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    Selling: Selling stuff

    7x Augmented 5bs - 33k PED Mod hedoc t2.34 - 42k PED Rx Optac t3.99 (M) - 32k PED Castorian Mace Mk6 t8.8x - sold Mindforce Implant, modified - sold Oratan Axe - 45m loot - sold Easter Ring 2020 - sold Christmas Ring 2019 - sold taking offers. Message me on here
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    Selling: FEN Rocket t6

    Anyone interested? tier 5.67 on August 4 tier 6 currently. Tier updates as bumps Message me here or in game. Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Buying: Exterminator - any tier (or limited ones)

    Msg me. Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Selling: Rx Optac x2 (M) - t3.99

    Taking offers on this set. T3.99 - full set. Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Selling: Oratan axe pet (45m auto loot)

    45m auto loot unlocked. Can go for ~ 10 hours without needing to feed. Asking: 4.5k Message me @ Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Selling: Oratan Pet (auto loot)

    Other thread.
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    Buying: Exterminator - any tier

    Message me your tier and price. thanks! Armani "PokerPro" Stanz
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    Buying: Angel (M) or Angel, Adjusted (M)

    Buying Angel (M) or Angel, Adjusted (M) Message me price. Armani "PokerPro" Stanz
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    Buying: Strong Argo Claws...

    message me your price. thanks!
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    Selling: Higher end gear & rare items

    Send me offers for any of the following items: - Improved Imperium (M) tier 4.XX entire set (4x pieces with TIR > 180 / close to 1200 total TIR) - sold - Sigyn (M) t3/4 - full set (including gloves… only 2 male gloves I believe in game) - sold - Restoration Chip, Modified - sold ~ 100k -...
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    Buying: High tier: BLP Rifle or melee weapon

    MessGe me with tier, gun, and price Examples: - Swine - DOA FR, SH Imp, Slug - Argo Claws - Mk.6 Claws - other... Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Buying: Xmas 2019 ring

    Message me if you have one for sale.
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    Buying: Xmas 2019 Ring

    Message me with your price. Thanks! Armani
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    Selling: Armani Selling Thread (loot & materials)

    I want to liquidate some of my storage, as it's getting out of control haha. If you see anything you want from the list below, please let me know. I prefer to sell in bulk / full stacks. Markup negotiable only if you buy bulk / full stacks. Feel free to send offers. Message me here or...
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    Buying: Exterminator or Negator FEN

    Message me if you have one with your price. Thanks!
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    Selling: Igni L1100E

    Selling this gun - it’s tier 0. TIR 15/200. Gun sold Instant sale price: TT + 12.5k Highest offer right now: TT + 9.5k (with items) / 9.3k PED Link to gun I got busy. Last day for offers. Link to gun message me here or in game. thanks! Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Buying: Various armor sets….

    Anyone selling any of the following male armor sets? Dark Knight of Arkadia Mayhem Angel, improved paying all PED. Message me here or in-game Armani “
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    Buying: Skills

    Message me if you have any of the following skills for sale: - Jamming - Tailoring - Coloring - Fashion Design - Quality Sense - Robotology Only looking for implants / values 5 ped or great (equivalent to 1400 or more points). message me here or in-game @ Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Buying: Medical Therapy Implant

    Buying ~ 50 ped of Medical Therapy skill. message me if interested in selling. armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Buying: Soul screamer / reamer

    Buying a high tier soul screamer or reamer. Message me in game: Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Selling: T10 M83 Predator

    Willing to consider offers - nothing under 60k PED no trades. PED only. Contact me in game Armani “PokerPro” Stanz
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    Selling: Mod Merc T10 SGA - SOLD

    Selling: Mod Merc T10 SGA BO: 125k This gun is great and I went months without depositing (only to deposit for summer boxes). And, it’s fully tiered! Don’t waste money on tier comps (after spending 500k ped on a gun) 60m range! ~ 210 DPS @ 3.4 DPP Or, ~ 134 DPS @ 3.6 DPP Have fun :) message...
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    Selling: Mod Merc T10 - SGA

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    Buying: high tier M83 Predator

    Buying M83 Predator - high tier preferred. msg me in-game: Armani "PokerPro" Stanz
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    Buying: LP-100 or BP-70 Perfected

    Buying either - ped deals. MSG me here or in game: Armani “PokerPro” Stanz