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  1. Darth Revan

    Long time players in low category Mayhems

    Sorry new players, you might as well just give up on events. Long time players are chipping out to enter your category 1 and win easy PED. You can't compete with them and their equipment so what's the point? Do we really blame these players though? I mean sure, there is a moral side to it...
  2. Darth Revan

    Buying: GEC Coil Springs 2M Blueprint

    Looking for this BP, any QR. Let me know if you have it and what price you want for it.
  3. Darth Revan

    Selling: Swine Deluxe Tier 5.4

    No longer hunt that much so this is not required for saving my a** anymore. PM or post offers, looking for around market price for it and not in a hurry to sell. SOLD Omegatron ASG-2 Swine Deluxe Class: Rifle Type: BLP Range: 19.8 meter Weight: 4.5 kg Stats Damage: 123 HP Attacks: 41 /min...
  4. Darth Revan

    Selling: Hardened Metal Mountings and other components for Ar-Matrix weapons

    I am currently leveling some blueprints and do/will have an excess of components to get rid of. My current one is Hardened Metal Mountings. Looking for crafters of Ar-Matrix weapons (guessing the LR/BC-40/45) who are in need of these so I can continue to level this blueprint without having to...
  5. Darth Revan

    Question: How should loot work in Entropia

    Ok so simple question that needs a very detailed answer...or many answers. Essentially, I see tons of "loot is shit" or "my returns are xxx" or "MA cant code to save their lives". So if you were to program how loot should work in would you do it? What would you do differently to...
  6. Darth Revan

    Selling: Most of my items for sale

    NOTE: No longer selling as play style has changed since crafting update.
  7. Darth Revan

    Halloween Mayhem ... point expectations

    Would be interested to know what sort of points/hour one should expect in the Mayhem event? Also does the point chance for looting pumpkins (points) differ depending on the level your enter? I have done around 7 hours total in mayhem, and only got around 550 points. Now i'm not going for the...
  8. Darth Revan

    Mining Strongbox .....

    Seems like the new strongboxes are not limited to just Halloween, seems there are mining ones now as well: Thoughts???
  9. Darth Revan

    Question: New Component Widget BP

    So, after the new VU looks like we have some upcoming new BP's for the component book. Anyone have one of these yet? If so what are the ingredients? Will they be the new competition for Explosives Projectiles? If so, they go up to level 8. Thoughts??
  10. Darth Revan

    Buying: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition

    Looking for an Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition chip. Pm here or in game if you have one and the tier. Thanks
  11. Darth Revan

    Buying: Imp A105 or A106

    Looking for either an A106 or an Improved A105. Please PM with price.
  12. Darth Revan

    Selling: Neurostim-A x 45

    Hi, Have 45 Neurostim A for sale. Looking for 350% each or 340% if you buy the whole lot. Pm me here or in-game Darth Revan Reborn
  13. Darth Revan

    Selling: Moonshine Armor (M, L) Set

    Hi, I have a Male set of Moonshine armor that I no longer need. Please PM if your interested. Helmet - 18.09 tt Harness - 66.80 tt Arms - 41.82 tt Gloves - 33.19 tt Thigh - 58.81 tt Shin - 56.80 tt Foot - 34.56 tt Looking for around 450 PED for the set. Thanks
  14. Darth Revan

    Buying: Galaxy 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint

    Found one, thanks
  15. Darth Revan

    Buying: Looking for many Weapons - Piron/S&B/Ozpyn/Isis/Modec/Salafa

    Hi, I am looking for the below weapons, prefer full TT but will consider from half TT and up. If you have them, please PM here or in-game. I will travel to the different planets to get them so don't be shy. Note: Please don't try to sell me BLP weapons, I am not interested in those at this...
  16. Darth Revan

    Buying: Earth Shock Trooper (M)

    Hi, Looking for a set of Earth Shock Trooper Armor(M,L). PM with your offer here or message me in-game "Darth Revan Reborn" Thanks
  17. Darth Revan

    Selling: Neurostim-A

    Selling 18 x Neurostim-A for 370% Pm me here or ingame "Darth Revan Reborn"
  18. Darth Revan

    Buying: Monria Apartment

    Looking for an apartment for Monria. If you have one that you are not using or have a spare, please PM me with apartment number and what price you want for it. Thanks Darth Revan