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    Entropia $$$ spending.

    Glad my car is still more expensive than pe........ :D
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    Selling Full Ghost (m)

    Well.... Last bump
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    Selling Full Ghost (m)

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    Selling Full Sett BOAR (M)

    free bump :)
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    Selling Full Ghost (m)

    The armor is fully repaired tt value is about 300 ped´s. I gess ill give it 4 day´s after the first bid..
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    Selling Full Ghost (m)

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    Selling Full Ghost (m)

    Hi I´m selling my full ghost (m) Starting tt+450 Buyout tt+600 Pm me or post here
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    Scam solution

    This meens that you agree or disagree? lol :D
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    Scam solution

    Well if that happens you would trade the ownership paper instead of the item. Ofcourse this would mean a big change in terms of the trade sistem but i think it would work
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    Scam solution

    I was reading the scam post´s and read one thing that stayed in my mind(sorry i can´t remenber the person that said it first).. why not create a ownership for item´s just like the minig claim´s? I know that would make alot of "little paper´s" in your inventory but they could create something...
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    MA Stories

    Well... As far as ithaca there were always atrox´s there.... But ok i haven´t cheked wolvrine nor the rig lately...
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    MA Stories

    Are MA stries for real? Well some time ago we were informed that herds of atrox´s were roaming calypso and i didn´t really see any trox´s were they shouldn´t be.. Now we are told that a new robot threat is coming but again i see no change in robot´s places nor in numbers... Just a thought...
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    Strange auction behavior

    If thas the case than ok i´m more relax now... By the way how do i i do that?
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    Strange auction behavior

    Well its not the first time it happens to me and im wandering if it happend to anyone else.. Just now i was selling something in the action and just as i click to confirm it automatical sell´s for buyout, now im aware of resselers that if needed just stay by the computer and buy anyfind that...
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    Serious concerns about landgrab

    Quite glad that i´m at work(and think my skill´s ain´t enouf)... this way i wont be there for certain... Well good to all in the shitgrab ooppss landgrand :D
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    Skilling a journey in numbers

    From my (small) experience and observation i think crafting only get´s profitabel when u get to craft sellable items or ofcorse get a global/hof.... until them its a money pit :(
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    Skilling a journey in numbers

    Well to answer your question rep is your reputation here on the forum, it is displayed below your name. As for the topic great work, i myself am too a noob crafter and recently stoped crafting because the skill gain is just to low to the cost, i´h about 600 eng and can lose about 60 or 70 ped´s...
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    Life after 2 months in PE

    That´s the spirit!!! Good aproach to begin in PE, as i wich i had wen started(would been much cheaper) :D Good luck in your hunts
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    Poll about misses and bad loot...

    I have to agree with someone said some posts ago.... I seem to miss mutch more shot´s... as for loot its a bit hard to tell but in general i think its the same
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    People's Best Loots

    Well i prefer not to say as i´v been playing for about a year and got nothing really special..... Better days will come... :rolleyes:
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    Company while hunting

    I guess i´m a bit divided... Can´t say i like it to much but i hunt alot of argos north of twin soo..... Anyway i´h ansered i hate because besides N of twin i don´t apreciate the company that mutch....
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    Has anyone noticed a lot of nexus around after VU?

    Well cant say i´v noticed any change... but as in the other post hope i do.... i can use it also :rolleyes:
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    What happens when you die?

    Well... doesen´t happend anything u just revive at some revival machine... U can only be looted(lose something) if u are in pvp3 but if are asking that i belive u have never been there nor know that it is (its a big red zone on the northeast of eudoria)....
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    MA taking a commision off my sales????

    As said before i kinda agree with this... No point in selling something in auction that as a tt value of 1 ped for 2 ped´s buyout as u get the same money as selling it to the tt machine (why wait 3/4/5 or 6 days) :confused: I thing this is gonna put market´s in a mutch better position just...
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    Umbranoid Run!

    Sounds good to me... How about 8:00 PM at east scyllia mountains??