
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    How much gender difference is there?

    I was wondering after reading a post in the hall of fame what the ratio is between male and females in this game that is real males and real females not a male who has a female avatar and vice versa just curious, see if those myths of more men play online games than women are true?
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    EU comparisons

    OK, I was just watching a film called Serenity which is based on a half finished TV series called Firefly, both excellent but you know what shows are like for getting cancelled in the States. Anyway the kist of the two are that it is set in the future where people from Earth have expanded...
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    PVP3 test

    Click to enlarge testing pvp theories from the no fake thread to see if you can global from a kill and yes you can, all stuff was given back
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    corn old alpha

    Click to enlarge dont ya just love a nice bit of corn spesh less than 5 mins after your soc mate just globalled 2
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    lovely argo

    anybody need a gun? 1st argo global and i tp'd there by mistake, nice Click to enlarge
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    Just curious, what is everyones fave accents to listen to and i suppose everyones least fave as well... i personally love the welsh accent (me being a geordie) but i dont much like the scouse accent in terms of other countries, eastern european, polish, russian is also quite nice on the ear...
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    over the past couple of days the game has been playing particularly fast for me, even when filled with gren dots, super large teams and loads of mobs it still been really fast this is a major comparison to before this as it was the exact opposite, couldnt move it was so laggy has anybody else...